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California Indians Wounded in Action

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The following Indians Wounded in Action, are listed by Name, Tribe and Location of death. The name under the photograph is the person shown.  No additional information was provided in the book.

  • Shuman Shaw, Paiute, Europe
  • Benjamin D. Oscar, Yurok, Holland
  • Walter Campbell, Pomo, France
  • Samuel Powvall Mission, Germany
  • William I. Reed, Yurok, Pacific
  • Kenneth Frank, Yurok, Pacific
  • Harvey McCardie, Hoopa
  • Cornelius Morehead, Hoopa (Smith River)
  • Eldred Norris, Yurok-Hoopa
  • Albert Richards, Jr. Hoopa (Eel River), U.S.A.
  • Fred W. Scott, Hoopa
  • Albert Bartow, Klamath
  • Clarence Bennett, Hoopa (Salmon River)
  • Lean Chase, Klamath-Hoopa
  • Shan Davis, Klamath, Italy
  • Vernon Davis, Klamath-Hoopa
  • Wilfred Ferris, Klamath
  • Benonie Harrie, Karok
  • Adolph Brown, Mission (Baron Long), Germany
  • Martin Brown, Mission (Baron Long), Germany
  • Theodore Chutnicut, Mission (Los Coyotes), Pacific
  • William Coleman, Mission (Campo), Germany
  • Lester Elliott, Mission (Manzanita), Germany
  • Pablo Largo, Mission, (Campo), Italy
  • Frank Laws, Mission (Morongo), Pacific
  • Thomas Laws, Mission (Morongo), Pacific
  • Pat Leo, Mission (Santa Ysabel), Germany
  • Peter Leo, Mission (Santa Ysabel),Germany
  • Donald Jamieson, Mission (Rincon), Okinawa
  • Marcus Paipa, Mission (Santa Ysabel), Pacific
  • Antonio Ento, Mission (Campo), Italy
  • Frank Subish, Mission (Mesa Grande), Germany
  • Kenneth Nombrie, Torres-Martinez, Italy
  • Florian Lyons, Mission (Pala), Germany
  • Carmel Valenzuela, Mission (Soboba), Pacific
  • Senon Arenas, Mission (Cahuilla), Germany
Shuman Shaw, Paiute

Shuman Shaw, Paiute

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