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Native American History of Wilcox County, Georgia

Wilcox County is located in south-central Georgia. It is named after Major General Mark Willcox (1799 – 1852) – a general in the Georgia Militia, legislator and Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. The second “l” was dropped from General Willcox’s name when it was applied to Wilcox County. Its county seat is Abbeville. In 1818, Willcox was badly wounded in the head during the Battle of Breakfast Branch, which occurred in the future Wilcox County near the west bank of the Ocmulgee River. He was a Major General of the Georgia Militia during the Creek and Seminole Wars of 1836. His troops saw considerable combat in both southwestern Georgia and northern Florida. At that time, Creeks in Georgia who were members of the Muskogee-Creek Confederacy were called Creek Indians, while those Creeks who were not members of the confederacy were called Seminoles. Most of the autonomous Creek towns in Georgia were either Itsate-speaking groups (Hitchiti) or else were actually Yuchi’s. Few were closely connected with the Seminole alliance in Florida. The 1818 Creek War is discussed in the section on dispersed farmsteads. Much of Wilcox County’s eastern boundary is defined by the Ocmulgee River. The county is bordered on the north by Pulaski County. Both Dodge County and Telfair Counties form portions of its eastern boundary. Ben Hill County is located to the south of Wilcox. Turner County forms its southwestern boundary, while Crisp County forms it western boundary. Dooly County is located to the northwest of Wilcox. Geology and hydrology Wilcox County is located in the Atlantic Coastal Plain geological region. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is characterized...

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