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Officers of the Continental Army

Amos Baker (Conn.). Surgeon’s Mate of Bradley’s Connecticut State Regiment, May to December, 1776.

David (N. J.). 1st Lieutenant of Spencer’s Continental Regiment, 1st May, 1777; resigned 6th April, 1778.

David (Mass.). Private in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Sergeant of Heath’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Sergeant 24th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776; 2d Lieutenant, 8th October, 1776; 1st Lieutenant 9th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; resigned 28th December, 1777.

Henry (Md.). 2d Lieutenant 5th Maryland, Ist August, 1781; transferred to 2d Maryland, 1st January, 1783; retained in Maryland Battalion, April, 1783, and served to 15th November, 1783.

Hugh (Pa.). Lieutenant Pennsylvania Militia, ; was a prisoner in 1780.

James (Pa ). 3d Lieutenant 1st Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776. (Name also spelled Barker.) James (Va.). Ensign; killed at Stony Point 1st June, 1779.

Jesse (S. C.). 1st Lieutenant 2d South Carolina, – January, 1777; Captain, 2d October, 1778; was in 3d South Carolina in May, 1780; taken prisoner at Charleston 12th May, 1780.

John (Ga.). Captain Georgia Riflemen, 8th January, 1776; Colonel Georgia Militia; wounded at Bull Swamp 8th November, 1778, and was in service to January, 1783.

John (Mass.). Captain of Little’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Captain 12th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776.

John (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant of Baldwin’s Artillery Artificer Regiment, 18th February, 1778.

John (Mass.). Lieutenant of Colonel W. R. Lee’s Continental Regiment Ist July, 1777; resigned 1st March, 1779.

John, Jr. (Mass.). Sergeant in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Captain in Gerrish’s Massachusetts Regiment, April to December, 1775.

John, Jr. (Mass.). Captain 27th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776.

John (N. C.). Was Surgeon’s Mate in 3d North Carolina in 1777 and 1778.

John (N. C.). 1st Lieutenant 7th North Carolina, 28th November, 1776; Captain, 6th July, 1777; retired Ist June, 1778; Colonel North Carolina Militia; wounded at Bulltown Swamp, 19th November, 1778,

Joseph (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Prescott’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; 2d Lieutenant 7th Continental Infantry, Ist January to 31st December, 1776; 1st Lieutenant 2d Massachusetts, Ist January, 1777; retired 1st April, 1779.

Josiah (Mass.). Lieutenant of Phinney’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775.

Moses (N. H.). Major of Wingate’s Regiment New Hampshire Militia in 1776.

Peter (N. C.). Lieutenant 1st North Carolina, 8th February, 1777, to
Peter (Va.). Sergeant of Grayson’s Continental Regiment, 4th February, 1777; Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster, December, 1777. Died 18th June, 1778.

Remember (Conn.). Captain Connecticut Militia at Ticonderoga in May, 1775; killed by Indians near St. Johns, Canada, in September, 1775. Richard Bahon (S. C.). 1st Lieutenant 2d South Carolina, – January, 1777; Captain, 25th April, 1778; taken prisoner at Charleston 12th May, 1780; exchanged – July, 1781, and served to close of war.

Thomas (Mass.). Captain Lieutenant 3d Continental Artillery, 9th November, 1776; Regimental Quartermaster, 12th April, 1777; omitted November, 1779. (Died 14th November, 1809.)

Wm. (Ga.). 2d Lieutenant Georgia Rifle Company, January to August, 1776.

William (Mass.). Sergeant 13th Massachusetts, 5th March, 1777; Ensign, 7th March, 1779; resigned 4th May, 1780.

William (Va.). 1st Lieutenant of Grayson’s Continental Regiment, 23d January, 1777; resigned 8th June, 1777.

The following Bakers served in the American Revolution from the respective colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of times those names appear on the records examined:

Connecticut: Abel-2, Amos, Andrew-5, Asa-4, Asa, Jr., Bartholomew -2, Beriah, Brister, Bristol-2, David-2, Edward-3, Elijah-3, Eliphalet, Elisha, Enoch-5, Ephraim, Ethan, Heman-2, Herman-2, Jacob, James 2, Jeremiah, Jewett, John-7, Jonas, Joseph-4, Joshua-7, Lemuel, Nathan, Ozi-2, Phineas, Robert-3, Rufus, Samuel-4, Samuel Augustus, Seth-2, Simon, Stephen-4, Thomas, Walter-2, William-6, Windsor

Delaware: George, Hugh, James-2, Peter-2, William. Georgia: Artemus-3, Beal-4, Benjamin, Charles-3, Christopher-3, Comfort, Dempsey-3, Elias-2, Jane, John-9, John Sr., Joshua, Nathaniel-2, Thomas-3, Whitmarsh-2, William-4, William, Sr., William, Jr., William James.

Maryland:: Abram, Boston, Charles-2, Elisha, Francis, George-6, Henry-4, James-2, Joel6, John-11, Joseph, Maurice, Nathan-2, Peter-4, Rowland, Thomas-7, William-4.

Massachusetts: Aaron, Abel-8, Abijah-2, Abner-2, Abraham -2, Absalom-2, Allen, Amos-4, Andrew, Anthony, Asa-4, Barzillai-3, Beney-2, Benjamin-16, Benoni-3, Beriah-4, Bethuel, Binney, Bradford -3, Caleb, Christopher, Cornelius-3, Cyprion, Daniel-9, David-8, Ebenezer-7, Edmond, Edward-2, Eldridge, Eleazer-8, Eli, Elijah-12, Eliphalet, Elisha-9, Ellis, Enoch-2, Esquire, Ezekiel-2, Ezra-2, Francis, George-8, Heman-3, Henry, Hezekiah, Hollister, Ichabod, Ira, Isaac-3, Ishmael, Israel-2, Jabez-2, Jacob-5, James-23, Jedediah-3, Jeremiah-6, John-46, Jonadab-2, Jonathan-5, Joseph-30, Joshua, Josiah-2, Jotham, Judah-3, Lemuel-3, Levi, Lewis-2, Luke, Lyman-4, Micah, Michael-2, Moses-6, Nathan-9, Nathaniel-7, Newell, Nichols, Nicholas, Noah-2, Oliver-2, Pardon, Paul-2, Peter-5, Philemon -2, Robert-4, Rufus, Sam, Samuel-32, Sargent, Seth-9, Sherebiah, Shubael, Jr., Silas-6, Sim, Simeon-11, Snow, Solomon-7, Squire, Stephen -11, Sylvanus-4, Thaddeus, Theodore, Theophilus-2, Thomas-21, Timothy-17, Titus, William-22, Windsor, Zack, Zachariah, Zebediah, Zebulon, Zephaniah, Ziba.

New Hampshire: Amos-4, Benjamin-7, Cato2, Charles-3, Colonel, Ebenezer, Ephraim-4, Joel-4, John-2, Joseph, Moses-8, Nathaniel-5, Nicholas, Osman, Otis-12, Samuel-7, Thomas-8, William-2. New Jersey: Cornelius, Daniel-2, David, Elias, Ezekiel, Frederick, George, Isaac, John-2, Jonathan-2, Joseph, Maline-2, Philip, Samuel, Thomas-2, Timothy, William-4.

New York: Adam, Albert, Albert, Jr., Andrew-3, Anthony, Barrant, Bartholimu, Bartholomew -4, Ben. Ens, Benjamin-3, Christopher, Coenradt, Conrad-2, Daniel-4, David-3, Ebenasar, Edey, Edmund, Eleazer, Elijah, Elisha-2, Elleton, Elnathan-2, Francis, Garrit, Gilbert, Hendrick, Henry-3, Ichabod-2, James-2, Jesse-2, Joel Jessy, Johannis, John-10, John, Jr., Jonathan 2, Joseph-6, Joshua-4, Josiah, Judah-4, Lemuel, Lionel S., Lionel S. Jr., Martines, Moris, Pars, Pearce, Peleg, Peter-3, Phineas-2, Pierce, Richard-4, Ruben, Samuel-4, Solomon, Stephen, Storm, Thomas-4, Timothy, William-10, Wilm.

North Carolina: Benjamin, Dempsey, Enos, Isaac, James, John-3, Josh-2, Norris, William-3.

Pennsylvania: Aaron -8, Andrew, Arnold-3, Aron-2, Bartholomew, Benjamin-4, Christian12, Conrad-3, David-5, Earnest, Edward-3, Felty, Fedrick, Francis, Frederick-8, George-9, Godfrey, Henry-19, Hugh, Isaac-2, Jacob-12, James-12, Jeremiah-2, John-49, Jonan, Jonathan, Joseph-8, Mathias4, Michael-4, Nathan-3, Nehemiah-6, Nicholas, Peter-23, Philip-19, Richard-5, Ritchard, Robert-3, Samuel-14, Thomas-9, Valent, Valentine -3, Valentin, William-18.

Rhode Island: Abraham-8, Burton-6, Caleb, Daniel-2, Elisha-4, George-10, James C., Jeremiah-6, John-3, Joseph -14, Oliver, Stephen, William-3. Vermont: Absalom, Asa, Daniel-6, Ebenezer, George, Herrington, Ichabod-2, Isaac, John, Joseph-2, Ozi-4, Peleg, Peter-2, Remember, Reuben-12, Rufus-2, Samuel-2, Solomon, Thomas-2, Timothy, Zebulon. Virginia: Athony, Benjamin, Caleb, Christopher, Daniel, David, Evan, Fennel, George, Glover-2, Jacob, James-3, Jerman, John-2, Joshua, Martin, Melker, Michael, Moses, Nicholas, Ob., Overton, Philip, Richard-2, Roland, Rowland, Thomas-2, Valentine, William. Total, 1371.

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