1894 Michigan State Census – Manistee County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894

[ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ]

Arcadia Township – Henry Fargo, George W. Annis, Henry Conklin, Joshua L. Bradford, Michael OrRoke, Onnissen Goodin, Charles Wall, Benjamin F. Bowen, Stephen D. Hotchkiss, I. Martin Conklin, Bijah H. Gilmore, Charles J. Crosby, James W. Gear, Dean A. Hull, Emery Haskins. Jeremiah Conklin.

Bear Lake Township – James Whedden, N. F. Wood, Robert Tunwell, Orlando F. Sadoris, John Porter, [Edward F. McGill. S. L. Arner. T. A. Barr, Luke Chamberlain. 0. A. Larm, Stephen C. Corey, William Keltner, M. J. Fauble. Josiah Reed. William W. Middaugh, Jesse Thompson. William Sloan. Robert Courtwright].

Village of Bear Lake – Joseph Sanders, Charles W. Tomlin, George S. Cowgill, Martin D. Swain, Thomas Saunders. Alexander H. Cook. Charles B. Bunton. George E. Hill. Thomas Simpson, Todawa. Sythoff.

Brown Township – Adam Shiria, Thomas Christy. William Barry, Henry B. Brown, Colin Leitch.

Cleon Township – Jeremiah B. Gilbert, Henry Harris, Jacob Conrad, Albert J. Bennett, Benjamin F. Courson, George W. Bungting, Byron L. Dean, Martin Miller. William McDonald, George Casselman, William Killim, George H. Henderson, Corydon T. Gregg, Robert Carpenter, George Seabrook. John J. Stanton, Jacob Sears, George Clifton, George W. Hall, Daniel Holmes, Alexander Pratt.

Village of Copemish – Robert Lewis, Lewis Rogers, Levi J. Atwell, John M. Taggart, Alonzo Hunt, Albert Handy, Charles M. Barber, George R. Estebrook, Alonzo Chubb, Solomon Skinner, Abram Armstrong, Levi Mitchell, [Jacob Spire].

Filer Township – Z. E. Clark, Eugene Sullivan, Niel D. Ford, Seth P. Chirch, John McBride, Golden Filer, Charles Baker, Louis Tabor, [Louis Strinkey, Antoine Morris].

Manistee Township – Frank L. Ray, Benjamin Mattis, Paul Bushan, George R. Fowler, Charles Ross, Casper W. Bryant, Charles Peck, John Hertz, Samuel C. Swank, Charles Arnold, John Borg, Ambrose Antoine, Moses B. Loomis, Augustus Randall.

Maple Grove Township – George J. Milks, Cyrus Haines, Abram Poff, John Myers, John B. Miller, Stephen McCumber, Zimariah Dailey, Jacob Ames, Charles Rockwell, George Singleton, William W. Tanner.

Morilla Township – Addison Colwell, William W. Bell, Jacob Snowden, Sylvester Chesebro, S. M. Evens, Emerson Snyder, George F. Rinard, John T. Holly, John Stanton, Charles W. Babcock, Jacob Rinard, Josiah F. Cook, Andrew Britton.

Onekama Township – Asa J. Patch, Josiah Hilliard, George Schaefer, C. W. Perry, George Mallison, P. M. Smith, Henry Fowler, John Heckelrath, Samuel Wilson, Henry C. Mattison, Wallace Hollenbeck, George W. Lovejoy.

Village of Onekama – John C. Schroeder, John Schaab, C. A. W. Swift, Aaion Bemis, E. A. Solomon, S. H. Gilbert, Robert Williams, Joseph Greenwood, R. W. Dickinson.

Pleasanton Township – Benjamin F. Pope, Lafayette C. Long, William H, Wood, Michael Dunke, William Foltz, Charles A. Churchill, Edward P. Alkire, Hiram B. Hicks, Duncan Miller, Bruce Girven, C. F. A. Nurnberger, David Green, Abner D. Burdick, Leonard Reed, John W. Myers, Ezra Ingersoll, Edward Wallace, Sylvester Maginity, Dennis Clapp, Thomas C. Snyder.

Springdale Township – Henry Baumler, Lewis E. Hale, James Howard, John W. Green, William D. Green.

Stronach Township – Michael Oury, Adam Kolb, Joseph Cooper, Jehial Chalker, Andrew Duemler, Samuel Wertz, George W. Jones, Nicholas C. Welbes.

Manistee City, First Ward – Allen McKey, Levi Solomon, Edward Howard, Robert Jillson, William J. Cole, J. R. Lee,. Michael Burns, George Poskitt.

Manistee City, Second Ward – Willis Van Buren, William Nungesser, R. T. Mead, George A. Hart, H. C. Talman, Thomas Steadman, C. H. Hodskin, Amos Sedgwick, E. G. Curtis, S. W. Fowler, N. W. Nelson, S. Babcock, R. G. Peters, E. R. Welsh, C. D. Gardner, James Henderson, William H. Herbert, J. J. Wallace, Jacob Shetim, William E. Coates, Joseph Fields, Joseph Carltin, Henry Wiswell, Perley L. Fiske, John Wood, George Fowler, H. B. Lewis, Martin Fleming, Daniel Dake, S. Bedford, C. D. Grannis, John Baxter. E. W. Muenscher, Cyrus Baker, Henry Belding, Mark Cox, William H. Derbey.

Manistee City, Third Ward – Daniel Hornkohl, August Pfeiffer, Bearley Fisk, William T. Braine. Gottlieb Kaufman. Daniel McCormick, K. Hansen, John D. Kingsley, Peter Smith, John W. Robinson, W. F. Lott, A. H. Dunlap, John James.

Manistee City, Fourth Ward – A. H. Sedgewig, Joachim Maw.

Manistee City, Fifth Ward – George B. Owens, Franklin M. Derby, E. W. Hall, Charles W. Robinson, Henry Hall, James McLary, William J. Leitch, Bernhard Wergin, David Hofer, George Allen, Frank Conrow, John B. Malted, A. S. Bass, J. C. Reynolds, William Windle, William Wieder, John Donaldson, Henry Chambers, Philander McKey, Charles Hoffman, Win. Kealey, James H. Hunt, David Shira, William Gallagher, W. S. Wanamaker, E. Engall, W. H. McKey, Robert Allen, [J. F. Albro, Timothy Kelly, Charles Rish].

Manistee City, Sixth Ward – Robert Bolston, Fred Tesch, John B. McPherson.

Manistee City, Seventh Ward – Timothy Keely, Charles Risch, John Duncan, Herman Winkler, Julius Nims, John L. Stagg, Wesley A. Smith, Isaac Johnson, John Elliott, Alonzo Waite.

MLA Source Citation:

State of Michigan. Census of the state of Michigan, 1894, Volume III. Lansing: R. Smith & Co., state printers. 1896. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 17 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/michigan/1894-michigan-state-census-manistee-county.htm - Last updated on May 14th, 2013

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