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Congressional Medal Of Honor

Lt. Jack C. Montgomery,…………………………….. Cherokee, Oklahoma

Lt. Ernest Childers,…………………………………….. Creek, Oklahoma

Silver Star

S/Sgt. Francis B. Brave, Sioux, Oklahoma

Lt. William Sixkiller, Jr., Cherokee, Oklahoma

Pfc. Warren Gullickson., Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc., James R. Alexander, Lummi, Washington

Cpl. Leonard Webber, Shoshone, Idaho

Lt. James Sulphur, Creek, Oklahoma

Sgt. Knowlton Merritt, Klamath-Modoc, Oregon

T/4 Roger K. Paul, Blackfoot, Montana

Sgt Perry Skenandore, Oneida, Wisconsin

Pfc. Ben Quintana, Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico

Cpl. Vincent Village Center, Sioux, South Dakota

T/Sgt. Joseph Lawrence, Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc. Francis Shaw, Pointe, Nevada

Pfc. Philip Kowice, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico

Lt. Jack C. Montgomery, Cherokee, Oklahoma

Sgt. Bob Allen, Choctaw, Mississippi

Pvt. Blaine Queen, Cherokee, North Carolina

Pvt. Eugene Roubideoux, Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc. Alonzo Enos, Pima, Arizona

Pfc. Albert Wahweotten, Potawatomi, Kansas

Sgt. Clifford Etsitty, Navajo, New Mexico

Bert G. Eaglehorse, Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc. George W. Walker, Cherokee, North Carolina

Sgt. Leo Upshaw, Navajo, New Mexico

Pfc. Thurman E. Nanomantube, Iowa Choctaw, Kansas

Pfc. Norris L. Galvez, Papago, Arizona

Pvt. Vincent Hunts Horses Sioux, South Dakota

Distinguished Flying Cross

Lt. William R. Fredenberg, Menominee, Wisconsin

Lt. Richard Balenti, Cheyenne, Haida, Oklahoma

S/Sgt. Peter N. Jackson, Hoopa, California

S/Sgt. Shuman Show, Pointe, California

S/Sgt. Neil McKinnon, Yurok, California (1 cluster)

S/Sgt. Alfred Dalpino, Shoshone, Idaho

TSgt. Theodore S. Breiner, Sioux, North Dakota

S/Sgt. Ernest DuBray, Blackfoot, Montana (3 clusters)

Lt. Alfred Houser, Apache, Oklahoma (1 cluster)

S/Sgt. Albert Lopez, Delaware, Oklahoma

Lt. Edward Tinker, Osage, Oklahoma (2 clusters)

S/Sgt. Archie Hawkins, Sioux, South Dakota

S/Sgt. Steve Brown, Pointe, Nevada

T/Sgt. Harold E, Rogers, Seneca. Oklahoma

S-Sgt. Robert C. Kirkaldie, Assiniboine, Montana

Awards For Valor Air Medal

S/Sgt. Roger Worlee, Paiute, Nevada (9 clusters)

S/Sgt. Shuman Shaw, Paiute, California (3 clusters)

T/Sgt. Waldron A. Frazier, Sioux, South Dakota

S/Sgt. Cornelius L. Wakolee, .Potawatomi, Okla. (3 clusters)

S/Sgt. Clifton J. Rabideaux, Chippewa, Minn. (5 clusters)

S/Sgt. Peter N. Jackson, Hoopa, California

T/Sgt. Oliver Gibbs, Chippewa, Minnesota (3 clusters)

Lt. Charles Smith, Bannock, Idaho

S/Sgt. Alfred Dalpino, Shoshone, Idaho (12 clusters)

Lt, John Cook, Mohawk, New York

T/Sgt. Orus Baxter, Jr.,Creek, Oklahoma

S/Sgt. Abe Zuni Isleta, Pueblo, N. M. (3 clusters)

T/Sgt. Forrest J. Gerard, Blackfoot, Montana

S/Sgt. Jesse LaBuff, Blackfoot, Montana (2 clusters)

Sgt. Floyd Monroe, Blackfoot, Montana (1 cluster)

Lt. Kenneth M. Lee, Sioux, South Dakota (1 cluster)

Pfc. Albert E. Fairbanks, Chippewa, Minnesota (1 cluster)

S/Sgt. Earl M. Thomas, Lummi, Washington (I cluster)

Sgt. Cloyd I. Gooday, Apache, Oklahoma

T/Sgt. Kent C. Ware, Kiowa, Oklahoma (2 clusters)

Lt. Myers Wahnee, Comanche, Oklahoma (clusters)

S/Sgt. Fred B. Lormer, Sioux, South Dakota

Sgt. John C. Rustemeyer, Sioux, South Dakota

T/Sgt. Cleveland J. Bordeaux, Sioux, S. Dakota {4 clusters)

Sgt. Lawrence R. Morris, Iowa, Kansas

S/Sgt. John Lee Redeogle, Quapaw, Oklahoma

S/Sgt. Albert Lopez, Delaware, Oklahoma (1 cluster)

S/Sgt. Glenn Black, Quileute, Washington (4 clusters)

Sgt. Joseph Black, Quileute, Washington

Lt. John C. Dirickson, Osage, Oklahoma (1 cluster)

S/Sgt. Blaze Savage, Chippewa, Minnesota

S/Sgt. Archie Hawkins, Sioux, South Dakota

S/Sgt. Steve Brown, Paiute, Nevada

T/Sgt, Harold E. Rogers, Seneca, Oklahoma (9 clusters)

Lt. Charles E. Harris, Pawnee, Oklahoma (I cluster)

S-Sgt. Robert C. Kirkaldie, Assiniboine, Montana (3 clusters)

Distinguished Flying Cross (British)

Lt. Gilmare C, Daniel (RCAF), Osage, Oklahoma

Distinguished Service Order (British)

Lt. Gilmare C. Daniel (RCAF), Osage, Oklahoma

Soldier’s Medal

Sgt. Perry Skenandare, Oneida, Wisconsin

Bronze Star Medal

Pfc. Herbert M. Bremner, Tlingit, Alaska

S/Sgt. David E. Kenote, Menominee, Wisconsin

Pfc. William A, David, Chippewa, North Dakota

Cpl. Samuel Powvall, Mission, California

Pfc. Bernard Tracy, Navajo, New Mexico

Pfc. Otto Hodge, Yurok, California

Cpl. Leonard Webber, Shoshone, Idaho

Cpl. Jimmy Begoy, Navajo, New Mexico

Sgt. Louis Provost Omaha, South Dakota

Pfc. Harvey Natchez, Ute, Utah

Pfc. Danny B. Marshall, Creek, Oklahoma

T/5 Calvin Dailey, Otoe, Oklahoma

Pfc. Roy Toledo, Navajo, New Mexico

Walter Key Biye, AOM 2/c , Navajo, Arizona

Pfc. Augustine Smith, Pointe-Klamath, Oregon

S/Sgt. Walter J, Roberts, Seminole, Oklahoma

Cpl. Calvin Flying Bye, Sioux, South Dakota

Cpl. Bert Orben Good., Chippewa, Minnesota

T/5 Warren Adorns, Blackfoot-Gros Ventre, Montana

Lt. Myron W. Anderson, Blackfoot, Montana

Pvt. Marion McKeever, Flathead, Montana

Sgt. Perry Skenandare, Oneida, Wisconsin

Pfc. Joe C. Lewis, Papago, Arizona

Cpl. Ramon Juan, Papago, Arizona

T/3 John E. Snyder, Seneca, New York

Pfc. John W. Kionut, Caddo, Oklahoma

Sgt. Lanert Brown Eyes , Sioux, South Dakota

Cpl. Garfield T. Brown Sioux, South Dakota

Sgt. Norman Jones , Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc. Carl Broken Rope, Sioux, South Dakota

Donald O’Neal , Arapahoe, Wyoming

Sgt. Bert H. Jefferson, Lummi, Washington

Pfc. Leonard Johnny, Nooksack, Washington

Pfc. August L. Smith, Makoh-Lummi, Washington

Lt. James M. Ware, Osage, Oklahoma

Pvt. Lester D, Douglas, Navajo, New Mexico

Not Becenti, Navajo, New Mexico

Sgt. Jose P. Benovidez Isleto, Pueblo, New Mexico

Pfc. Harvey Walking Eagle, Sioux, South Dakota

Cpl. Jack E. Mottz, Yurok, California

Pvt. Houston Stevens, Kickapoo, Oklahoma

Sgt, Leo Upshaw, Navajo, New Mexico

Sgt, Augustine Chico, Papago, Arizona

Cpl. Ralph Andres, Papago, Arizona

Cpl. Lyndreth Palmer, Kiowa, Oklahoma

Pvt. LeRoy Hamlin, Ute, Colorado

Pvt. Vance Broken Rope , Sioux, South Dakota

Pvt. Leonard White Bull, Sioux, South Dakota

Pvt. Alex Hernandez, Sioux, South Dakota

Pfc. Clyde Smith, Hualapai, Arizona

MLA Source Citation:

Steward, Ulian H. Indians In The War, United States Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. Chicago: Illinois. 1945. Web. 1 February 2015. - Last updated on Jun 24th, 2013

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