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Slave Narrative of Marshal Butler

Interviewer: Joseph E. Jaffee Person Interviewed: Marshal Butler Location: Georgia Age: 88 Date of Birth: December 25 Slavery Days And After I’se Marshal Butler, [HW: 88] years old and was born on December 25. I knows it was Christmas Day for I was a gift to my folks. Anyhow, I’se the only niggah that knows exactly how old he be. I disremembers the year but you white folks can figure et out. My mammy was Harriet Butler and my pappy was John Butler and we all was raised in Washington-Wilkes. Mammy was a Frank Collar niggah and her man was of the tribe of Ben Butler, some miles down de road. Et was one of dem trial marriages—they’se tried so hard to see each other but old Ben Butler says two passes a week war enuff to see my mammy on de Collar plantation. When de war was completed pappy came home to us. We wuz a family of ten—four females called Sally, Liza, Ellen and Lottie and six strong bucks called Charlie, Elisha, Marshal, Jack, Heywood and little Johnnie, [TR: ‘cuz he war’ marked out] de baby. De Collar plantation wuz big and I don’t know de size of it. Et must have been big for dere war [HW: 250] niggahs aching to go to work—I guess they mus’ have been aching after de work wuz done. Marse Frank bossed the place hisself—dere war no overseers. We raised cotton, corn, wheat and everything we un’s et. Dere war no market to bring de goods to. Marse Frank wuz like a foodal lord of back history as my good...

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