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Waterloo Township Town Officers 1827-1868

Township Trustees since 1827. 1827 William Lowry, Elias Gabriel, Silas Benjamin. 1828-30 William Lowry, Abram Gabriel, Hezekiah Robinett. 1831-34 William Lowry, Daniel Lowry, Jeremiah Thompson. 1835 William Lowry, William Handberry, Samuel Lowry. 1836 John Mintun, William Handberry, George Hewitt. 1837 John Mintun, William Handberry, William Lowry. 1838-39 Hugh Laughlin, William Mills, Elias Gabriel. 1840 William Handberry, William Herron, Elias Gabriel. 1841-42 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1843 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Simon Elliott. 1844 William Handberry, Elias Gabriel, Daniel McCoy. 1845 John Mintun, Simon Elliott, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1846 John Mintun, William Lowry, Pardon C. Hewitt. 1847 John Mintun, Hugh Boden, Robert McNeal. 1848 John Mintun, Hugh Boden, John Means. 1849 Andrew Herron, Robert McNeal, John Means. 1850 Hugh Boden, Robert H. Cotton, John Means. 1851 Hugh Boden, Robert H. Cotton, Robert Spear. 1852 Hugh Boden, Robert H. Cotton, Joseph McNeal. 1853 Hugh Boden, John Means, Joseph McNeal. 1854 John Mintun, Samuel Spencer, P. B. Wilson. 1855 William Lowry, Robert Spear, P. B. Wilson. 1856 William Lowry, Charles Burr, Jonathan Mintun. 1857-58 William Lowry, Charles Burr, P. B. Wilson. 1859-60 Robert H. Cotton, William Swaim, Samuel Cagg. 1861-62 Moses Gabriel, William Swaim, Samuel Cagg. 1863 Moses Gabriel, William Swaim, Peter Beckter. 1864 James Boden, William Swaim, Richard Dowler. 1865 James Bell, James Mayhugh, Moses Kennard. 1866 James Bell, Daniel McCoy, Joseph McNeal. 1867 T. J. Allison, Abraham Martin, Joseph McNeal. 1868 Samuel Cagg, E. H. Phillips, Richard Jams. Township Clerks and Treasurers. Clerks. Treasurers. 1826-27 Andrew Glass. Horace Martin. 1828 Elias Gabriel. Lemuel Robinett. 1829 Elias Gabriel. Isaac Pearce. 1830 William Young. Alexander Young. 1830 Samuel Lowry....

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