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Muster Out Roll of 7th Michigan Cavalry – Company B

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Linus F. Warner, Capt.
Rolla Glover, Capt.
Elliot Gray, 1st Lieut.
James C. Boughton, 2nd Lieut.
George W. Stoneburner, 2nd Lieut.
Phillip Dillingham, Sergt.
Albert McLouth, Sergt.
Orford John, Sergt.
David L. Gould, Sergt.
Kellogg B. Martindale, Sergt.
Edward House, Corp.
George H. Heddon,Corp.
Norman H. Badger, Corp.
William Millson, Corp.
Rogers Pane, Corp.
Hiram Tutzel, Blacksmith.
Barney James, Bugler.
Arbor, James M.% 9
Reno, Daniel
Butler, Jonah M.% 9
Stevenson, Charles
Cornell, Milton. A.% 9
Schmul, Albert
Carouth, William% 9
Smith, Elizah
Childs, Nathan% 9
Twitchell, Charles
Champlin, Sylvester% 9
Toms, Oscar M.
Conley, James% 9
Towns, Jesse
Cobb, James% 9
Theis, Nicholas
Druyor, Eli% 9
Toms, Oscar M.
Green, Francis% 9
Underhill, Egbert
Hawthorne, William
Williams, Abram
Hicks, Hamilton% 9
Wood, Hiram O.
Herrington, Edmond
Wilcox, David M.
Irish, Heman% 9
Ward, Michael
Johnson, William% 9
Burnett, James
McIntyre, George B.% 9
Coville, Newton
McBride, Lewis P.% 9
Fabrique, John A.
Moore, Homer


Birdsey, George W.
Gesler, Jerome
Burrows, John J.
Phillips, Edwin
Cornell, Llewellyn C.
Whittaker, William S.


Stearns, William A.% 9
Lonti, Edward
Fisher, Mathias% 9
Baker, George
Larue, Hiram J.


Discover your
family's story.

Enter a grandparent's name to get started.

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Perkins, Myron II
Laird, William J.
Haskins, James
McCaughan, William
Austin, Stephen
Bridleman, George
Hazzard, Andrew
Hager, John S.
Jordan, James N.
Jakeway, Ebenezer B.
Keller, Henry II.
Russell, Jason
Safford, Josiah
Van Pelt, Francis H.
Whittaker, Joseph
Hill, Albert W.
Hartsell, George
Mince, Henry
Seymour, Wilson B.


Gragg, Riley A.% 9
McConnel, David
Smith, George E.% 9
Robinson, Silas J.
Enos, Ira% 9
Smalley, Peter S.
Henry, Munson P.% 9
Thompson, Robert
Hendershot, Even% 9
Whitmore, Samuel
Peck, Warren B.% 9
Dunning, Hill B.
Baker, James% 9
Miller, Joseph H.
Harrington, William E.
Boughton, John
Drake, John% 9
Napier, Arthur N.
Hess, Isaac% 9
Mead, Stephen D.
Kyser, George J.% 9
Russell, Henry C.


Lovell, Nathan V.
Haskins, William
Burke, David
Boskey, August
Boyce, John
Doty, Elias M.
Jones, Nathaniel
Knight, Alfred D.
Lawrence, John
Lettes, Jefferson
Lettes, Abram
Mann, Stephen R. V.
McKinney, William
Springer, Willard D.
True, Thomas
Anderson, Thomas
Boskey, John
Cheaut, Jacob
Gleason, William H.
Speare, George
Daily, Thomas
Goodhall, John
Proctor, William T.
Porter, William F.
Stines, Henry C.
Stines, Richard
Dewitt, Jsaker
Curry, John
Campbell, William
Collins, Charles
Craft, Joseph
Converse, James E.


Brown, William W.
Weston, Adelbert H.
Hart, George A.
Cucher, Moses
Cary, William
Cobb, George
Burke, James
Davis, Alfred
Harrington, Parker G.
Eddy, William H.
McLain, Joseph N.
Stevens, William II.
Scott, Frederick
Hatch, Caleb L.
Denoyer, Joseph
Sheldon, Luther D.
Smith, Michael
Badger, Ansel V.

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