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Centennial History of Missouri

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L-M Surnames

  1. Landwehr, Frank, Hon.
  2. Lashly, Arthur Valentine
  3. Lawrence, Thomas F.
  4. Leavy, Charles A. M. D.
  5. Lebrecht, John C. M. D.
  6. Lee, Edwin W.
  7. Leighton, William E. M. D.
  8. Lochmoeller, William Charles
  9. Long, Fred R
  10. Lubeley, Joseph F. Rev.
  11. Lucas, Ernest
  12. Luedde, William Henry M. D.
  13. Luyties, Herman C. G.
  14. Luyties, Herman C. G. Dr.
  15. Magruder, Noah S.
  16. Mallinckrodt, Edward
  17. Maroney, Andrew Charles
  18. Marsalek, John S.
  19. Martin, Charles Landon
  20. Martin, William McChesney
  21. Mauldin, Lowell
  22. McDaniel, Lawrence
  23. McElhinney, Judge John W.
  24. McFadden, James Frederick M. D.
  25. McIninch George Edgar
  26. McKay, Harvey S. M. D.
  27. McKinney, George B.
  28. Melson, Edmund P.
  29. Menown, John
  30. Meyer Brothers Drug Company
  31. Meyer, Carl F. G.
  32. Meyer, Carl Frederick
  33. Meyer, Christian Frederick Gottlieb
  34. Meyer, Otto P.
  35. Miller, Orin Smith D. O.
  36. Moore, Harry M. M. D.
  37. Morrish, Edward M. D.
  38. Morrison Henry Craig
  39. Morse, Frank L. M. D.
  40. Mosby, Charles V. M. D.
  41. Moss, Mrs. John Trigg
  42. Muench, Frederick (Freddrich)
  43. Muench, Hugo
  44. Muench, Julius Thamer
  45. Muench, Ludwig O. M. D.
  46. Mylet, Thomas J.

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