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A list of Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Utah and Wymoning Indian reservations showing the Indian tribes the land was set aside for, the amount of acres if known, and the acts, treaties, and executive orders used to establish the reservation.

Colorado Indian Reservations

Reservation: Ute1
Tribes: Capote, Moache, Wiminuche (Ute)
Acres: 483,750
Established by: Treaties of Oct. 7, 1863 (XIII, 673), and Mar. 2, 1868 (xv, 619): act of Apr. 29, 1874 (XVIII, 36); Executive orders, Nov. 22, 1875, Aug. 17, 1876, Feb. 7, 1879, and Aug. 4, 1882; acts of June 15, 1880 (XXI, 199), July 28, 1882 (XXII, 178), May 14, 1884 (XXIII, 22), Aug. 15, 1894 (XXVIII, 337), and Feb. 20, 1895 (XXVII, 677). 65,450.33 acres were allotted to 332 Indians, and 360 acres reserved for the use of the Government; also 7,360.32 acres allotted to 39 Indians, and 523,079 acres opened to settlement by President’s proclamation, Apr. 13, 1899. The residue, 483,750 acres, retained as a reservation for the Wiminuche Ute.

Iowa Indian Reservations

Reservation: Sauk and Fox
Tribes: Potawatomi, Sauk and Foxes of the Mississippi, Winnebago.
Acres: 2,965
Established by: By purchase. See act of Mar. 2, 1867 (XIV, 507), and act of Feb. 13, 1891 (XXVI, 749). Deeds of 1857, 1865, 1867, 1868, 1869, 1876, 1880, 1882, 1883, June, July, and Oct., 1888, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, and 1896.

Michigan Indian Reservations

Reservation: Isabella
Tribes: Chippewa of Saginaw, Swan Creek, and Black River.
Acres: 2,373
Established by: Executive order, May 14,1855: treaties of Aug. 2, 1855 (XI, 633), and Oct. 18, 1864 XIV, 657). 96.213 acres were allotted to 1,934 Indians.

Reservation: L’Anse
Tribes: L’Anse and Vieux Desert bands of Chippewa of Lake Superior.
Acres: 1,029
Established byTreaty of Sept. 30, 1854 (X, 1109). 47,216 acres allotted to 645 Indians; the residue, 1,029 acres, unallotted.

Reservation: Ontonagon
Tribes: Ontonagon band of Chippewa of Lake Superior
Established by: Treaty of Sept. 30, 1854 (X, 1109): Executive order, Sept. 25, 1855. 2,561.35 acres were allotted to 36 Indians.

Nevada Indian Reservations

Reservation: Duck Valley2
Tribes: Paiute, Western Shoshoni
Acres: 312,320
Established by: Executive orders, Apr. 16, 1877, and May 4, 1886.

Reservation: Moapa River
Tribes: Chemehuevi, Kaibab, Pawipits, Paiute, Shivwits
Established by: Executive orders, Mar. 12, 1873, and Feb. 12. 1874: act  of Mar. 13, 1875 (XVIII, 445); selection approved by the Secretary of the Interior, July 3,1875; Executive order, July 31, 1903.

Reservation: Pyramid Lake
Tribes: Paiute
Established by: Executive order, Mar. 23. 1874. (See Sec. 26, Indian appropriation act, approved Apr.  20, 1904 (XXXIII, 225)

Reservation: Walker River
Tribes: Paiute
Established by: Executive order, Mar. 19, 1874; joint resolution of June 19, 1902 (XXXII, 744): act of May 27, 1902 (XXXII, 245-260): act of Mar. 3, 1903 (XXXII, 982-997); act of June 21, 1906 (XXXII, 325): proclamation of President, Sept. 26, 1906, opening ceded part to settlement. It contains 268,005.84 acres, leaving in diminished reserve 50.809.16 acres. Allotted to 492 Indians, 9,783.25 acres: reserved for agency and school, 80 acres; reserved for cemetery, 40 acres; reserved for grazing, 37,390.29 acres; reserved for timber, 3,355.62 acres; reserved for church purposes, 160 acres. Subject to disposition under President’s proclamation, 268,005.84 acres.

North Carolina Indian Reservations

Reservation: Qualla boundary and other lands
Tribes: Eastern band of Cherokee
Acres: 48,000, 15,211
Established by: Deeds to Indians under decision of the United States circuit court for the western district of North Carolina, entered at November term, 1874, and acts of Congress approved Aug. 14, 1876 (XIX, 139), and Aug. 23, 1894 (XXVIII, 441); deeds to Indians dated Oct. 9, 1876, and Aug. 14, 1880: now held in fee by Indians who are incorporated. Act of Mar. 3, 1903 (XXXII, 1000). (See Opinions of Asst. Atty. Gen., Mar. 14, 1894, and Feb. 3, 1904. 35,000 acres of the 98,211 acres sold. Deeds dated Oct. 4, 1906; approved Dec. 12, 1906.)

Utah Indian Reservations

Reservation: Uinta Valley
Tribes: Gosiute, Pavant (Pahvant), Uinta, Yampa, Grand River, Uncompahgre and White River Ute,
Acres: 179,194
Established by: Executive order, Oct. 3, 1861; acts of May 5, 1864 (xIII, 63), June 18,1878 (xx, 165), and May 24,1888 (xxv, 157); joint resolution of June 19,1902 (xxiII, 744); act of Mar. 3,1903 (xxxii, 997); Indian appropriation act, approved Apr. 21,1904 (xxxIII, 207); President’s proclamations of July 14,1905, setting aside 1,010,000 acres as a forest reserve, 2,100 acres as town sites, 1,004,285 acres opened to homestead entry, 2,140 acres in mining claims; 103,265.35 acres allotted to 1,283 Indians, and 60,160 acres under reclamation, the residue, 179,194.65 acres, unallotted and unreserved.

Reservation: Uncompahgre
Tribes: Tabequache (Tabeguache) Ute.
Established by: Act of Congress approved June 15, 1880, ratifying the agreement of Mar. 6, 1880 (xxI, 199); Executive order, Jan. 5, 1882. 12,540 acres allotted to 83 Indians and
the rest of the reservation restored to the public domain by act of June 7,1897 (xix, 62). Joint resolution of June 19, 1902 (xxiII, 744).

Wyoming Indian Reservations

Reservation: Wind River
Tribes: Northern Arapaho and Eastern Band of Shoshoni.
Acres: 95, 307
Established by:

Treaty of July 3, 1868 (xv, 673); acts of June 22, 1874 (xviIi, 166), and Dec. 15, 1874 (xviii, 291); Executive order, May 21, 1887; agreement made Apr. 21, 1896, amended and accepted by act of June 7,1896 (xxx, 93); amendment accepted by Indians July 10, 1897. Act of Mar. 3, 1905, ratifying and amending agreement with Indians of Apr. 21, 1904 (xxxiii, 1016). President’s proclamation, June 2,1906, opening ceded part to settlement. It contains 1,472,844.15 acres, leaving in diminished reservation 282,115.85 acres; allotted therein to 358 Indians, 34,010.49 acres. Reserved for Mail Camp, 120 acres; reserved for Mail Camp Park, 40 acres; reserved for bridge purposes, 40 acres. Subject to disposition under President’s proclamation, 1.438,633.66 acres. 92.44 acres reserved by Secretary to complete allotments to Indians on ceded part. Of the diminished reserve, 185,016.65 acres were allotted to 1,781 Indians, and 1,792.05 acres were reserved for agency, school, church, and cemetery purposes, under acts of Feb.8,1887 (xxiv, 388), as amended by act of Feb. 28,1891 (xxvi, 794), and treaty of July 3, 1868 (xv, 673), leaving unallotted and unreserved 95,307.15 acres.


  1. Partly in New Mexico 

  2. Partly in Idaho 

MLA Source Citation:

Hodge, Frederick Webb, Compiler. The Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Bureau of American Ethnology, Government Printing Office. 1906. Web. 11 December 2014. - Last updated on Jul 28th, 2014

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