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The National Archives have microfilm publication of a general index to pension files. The pension applications to which this index applies relate chiefly to Army, Navy, and Marine Corps service performed between 1861 and 1916. Most of the records relate to Civil War service; some relate to earlier service by Civil War veterans; others relate to service in the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Boxer Rebellion, and the Regular Establishment. There are no Federal pension records for service in Confederate forces.

Each card in the general index gives a veteran’s name, rank, unit, and term of service; names of dependent(s); the filing date; the application number; the certificate number; and the state from which the claim was filed. The darker cards relate to naval service.

Where to find the Records:

You can search microfilm T-288 at the research facilities listed below.

List of Pensioners:

Roll Description
1 Aab–Ackerman, Garrett
2 Ackerman, George–Adams, Lige
3 Adams, Lincoln–Ah, Her Saw
4 Ah, Qua Rah–Aldrich, Walter
5 Aldrich, Warren–Allen, Clarence
6 Allen, Clarence–Allen, William
7 Allen, William–Americas, Edward
8 Ames, Alge–Anderson, James
9 Anderson, Jas.–Andrews, Dan
10 Andrews, Daniel–Appenfelder, Frederick
11 Appenfelder, Frederick–Armstrong, James
12 Armstrong, James–Arthurs, Abraham
13 Arthur, Robert–Atkinson, Felix
14 Atkinson, Francis–Axe, Lorenzo
15 Axe, Peter–Bacon, Lester
16 Bacon, Levi–Bailey, Samuel
17 Bailey, Samuel O.–Baker, Jacob
18 Baker, Jacob–Baldwin, Julius
19 Baldwin, Justin R.–Bangert, Geo.
20 Bangert, Henry–Barentzen, Lauritz
21 Barepole, Charley–Barnes, James
22 Barnes, James–Barre, Lucius
23 Barre, Onesime–Bartlett, Charles F.
24 Bartlett, Charles G.–Batchelor, Geo.
25 Batchelor, Henry–Baumgardner, Christian
26 Baumgardner, Daniel–Beamen, James
27 Beamenderfer, John H.–Bechtol, George
28 Bechtol, Henry–Beekman, Arthur
29 Beekman, Chancey–Bell, James R.
30 Bell, James R.–Benford, John H.
31 Benford, Joseph–Benning, John
32 Benning, Charles–Bernard, Dennis
33 Bernard, Dennis–Bettman, Alfred
34 Bettman, Gotleib–Biggs, Elijah
35 Biggs, Elisha–Birk, Gottfield
36 Birk, Jacob–Black, John W.
37 Black, John W.–Blair, John W.
38 Blair, Jonas–Blase, Wm. F.
39 Blasedell, Joseph–Bluit, Anthony
40 Bluitt, Lyman–Bogue, Silas
41 Bogue, Stephen–Boner, Peter
42 Boner, Peter–Boreman, Jacob
43 Boreman, Thomas–Boulson, Kenneth
44 Boult, Frank–Bowles, Daniel
45 Bowles, Daniel–Boyo, Wm. H.
46 Boyd, Wm. H.–Bradford, James
47 Bradford, James–Braisted, Wm.
48 Braisure, Amos–Branum, Charles
49 Branum, Charles–Brennan, Jeremiah
50 Brennan, Jeremiah–Brewer, Katie
51 Brewer, Lafayette–Brileya, Peter
52 Brilhart, Hiram–Brockway, Stephen
53 Brockway, Stephen–Brophy, Wm.
54 Brophy, Wm.–Brown, Dennis
55 Brown, Dennis–Brown, James B.
56 Brown, James B.–Brown, Oscar
57 Brown, Oscar–Browne, Byron
58 Browne, Charles–Brussard, Eugen
59 Brusse, Henry–Buck, Haven
60 Buck, Harvey–Bull, James R.
61 Bull, Jefferson–Burd, Wm.
62 Burd, Wm.–Burke, Thomas
63 Burke, Thomas–Burns, Hiram
64 Burns, Hiram–Burt, Lucius
65 Burt, Luther–Butcher, Jesse
66 Butcher, John–Buzan, Wm.
67 Buzan, Wm.–Cager, Robert
68 Cagg, Andrew–Callahan, John
69 Callahan, John–Campbell, Geo.
70 Campbell, Geo. S.–Canfield, Lewis
71 Canfield, Lewis–Carkhuff, John
72 Carkhuff, Samuel–Carpenter, Harry
73 Carpenter, Harry–Carroll, James
74 Carroll, James–Carter, Lewis
75 Carter, Lewis–Case, Henry O.
76 Case, Henry W.–Castle, Wm. D.
77 Castle, Wm.–Chadwick, Adel
78 Chadwick, Albert–Chance, Wm. T.
79 Chance, Wm. W.–Chappel, Robert
80 Chappel, Robert C.–Cheney, Isaiah
81 Cheney, Ithamar–Chrisman, Lorenzo
82 Chrisman, Luke–Clammer, Jacob
83 Clamor, Engracio–Clark, Hiland
84 Clark, Hinman H.–Clark, Vincent B.
85 Clark, Vincent E.–Cleveland, Albert B.
86 Cleaveland, Albert H.–Cline, Wm.
87 Cline, Wm.–Cobb, Oliver
88 Cobb, Oliver–Coggin, Wm. T.
89 Coggins, Anthony–Cole, Robert H.
90 Cole, Robert M.–Collins, Berta
91 Collins, Bertrand–Colton, Edward
92 Colton, Edward H.–Conger, Alex.
93 Conger, Anson–Connolly, Bart
94 Connolly, Bernard–Cook, Christopher
95 Cook, Christopher–Cooley, Nathan L.
96 Cooley, Nathan M.–Cooper, Wyley
97 Cooper, Youle–Cornelius, Gust.
98 Cornelius, Hardin–Cotter, Michael
99 Cotter, Michael–Cowan, Theodore
100 Cowan, Theodore–Coyle, James J.
101 Coyle, James J.–Crandall, James R.
102 Crandall, James S.–Crays, Andrew
103 Crays, David–Crockett, Francis M.
104 Crockett, Francis T.–Crosser, Adam
105 Crosser, Harrison–Crumrine, Bishop
106 Crumrine, Boyd–Cummins, Oliver
107 Cummins, Orange S.–Curry, Michael
108 Curry, Michael–Dabney, Clark
109 Dabney, Cornelius–Danforth, Clarence
110 Danforth, Clarence–Daniels, Isaiah
111 Daniels, J. S.–Davenport, Alfred
112 Davenport, Alfred–Davis, Decon
113 Davis, Dewey–Davis, John P.
114 Davis, John P.–Davison, Isaiah
115 Davison, Jacob–Dean, Charles B.
116 Dean, Charles B.–Decook, Henry
117 Decook, Peter–Delap, Joseph
118 Delap, Joseph–Dennewitz, Conrad
119 Denney, Abram–Deschler, Maurice
120 Deschler, Valentine–Dewitt, Geo. W.
121 Dewitt, Geo. W.–Dickson, Benjamin
122 Dickson, Benjamin–Dillon, John F.
123 Dillon, John F.–Dixon, Joseph C.
124 Dixon, John–Dohn, Adam
125 Dohn, Andrew–Donnely, William
126 Donnely, William–Doss, Charles
127 Doss, Charles W.–Dow, Francis R.
128 Dow, Frank–Doyle, Cornelius
129 Doyle, James–Doyle, Jacob
130 Doyle, James–Drinkwater, Alpheus
131 Drinkwater, Charles–Duff, James W.
132 Duff, James W.–Duncan, Joseph
133 Duncan, Joseph–Dunn, Thomas
134 Dunn, Thomas B.–Dutton, Edward
135 Dutton, Edward–Earl, Robert R.
136 Earl, Robert W.–Eberling, Wm.
137 Eberly, Albert M.–Edmonds, John
138 Edmonds, John A.–Eggers, Emil
139 Eggers, Peter–Eliott, Halbert
140 Eliott, James–Ellis, John B.
141 Ellis, John C.–Emerson, James P.
142 Emerson, James R.–Engstrom, John
143 Engstrom, John–Erb, George
144 Erb, Harvey–Estover, George
145 Estrada, Antonio–Evans, Wm. T.
146 Evans, Wm. T.–Failing, Charles
147 Failing, Cornelius–Farmer, Thompson
148 Farmer, Traais–Faunce, George
149 Faunce, Martin–Fennen, Henry
150 Fenner, Albert C.–Fesler, Benjamin
151 Fesler, Cassius A.–Filey, Wm. H.
152 Filley, Wm. H.–Fish, Thomas S.
153 Fish, Thomas J.–Fitch, John A.
154 Fitch, John A.–Flanders, Samuel
155 Flanders, Samuel B.–Flew, William
156 Flewallen, Alfred–Foglesang, Eli W.
157 Foglesang, Nathaniel–Ford, John B.
158 Ford, John–Foster, Aaron
159 Foster, Aaron–Fowler, Olin N.
160 Fowler, Oliver–Francisco, Juan
161 Francisco, Levi–Frech, Henry
162 Frech, Hubert–French, John
163 French, John–Frost, Benjamin
164 Frost, Benjamin–Fuller, John W.
165 Fuller, John W.–Furneisen, H.
166 Furneld, George–Callagher, Jas. H.
167 Gallagher, James H.–Garcelon, W.
168 Garch, Joseph–Garnier, John
169 Garnier, Joseph–Gaston, James
170 Gaston, James W.–Gee, Charles R.
171 Gee, Christopher C.–Gehris, Wilson
172 Gehrike, Albert–German, Linsey
173 German, Littleton–Gibson, James L.
174 Gibson, James M.–Gilbert, John B.
175 Gilbert, John C.–Gilliam, Peter
176 Gilliam, Primus–Givier, Edwin
177 Givier, George–Glidden, Arno
178 Glidden, Augustus–Golden, Andrew
179 Golden, Andrew–Goodrich, Bertrand
180 Goodrich, Bethuel–Gorham, William
181 Gorham, Wm. E.–Gowman, Wm.
182 Gowner, Lewis–Grane, Herman
183 Grane, Mikal O.–Gray, Edward
184 Gray, Edward–Green, David L.
185 Green, David M.–Greenberger, B.
186 Greenburgh, Samuel–Gresh, Henry
187 Gresh, Samuel–Griggs, Albert P.
188 Griggs, Alexander–Gross, Daniel
189 Gross, Daniel–Guest, John W.
190 Guest, Joseph–Gutline, Ethru F.
191 Gutling, Wm.–Haffner, W.
192 Hafford, B.–Halbert, Silas
193 Halbert, Smith–Hall, Ivory
194 Hall, Ivory A.–Halliman, Thomas
195 Halliman, Wm.–Hamilton, Robert
196 Hamilton, Robert–Hanchett, John
197 Hanchett, Joseph–Hannefin, J.
198 Hanneford, Wm.–Hardin, Robert
199 Hardin, Ruburtus–Harmer, Alfred
200 Harmer, Amos–Harrington, Michael
201 Harrington, Michael B.–Harris, Stephen
202 Harris, Stephen–Hart, Jacob
203 Hart, Jacob–Harvey, Adam
204 Harvey, Albert–Hatch, David G.
205 Hatch, David O.–Haw, William
206 Haw, William–Hayes, Charles W.
207 Hayes, Charles W.–Hazel, Jack
208 Hazel, James H.–Heck, Theodore
209 Hechinger, Clifford–Heiple, Henry
210 Heiple, Henry F.–Henderson, Charles
211 Henderson, Charles–Hennessy, Michael
212 Hennessey, Michael–Hepler, Andrew
213 Hepler, Clarence–Hershey, Isaac
214 Hershey, Isaac–Hibbard, Harris
215 Hibbard, Harry–Higgins, Jason
216 Higgins, Jasper–Hill, Henry H.
217 Hill, Henry H.–Hiltman, Abraham
218 Hiltman, John–Hirschfeld, Emanuel
219 Hirschfeld, Ernest–Hockman, Wm. W.
220 Hockman, Wm. W.–Hoffman, Werner L.
221 Hoffman, Wesley R.–Holder, Edward
222 Holder, Eleano–Holly, Daniel
223 Holly, Daniel W.–Holverson, Frank
224 Holverson, Halver–Hopes, J. Solomon
225 Hopes, Thomas W.–Horney, Joseph
226 Horney, Joseph M.–Houghton, Geo. W.
227 Houghton, Geo. W.–Howard, John
228 Howard, John–Howland, Herbert V.
229 Howland, Herman–Hudon, Louis
230 Hudon, Ombro–Hughes, George
231 Hughes, Geo. W.–Humbell, John
232 Humber, Carroll–Hunt, William
233 Hunt, William–Hurd, Thomas W.
234 Hurd, Thomas–Hutchinson, Mathias
235 Hutchinson, Mayheir–Imfeld, Ferd.
236 Imfeld, Franz–Irvine, Robert W.
237 Irvine, Samuel–Jackson, Charles F.
238 Jackson, Charles F.–Jackson, Wm. A.
239 Jackson, William A.–James, William
240 James, W.–Jauslin, Joseph
241 Jauss, Christian–Jenkins, John
242 Jenkins, John–Jewett, Charles A.
243 Jewett, Charles A.–Johnson, Chris
244 Johnson, Chris–Johnson, James
245 Johnson, James–Johnson, Ogden
246 Johnson, Okey M.–Johnson, Wm. P.
247 Johnson, Wm. Q.–Jones, Chesley
248 Jones, Chesley–Jones, James W.
249 Jones, James. W.–Jones, Smith
250 Jones, Smith E.–Jordan Wm. O.
251 Jordan, William P.–Kaf Fes Sah
252 Kaffey, Martin–Kauble, Benjamin
253 Kauble, Benjamin F.–Keeley, John
254 Keeley, John–Kell, Nathaniel
255 Kell, Noah–Kellum, Daniel F.
256 Kellum, Edward M.–Kelter, Daniel
257 Keltner, Dion B.–Kennedy, Richard
258 Kennedy, Richard–Kerney, Timothy
259 Kerney, Whit–Keys, Southey
260 Keys, Stephen W.–Kimball, Chas.
261 Kimball, Chas. C.–King, Harry
262 King, Harry–Kinley, Jacob
263 Kinley, James–Kurkendall, Rich.
264 Kirkendall, Robert–Kleinhans, M.
265 Kleinhays, Wm.–Knapp, Zero
266 Knappe, Adolph–Knowlton, Daniel
267 Knowlton, Daniel–Kooner, Thos.
268 Koones, Albert–Kriege, William
269 Kriegel, Emil F.–Kurtz, John
270 Kurtz, John–LaGraff, John B.
271 LaGraff, Michael–LaMont, John
272 Lamont, John–Lane, John M.
273 Lane, John M.–Lapay, Pedro
274 Lape, Aamon–Lathbury, John
275 Lathe, Abner P.–Lawrence, Edward
276 Lawrence, Edward–Leach, James
277 Leach, James M.–Lee, Dwight, M.
278 Lee, Earl–Leger, William
279 Legere, Andrew–Lennon, Edward
280 Lennon, Francis–Levan, Obediah
281 Leven, Oscar–Lewis, Joseph
282 Lewis, Joseph–Lewis, Wm. I.
283 Lewis, Wm. J.–Lincoln, Thomas
284 Lincoln, Thomas A.–Linson, Lyman
285 Linson, Theo.–Livermore, Ben.
286 Livermore, Ben. W.–Loftus, Martin
287 Loftus, Martin V.–Long, Wm. H.
288 Long, William, J.–Loucks, Peter
289 Loucks, Peter B.–Lowe, Wm.
290 Lowe, Wm.–Ludwig, John
291 Ludwig, John–Lyle, Wm. W.
292 Lyles, Alexander–Lythe, Wm. C.
293 Lytle, Aaron W.–McCabe, Francis
294 McCabe, Francis–McCartney, Wm.
295 McCartney, Wm.–McClintick, H.
296 McClintick, Henry C.–McComb, John
297 McComb, John–McCormic, Touson
298 McCormic, H.–McCume, P.
299 McCume, Philip–McDonald, John
300 McDonald, John W.–McFadden, Alex.
301 McFadden, Alex.–McGinnis, Edward J.
302 McGinnis, Edward J.–McGuire, John
303 McGuire, John–McKain, James
304 McKain, James–McKibbin, James
305 McKibben, James F.–McLaughlin, James B.
306 McLaughlin, James B.–McMican, Joseph
307 McMichael, Abraham–McNeil, George
308 McNeil, George–McTigue, Michael
309 McTigue, Patrick–Maglalang, Julian
310 Maglalang, Marce–Malarkey, Dennis
311 Malarkey, James–Mangan, John
312 Mangan, John–Manuel, Marcelin
313 Manuel, Mark–Marlin, Wm. T.
314 Marline, Aaron A.–Marshall, Thomas
315 Marshall, Thomas–Martin, John
316 Martin, John–Mary, Matthew
317 Marx, Michael–Mathers, John D.
318 Mathers, John F.–Mattoon, Charles
319 Mattoon, Charles H.–Mayer, George
320 Mayer, George–Mechling, Amos
321 Mechling, Augustus A.–Melcoon, Samuel
322 Meloon, Samuel S.–Merithew, Wm. H.
323 Meritt, Allen–Metcalf, James
324 Metcalf, James–Mickleborough, F.
325 Mickleby, Theo. A.–Miller, Anthony M.
326 Miller, Anthony W.–Miller, Henry L.
327 Miller, Henry M.–Miller, Marvin
328 Miller, May E.–Millington, Thos.
329 Millington, Wm.–Minnis, Charles
330 Minnis, Charles M.–Mitchell, Thos.
331 Mitchell, Thomas–Monaghan, Thomas
332 Monaghan, Thomas–Moody, Jesse G.
333 Moody, John–Moore, Henry H.
334 Moore, Henry W.–Moore, Wm. H.
335 Moore, Wm. H.–Moran, James
336 Moran, James J.–Morgan, Samuel
337 Morgan, Samuel B.–Morris, Samuel P.
338 Morris, Samuel P.–Morinmer, Mabel
339 Mortimer, Marcellus–Moulton, Frank
340 Moulton, Frank P.–Mullane, Wm. H.
341 Mullaney, Anthony–Munson, Fred
342 Munson, Fred–Murphy, Thomas
343 Murphy, Thomas–Myers, Geo. A.
344 Myers, Geo. B.–Nash, Charles A.
345 Nash, Charles A.–Neff, John M.
346 Neff, John S.–Nesbitt, Wm. E.
347 Nesbitt, Wm. E.–Newman, Lazarus
348 Newman, Leon–Nichols, Wilber
349 Nichols, Wilbur–Noble, Geo. W.
350 Noble, Geo. W.–Norris, Isaac
351 Norris, Isaac–Nuckles, Wm. H.
352 Nuckolls, Asa H.–O’Brien, John
353 O’Brien, John–O’Donnell, Daniel
354 O’Donnell, Daniel–Olds, Isaac
355 Olds, Isaac–O’Neal, John T.
356 O’Neal, John T.–Orr, William
357 Orr, William–Otly, James L.
358 Otman, Sylvester–Owens, Thomas
359 Owens, Thomas–Painter, Jacob
360 Painter, Jacob–Pama, Erasmo
361 Pamanyag, Vincente–Parker, Jacob W.
362 Parker, James–Parrett, Joseph
363 Parrett, Dawson A.–Patterson, Alonzo
364 Patterson, Alonzo F.–Paulter, John
365 Paulus, Abraham–Peary, John
366 Peary, John C.–Pence, Francis W.
367 Pence, Franklin–Perkins, Isa
368 Perkins, Isaac–Perry, Thos. H.
369 Perry, Thomas H.–Pettegreew, Wm.
370 Pettengail, Clark–Philipsen, Herman
371 Philipsen, One V.H.–Pick, Earle
372 Pick, Ernest–Pigott, John
373 Pigott, John–Pixley, John S.
374 Pixley, John W.–Plunket, Wm.
375 Plunkett, Abraham–Pool, Thomas
376 Pool, Thomas–Post, Joseph
377 Post, Joseph–Powell, Thomas
378 Powell, Thomas–Prentice, Geo. W.
379 Prentice, Geo. W.–Price, Timothy
380 Price, Timothy–Pruett, Daniel
381 Pruett, Daniel B.–Putnam, John J.
382 Putnam, John L.–Quino, Flavio
383 Quino, Marcelino–Rambo, William
384 Rambo, William–Rannie, Alexander
385 Rannie, Geo. A.–Ray, John G.
386 Ray, John E.–Records, Thos. S.
387 Records, Thompson, L.–Reed, John A.
388 Reed, John A.–Reeves, Thomas F.
389 Reeves, Thos G.–Reissig, Adolph
390 Reissig, John–Reynolds, Edmund
391 Reynolds, Edwin–Rhone, Dandridge
392 Rhone, Daniel L.–Richards, John
393 Richards, John O.–Richmond, Wm. R.
394 Richmond Wm. S.–Rigby, Wm. H.
395 Rigby, Wm. H.–Rinier, Peter
396 Rinier, Samuel–Rizer, William
397 Rizer, Wm.–Roberts, Geo. F.
398 Roberts, Geo. F.–Robilliard, John
399 Robin, Alfred–Robinson, Robert A.
400 Robinson, Robt.–Robinson, Wm. F.
401 Robinson, Wm. G.–Roe, Charles
402 Roe, Charles–Rogge, Charles H.
403 Rogge, Diedrich–Root, John E.
404 Root, John E.–Ross, George
405 Ross, George–Roush, George
406 Roush, George A.–Rubin, Arcadio
407 Rubio, Charles–Rupley, Henry
408 Rupley, Henry C.–Russum, J.
409 Russum, John W.–Sabin, Charles C.
410 Sabin, Frederick–Sames, Pearl
411 Sames, William J.–Sandquist, Gustave
412 Sandra, Francis H.–Saunders, John R.
413 Saunders, John R.–Savage, Isom
414 Savage, Jacob–Schaefer, Nicholas
415 Schafer, Nicholas–Schlaich, Henry
416 Schlaich, John–Schnelzer, Francis
417 Schnemilch, Wm.–Schuler, Wm. H.
418 Schuler, Wm. W.–Scott, Charles H.
419 Scott, Charles H.–Scoville, Thomas
420 Scoville, Wallace–Sedelbauer, John L.
421 Sedello, Pablo–Sells, David L.
422 Sells, David M.–Shade, Geo. W.
423 Shade, Harry–Shannon, William J.
424 Shannon, Wm. J.–Shaw, Prince
425 Shaw, Rodney K.–Sheldon, Shepard L.
426 Sheldon, Shepard–Sherman, Chas. A.
427 Sherman, Charles A.–Shinkle, Erastus
428 Shinkle, Eugen M.–Short, John H.
429 Short, John J.–Shuttlesworth, Wm. R.
430 Shuttleton, John–Sim, Archibald
431 Sim, Archie–Simpson, James W.
432 Simpson, James W.–Siver, Robert
433 Siver, Robert–Slaughter, Wm. R.
434 Slaughter, Wm. K.–Smathers, Reuben
435 Smathers, Robert F.–Smith, Chas. G.
436 Smith, Chas. G.–Smith, George
437 Smith, George–Smith, Jacob
438 Smith, Jacob–Smith, John H.
439 Smith, John H.–Smith, John J.
440 Smith, John L.–Smith, Oscar C.
441 Smith, Oscar–Smith, Varde
442 Smith, Varius Q.–Snakle, Peter
443 Snaman Geo. W.–Snyder, James K.
444 Snyder, James L.–Soules, Francis
445 Soules, Benjamin–Speakman, Charles
446 Speakman, Charles Y.–Spickler, Benjamin
447 Spickler, Chas.–Spurgeon, Jeremiah
448 Spurgeon, Jeremiah–Stanbrough, Joseph B.
449 Stanbrough, Levi–Starling, Abraham
450 Starlin, Adam–Steerman, Charles
451 Steers, Abraham–Sterling, John B.
452 Sterling, John C.–Stevenson, Wm.
453 Stevenson, Wm.–Stickle, Wm. H.
454 Stickle, Wm. H.–Stoddard, Hez.
455 Stoddard, John A.–Stork, Wm.
456 Stork, William–Strauch, Thomas
457 Strauch, Wm.–Stryhn, Louis
458 Stryke, Chas.–Sullivan, Edward
459 Sullivan, Edward–Surkant, Louis
460 Surd, Albert–Swartwood, Almond
461 Swartwood, Alonzo–Swink, Fred
462 Swink, Fred–Tallmadge, Mose
463 Tallmadge, Nenell–Taylor, Chas. E.
464 Taylor, Charles F.–Taylor, George S.
465 Taylor, George T.–Taylor, Septimus
466 Taylor, Seth B.–Temple, Palmer C.
467 Temple, Park E.–Tharp, Washington
468 Tharp, Wilber A.–Thomas, George
469 Thomas, George–Thomas, William
470 Thomas, Wm.–Thompson, Henry R.
471 Thompson, Henry R.–Thompson, Thos.
472 Thompson, Thomas–Thost, Julius
473 Thostenson, Ole–Tilford, Lewis
474 Tilford, Nicholas–Tittsworth, James
475 Tittsworth, John C.–Tompkins, Addison
476 Tompkins, Albert–Towle, Elisha
477 Towle, Ethelbert–Trask, James H.
478 Trask, James H.–Triplett, James H.
479 Triplett, James H.–Truman, Geo. W.
480 Truman, Geo. W.–Tullar, John F.
481 Tullar, John M.–Turner, Leander
482 Turner, Leander–Tyas, Jonathan
483 Tyas, Richard–Underwood, Alonzo
484 Underwood, Ambrose–Valentine, Levi
485 Valentine, Levi–Vandermark, Abram
486 Vandermark, Abram–VanMarter, John
487 VanMarter, Joseph–VanZant, Henry
488 VanZant, Henry P.–Vermillion, Marcus
489 Vermillion, Martin–Visscher, Geo.
490 Visscher, Henry–Vreeland, Benjamin
491 Vreeland, Charles–Wagner, Jasper
492 Wagner, Jeremiah–Waldron, Isaac
493 Waldron, James–Walker, Lyman
494 Walker, Lyman–Wallace, Jos.
495 Wallace, Joseph–Walter, Andrew A.
496 Walter, Andrew F.–Wandross, Mingo
497 Wands, Alburtus–Wardell, George J.
498 Wardell, Henry–Warren, Alonzo
499 Warren, Alonzo S.–Washington, Geo.
500 Washington, Geo.–Watkins, John B.
501 Watkins, John C.–Watt, Levi
502 Watt, Levi–Weaver, Geo. K.
503 Weaver, George–Weber, Adolph
504 Weber, Adolph–Weeks, David
505 Weidenhamer, Chas. H.–Welch, John
506 Welch, John–Wells, James W.
507 Wells, James–Wentzel, Samuel
508 Wentzel, Simon–West, Prima
509 West, Ralph M.–Whalen, James B.
510 Whalen, James E.–Wheelock, DeForest
511 Wheelock, Edgar L.–White, Charles
512 White, Charles L.–White, Jordan
513 White, Joseph–Whitehead, William K.
514 Whitehead, Wm. W.–Whitlock, Henry L.
515 Whitlock, Hiran E.–Whitten, Geo. W.
516 Whitten, Gilman–Wiesman, Berhard
517 Wiesman, Ferdinand–Wilcoxen, Anthony
518 Wilcoxen, Charles–Wilkerson, Gus
519 Weeks, David–Willan, Thomas
520 Willan, Charles B.–Williams, Daniel
521 Williams, Daniel–Williams, Jacob
522 Williams, Jacob–Williams, Manuel
523 Williams, Mansfield–Williams, Wm. H.
524 Williams, Wm. H.–Willoughby, Wm. A.
525 Willoughby, Wm. A.–Wilson, George
526 Wilson, Geo. A.–Wilson, Joseph
527 Wilson, Joseph–Wilson, Wm. S.
528 Wilson, Wm. S.–Winkley, Edson S.
529 Winkley, Frank H.–Wise, Edward M.
530 Wise, Edward W.–Wixson, Mengo
531 Wixson, Robert–Wolverton, Isaac
532 Wolverton, Jacob–Wood, James
533 Wood, James–Woodcock, Alexander
534 Woodcock, Almon–Woods, Patrick F.
535 Woods, Patrick H.–Wootton, Burton
536 Wootton, Daniel H.–Wright, Alexander
537 Wright, Alexander B.–Wright, Louis
538 Wright, Louis H.–Wyatt, Frederick
539 Wyatt, Garland M.–Yates, Asa
540 Yates, Aubyn Arthur–York, Dan C.
541 York, Daniel–Young, David I.
542 Young, David J.–Young, Rutledge E.
543 Young, Salathiel–Zellman, John
544 Zellman, Wm.–Zytkoskie, Edmund


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US Military Records. Web. 16 January 2015. - Last updated on Oct 23rd, 2013

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