1894 Michigan State Census – Sanilac County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Argyle Township – Paul Weitzel, Amos Jury, Frederick Kritzman, Albert A. Wheeler, Vincent Chase, Frederick B. Richards, Gustavus Langinburg, David Painter, Bradford Reed.

Austin Township – George Murray, H. A. Meade, Robert Cleland. George McDougall, William Winters, John McNiel. J. T. Herriman, Thomas Pollard.

Bridgehampton Township – James Lane, Lyman Swartz, Thomas Goodall, Isaac Mills, E. M. Miller, John McFarline, Thomas Nichols, 0. K. Kerr, William Sweet, [Peter Counter, Joseph Contois].

Buel Township – Jacob Watson, James Dimon, Silas W. Stone, Artemas E. Hicks, William Hicks, John C. Calhoun, Thomas Bennett, John Boddy, George W. Hicks.

Custer Township – David Valentine, Henry Rightenburg, Norman B. Cole, John Lakin, Joseph Harrison, Henry Fye, Levi H. Walker, George N. Hosack, James Fye.

Delaware Township – Silas Merrill, John Broadbeck, Charles Ginther, Dennis Clary, Frederick Yehring, Joseph Daw, Valentine Roth, Gabriel Schweighart, Henry Breidenbach, Thomas Ward, William White.

Elk Township – Charles Margroff, James Guest, Henry Youngs, Russell D. Reagan, William Hale, Frank D. Davis, Jacob Barker, Alfred P. Hilliker, Joseph Schell, John Vanconant, William Ferguson, Lewis Presley, Nathaniel Henry, [Aaron Ferguson, Christian Heberlie].

Elmer Township – John B. Temple.

Evergreen Township – L. Babcock, Edward Linderman, Carlton Harrington, Ogden Atwell, Ralph Washburn, Leonard R. Marsh, Sr., John C. Wheeler, Moses Maturean, Michael Grace.

Flynn Township – Peter H. Beam, Alonzo Justin, Barney Dougherty, Clark 0. Justin.

Forester Township – Lewis Essler, Archie Willis, Joseph Tate, Henry Platts.

Fremont Township – Richard Olmstead, Donald McInnis, Thomas Rabb, Richard Clyne, Elbridge G. Tennant, James Green, Stephen 0. Coon, Oliver J. Gordon, George W. Haynes, George Gillett, James Rolls, Nathan McClure.

Greenleaf Township – Joseph Tanner, William Curwell, John Sommerville, W. J. M. Jones, Philip Wright, Charles Sackett, Henry B. Burt, I. H. Bailey, Anthony K. Hower, John T. Jones, Robert Byers, John R. Burwick, Joseph Darling, James G. Read, Orlando White.

Lamotte Township – Henry C. Green, William H. Wilson, Charles H. Shaw, W. W. Montgomery, Jeremiah A. Sutton, Philetus Gage, Orson B. Clark, Isaac James, [Seth Thomas].

Lexington Township – Samuel Crone, William Stevens, Walter Niles, Ezra J. Baum, Jacob Hilborn, VJm. Ellis, William Murray, George Edwards, George Gardner, William H. Dawson, Harvey Baker, James A. Campbell, Simon Mark, Henry Wideman, Stephen Gardner, [Paul Laviolet].

Village of Croswell – Charles E. Pettys, Loren T. Richardson, John B. Maskell, John Allen, Benjamin Moore, Daniel Kennedy, David Paton, Levi Welch, Robert Jolly, Walter Allen, Thomas Byrne, [William H. Wheeler].

Village of Lexington – Frederick Hykes, John Walker, William Wolfel, Israel Hutchins, Jacob W. Snider, Hiram B. Morrison, Frank B. Richards, James J. Boyd, Ralph Potts, John Papst, Michael O’Brien, Rudolph Papst, James Brown, George Henry, Watson Beach.

Maple Valley Township – John Earls, Albert Gordineer, I. R. Wadsworth, Lemuel House, James Mehan, Bibins Clark, Allan H. Church.

Village of Brown City – Alonzo Prestaege, Herman H. Hoffman, Charles Thomas, Robert G. Brown, Burdette Delong, John Shearsmith, Louis Bennett, William Bonfoy.

Marion Township – Leander M. Peters. William H. Smith, Daniel Livingway, Francis Carman, Lester M. Taylor, Theodore Putnam, Frank Rosbury, Wright Farnsworth, Orrin Stringham, Mathew Peake, Sumner Stark, Thomas Reid, Peter McDonald, John Rosbury, Joseph Alexander, [Alfred Henry, Albert Clark].

Marlette Township – Darius Aselstine, Samuel Rogers, Martin Ahern, John Welch, Amos Hurd.

Village of Marlette – Robert Moore, George Ervin, John W. Bland, Alonzo Cline, James Rogers, Myron W. Smith, Lanson Phillips, Lyman Heeman, John Hager, David Pierce, [George Wever].

Minden Township – Weisenberg Bennett, David Murdock, John Murdock, Dennis Donovan, Charles Smith.

Village of Minden – John Donnelson, John M. Cole, George Stipe, Mathew Spouts, Wesley Ogden.

Moore Township – Terance L. Denton, Felix Morell, Henry Sheldon, John Dingman, Alfred A. Denton, Eugene Bly, Truman Hendershot.

Sanilac Township – Edward McKenzie, Monroe C. Peek, John Proctor, James Maskell, Jacob Basler, Jonathan Hubbell, John L. Gould, Patrick Finn, Peter Coomer, Nelson Cameron, John M. Basler, John P. Bingle, Fergus McCulough, [Joshua Lewis].

Village of Port Sanilac – Henry A. Cunningham, Eugene L. Barnhart, Joseph Thompson, Archibald McGregor, Henry C. Smith, William Henderson, James W. Smith.

Speaker Township – William B. Lardlaw, Patrick Kinney, John Fitzgerald, Martin Vansickles, Andrew Moore, Samuel Geister, John Clayton, A. W. Simmon, Elmore Putney, James Grandy, Richard Ross, John H. King, George T. Smith, [Jas. Murphy, Adam Waltenburg].

Washington Township – George R. McNinch, Charles Cornwall, [John Jones, Joseph Morell, Bartlett Lynch, Ellis Lynch, W. L. Benedict, Albion S. Vincent].

Watertown Township – Garrit Newkirk, Joseph Lambert, William Bennett, James Derr, Adam Waltenburg, William T. Smith, George M. Denio, N. D. Hoag.

Wheatland Township – John Farnsworth, Ira G. Cooley, Henry North, Henry J. Trupp.

Worth Township – John A. Douglas, Henry Fockles, Nathan Clark, Oliver Yake, Josiah Reynolds, Joseph Thibodeau, [William Cummins, Fred Kuhner, Miles Simmons, Michael J. Dowling, Charles Hall, Richard Sherman, Austin Wright, Lewis W. Brown, James Stewart, Samuel Utley, Mathew Tyson].

MLA Source Citation:

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 11 December 2014. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/michigan/1894-michigan-state-census-sanilac-county.htm - Last updated on May 14th, 2013

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