Sea Captains Standley, William to Swett, Woodbury

Standley, William
Born Jan. 17, 1782.

1807 Schooner “Yarico,” 74T.
1809 Schooner “Hannah,” 74T.
1810 Schooner “Sally,” 74T. (Condemned in 1812, G. C.)

United States Consulate, Bordeaux, Oct. 30, 1808.

This may certify to all whom it may concern, that Robert Swan and James Laskey of Marblehead, belonging to the Schooner ‘Yarico, Capt. Standley of that place deserted the said schooner in this port, shipped themselves on board of a French privateer at Bayonne and assisted to capture the Schooner “Betsy,” Capt. Hooper of Marblehead.
Given at the request of Capt. Standley.
William Lee, Counsul.
(Salem Gazette Jan, 6, 1809). (Question: which Capt. Hooper?)

Stevens, Francis
Born July 12, 1772.

Schooner “John George,” 87T.

Stevens, Christopher

1802 Schooner “Raven.”

Stevens, John
Born Nov. 7, 1747.

1775 Private in Glover’s Twenty -first Regiment, Capt. Wm. Bacon.
1778 Seaman Brigantine “Massachusetts,” Capt. Nathan Brown.
1779 Seaman Brigantine “Tyrannicide,” Capt. Allen Hallett. Captain of Privateer Sloop “Satisfaction.”

Seaman prisoner in Fortin Prison, England. 1790 Schooner “Abigail,” 73T.

Stevens, Thomas
Born April 5, 1741.

1776 First Lieutenant Privateer Sloop “Retaliation,” commission Sept. 4.
1777 Commander Privateer Brig “Velona,” commission April 29.
1778 Commander Sloop “Bowdoin,” commission July 2.
1796 Schooner “Jeremiah,” 68T.
1797 Schooner “Molly,” 74T.

Stevenson, John
Bpt. July 16, 1786.

1810 Schooner “Sally,” 58T. 1819 Schooner “Lewis,” 74T.

Stevenson, David

1776 Private in Glover’s Twenty-first Regiment, Capt. William Blackler.
1777 Master Privateer Schooner “Warren,” Capt. Nicholas Ogilvie.
1778 First Lieutenant Privateer Schooner “Bellona.”
1780 First Lieutenant Privateer Ship “Thorn,” Capt. Richard Cowell.
1781 Commander Privateer Brigantine “Siren.” 1792 Schooner “Industry,” 86T.
1794 Schooner “Ann.”
1798 Brigantine “Union,” 110T.
1803 Brigantine “Harmony,” 147T.

Story, Abiel R.

1809 Schooner “Robert,” 87T.

Story, John R.

1809 Schooner “Hannah,” 66T.
1809 Schooner “Polly,” 63T.
1823 Brig “Elizabeth,” 171T. Sold in Montevideo in 1824.

Story, William
Born Aug. 24, 1776.

1804 Ship “Friendship,” 366T. (See Richard Meek.)
1806 Ship “Marquis DeSomeruelas,” 359T.
1809-1813 Representative to General Court.
18 11- 1812 Selectman.
____ Schooner “Sally,” 164T.
____ Ship “Marquis.”
1822 Brig “Cygnet,” 215T.
1823 Brig “Franklin,” 25 IT.
Brig “Susan and Sarah,” 129T.

Sept. 18, 1806, Ship “Marquis De Someruelas,” Capt. Wm. Story had a narrow escape from being surprised by natives of the coast of Sumatra. Fourteen men in two proas were allowed to come on deck, while the mate and most of the crew were storing the cargo below, only four being left on deck. Mr. Bromfield the clerk was creesed and killed and Capt. Story while coming up the companionway was attacked with boarding pikes. The crew rallying, the natives retired. (Felts Annals, Vol. 2, P. 361.)

Stiness, Samuel

1800 Schooner “Betsy,” 7lT.
1803 Schooner “Alpha.”
1805 Brig “Dido,” 128T.
1809 Schooner “Dash,” 77T.
Schooner “Dash,” Stiness of Marblehead, was captured by a French privateer on the coast, and released by the Bey on account of their proximity to the land. (Salem Gazette, Sept. 22, 1809.)

View of Marblehead Neck in 1797.
This picture is taken from a wooden fireboard, five feet long and three feet wide, on which was painted a picture of Marblehead Neck in 1797 by Captain Samuel Stiness, grandfather of Mr. S. G. Stiness of Pawtucket, R. I., who has the original in his possession. Captain Samuel Stiness and his uncle, Captain Phillip Bessom, left the E. Q.’s on the same day; and when Captain Stiness dropped anchor in Marblehead harbor, as shown in the picture, Captain Bessom’s ship was sighted in the distance. A storm came up, and Captain Bessom was driven out to sea, and did not make the harbor again in thirty days. Mr. S. G. Stiness’ father was Philip Bessom Stiness, and was born in Marblehead in 1802.

Swan, John Picket
Born Aug. 12, 1759.

1777 Seaman Privateer Brig “Fancy,” captured and committed to Old Mill Prison, England.
1780 Seaman Ship “Thorn,” Capt. Richard Co well.
1796 Brigantine “Hannah,” 136T.
1803 Schooner “Hope,” 66T. (Lost G. C.)

Died in Marblehead, Capt. John Swan, 51 years, by an accident in firing a cannon. (Salem Gazette, Jan. ’20, 1809.)

Swan, Joseph Lemmon
Born June 17, 1750.

1794 Schooner “Joanna,” 76T.

Swan, Robert
Born Feb. 25, 1753.

1775 Third Corporal in Glover’s Twenty -first Regiment, Capt. Thos. Grant.
1777 Seaman Brig “Fancy,” captured and committed to Old Mill Prison, England.
____ Seaman “Surprise,” captured and imprisoned in Jamaica 4 months.
1805 Schooner “Catherine,” 69T.

Swasey, Joseph

1775 Capt. Lieutenant in Col. Richard Gridley’s Artillery Regiment, Capt. Samuel R. Trevett, at Battle of Bunker Hill.
1797 Schooner “Industry.”

Swasey, William

No Information listed

Swett, Benjamin

Born Feb. 18, 1776.

1800 Schooner “Powderpoint,” 82T.
1804 Schooner “Lively.”

Swett, Joseph

Born May 10, 1795.

Swett, Samuel
Born July 22, 1758.

1792 Schooner “Ann,” 80T.
1796 Schooner “Exchange,” 60T.

Swett, Stephen
Barn Dec. 4, 1763,

1790 Schooner “Ann,” 80T.
1793 Brigantine “Ceres,” IGST.
1796 Ship “Eagle,” 218T.

Swett, Woodbury
Born Jan, 1, 1797.

Brig “Polly.” (C.P.)


Source: Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed, Compiled and Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915

MLA Source Citation:

Lindsey, Benjamin J. Old Marblehead Sea Captains and the Ships in Which They Sailed Published for the Benefit of the Marblehead Historical Society, By Benjamin J. Lindsey, Treasurer, 1915. Web. 22 December 2014. - Last updated on Jul 8th, 2011

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