T Surnames – Walpole Massachusetts Birth Records to 1850

     Cornelius Jeffery, s. James and Catharine, May 19, 1845.
     James Charles, s. James and Catharine, Apr.3, 1843.
     John Edward, s. James and Catharine, Jan. 5, 1842.
     May E., d. James and C., Jan. 31, 1847.

THOMPSON (see Thomson),
     Charles Edmond, ch. Elijah Jr. and Roxany, June 12, 1816.
     Elijah, s. Samuel and Mary, Feb. 8, 1762.
     Elijah, s. Elijah and Kezia, Mar. 25, 1790.
     Elijah Warren, s. Elijah Jr. and Roxa, Dec. 17, 1814.
     Irene, d. Elijah and Kezia, Sept. 29, 1796.
     John, s. Samuel and Mary, Sept. 29, 1754.
     John, s. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 19, 1759.
     Lemuel, s. Sam[ue]ll and Mary, Aug. 28, 1757.
     Lemuel, s. Elijah and Kezia, May 15, 1792.
     Luther, s. Samuel and Mary, Sept. _____, 1766.
     Lydia, d. Samuel and Mary, Aug. _____, 1769.
     Mary, d. Elijah and Keziah, May 26, 1802.
     Mary Irene, ch. Elijah Jr. and Roxany, May 9, 1820.
     Olive, d. Samuel Jr. and Olive, Aug. 7, 1778.
     Salla, d. Elijah and Kezia, June 3, 1788.
     Sarah, d. Samuel and Mary, A[u]g. 3, 1752.
     Sarah, d. Samuel and Mary, Jan. 11, 1763.
     Sarah, d. Samuel and Mary, Jan. 8, 1764.
     Sarah Maria, ch. Elijah Jr. and Roxany, Jan. 22, 1818.

THOMSON (see Thompson),
     Polly, d. Samuel (Thompson) and Olive, Dec. 27, 1779.

     Samuel, s. Eliphelet and Hannah, Oct. 25, 1764.

THURSTON (see Thustorn).

     Mehitabel, d. Thomas (Thurston) and Mary, May 1, 1754.

     Maria Elizabeth, d. Lewis (born Foxboro) and Emily (born Wrentham), Oct. 11, 1849.

     Charlotte Jane, d. Jasioh and Charlotte, Mar. 9, 1830.
     Josiah Augustus, s. Josiah and Charlotte, Sept 25, 1835.
     Martha Ann, d. Josiah and Charlotte, Dec. 29, 1832.
     [torn] Francis, s. Josiah and [Charlotte], Jan. 30, 1840.

     Abby Ellis, d. Oileus A. and Louisa H., Apr. 1, 1840.
     Caroline Harding, d. Oileus A. and Louisa H., July 14, 1838.
     Emily Ann, d. Peter C. and Sally, July 12, 1813.
     Henry William, s. Oileus A. and Louisa H., Mar. 9, 1837.
     Herbert Eugene, s. Olius A. and Louisa, Ap[r]. 22, 1846.
     Hieronymus Periander, s. Olius A. and Louisa, Feb. 10, 1845.
     James Wadsworth, s. Peter and Sally, July 20, 1826.
     Mary Hunting, d. Peter and Sally, Nov. 23, 1822.
     Penelope, d. Oileus A. and Louisa H., Nov. 24, 1842.
     Percy Ellis, s. James P. and M. R., Nov. 23, 1846.
     Sally S., d. Peter and Sally, Dec. 22, 1821.
     Sibble Clark, d. Peter Clark and Sally, Apr. 27, 1812.
     Theda French, d. Peter and Salley, Apr. 9, 1818.
     [torn] ch. [torn] P. and Mary, [torn] 1839.
     [torn] ch. [torn] P. and Mary, [torn]mber 25, 1841.

     Chloe, d. Joseph and Abigail, Apr. 6, 1777.
     Joseph, s. Joseph and Abigail, Oct. 18, 1779.
     Keziah, d. Joseph and Abigail, Feb. 25, 1769.
     Nabby, d. Joseph and Abigail, Feb. 13, 1775.
     Wealthey, d. Joseph and Abigail, June 6, 1770.
     [torn]emima, d. Joseph and Abigial, Oct. 21, 1772.

     Abner, s. Ebenezer and Esther, May 12, 1730.
     Abner, s. Abner and Abigail, June 1, 1765.
     Adam, s. Edward and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1763.
     Calven, s. Joseph and Sarah, Nov. 25, 1765.
     Charlotte, d. Nathan and Lucy, Jan. 13, 1799.
     Chloe, d. Abner and Abigail, Apr. 27, 1773.
     Daniel, s. Nathan and Lucy, Apr. 11, 1794.
     Daniel 2d, s. Nathan H. and Mary M., Mar. 2, 1842.
     Ebenezer, s. Abner and Abigail, May 26, 1761.
     Edward, s. Ebenezer and Esther, Dec. 17, 1728.
     Edward, s. Joseph and Sarah, Nov. 2, 1744.
     Elias, s. Abner and w., Aug. 9, 1770.
     Elisha, s. Ebenezer and Ester, July 19, 1732.
     Elisha, s. Ebenezer and Esther, Feb-.7, 1733-4.
     Jesse, s. Abner and Abigal, June 27, 1768.
     John, s. Nathan and Luce, Mar. 1, 1785.
     Joseph, s. Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 27, 1743.
     Joseph Franklin, s. Samuel and Ann L., Sept. 20, 1842.
     Julia Ann, ch. Daniel and Julia, July 19, 1828.
     Keturah, d. Ebenezer and Esther, May 9, 1735.
     Lucy, d. Nathan and Lucy, June 15, 1786.
     Lucy, ch. Daniel and Julia, Dec. 9, 1823.
     Luther, s. Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 16, 1764.
     Mary Jane, d. Nathan H. and Mary, Sept. 22, 1847.
     Meriah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 31, 1758.
     Nathan Hartshorn, s. Daniel and Julia, Mar. 26, 1818.
     Olive, d. Elisha and Esther, Aug. 30, 1759.
     Patty, d. Nathan and Lucy, May 23, 1789.
     Ruben, s. Joseph and Sarah, Oct. 21, 1756.
     Samuel Eals, s. Samuel and Ann L., Apr. 18, 1836.
     Sarah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 20, 1754.
     Sarah, d. Abner and Abigail, Mar. 31, 1755.
     Seth, s. Ebenezer and Esther, Oct. 22, 1738.
     Silis, s. Elisha and Hannah, Feb. 15, 1765.
     Simeon, s. Elisha and Hannah, Nov. 18, 1768.
     Susanah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1746.
     Thaddues, s. Elisha and Hannah, Aug. 24, 1766.
     Warren Clap, s. Samuel and Ann L., Nov. 14, 1837.
     Zilpha, d. Abner and Abigail, Feb. 4, 1763.
     Zulah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Mar. 25, 1761.
     [torn]b, s. Joseph and Sarah, Nov. [torn], 1748.
     Itorn]rah, d. Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 13, 1752.
     [torn] s. Joseph and Sarah, [torn] 17[torn].

     David, s. John and Annis, Sept. 10, 1771.
     Elinor, d. John and Agnes, Dec. 8, 1767.
     Elisabeth, d. John and Annis, Aug. 26, 1769.

MLA Source Citation:

Town of Walpole, Mass. Vital records of Walpole, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society at the charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. 1902. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 30 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/massachusetts/t-surnames-walpole-massachusetts-birth-records-to-1850.htm - Last updated on Sep 1st, 2012

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