Roll Of Capt. Charles Devol’s Company (Cavalry)

(Probably from Washington County) Served from October 20, to December 18, 1812. Capt. Charles Devol Lieut. Isaiah Scott Lieut. Washington Olney Sergt. James White Sergt. William White Corp. John Clark Corp. Pardon Cook Corp. Samuel Reid Privates Brown, Solomon Browning, Thomas Finch, Maurice Olney, Gilbert Pixley, Argelus Quigley, John Shuttleworth, Joseph Tacker, Joshua Whittle, Samuel

Roll Of Capt. James Flagg’s Company

(Probably from Washington County). Served from October 20, 1812, until January 11, 1813. Capt. James Flagg Lieut. Benedie Hutchinson Ensign, Nathaniel Olney Sergt. Lary Ford Sergt. John Greenman Sergt. David Trobridge Sergt. Peletiah White Corp. Jacob Lane Corp. Charles Thomas Corp. Joseph Witten Corp. John G. Askell. Privates Abbott, George Adams, James Alpha, Daniel Anderson,

Roll Of Lieut. John Devault Or Devall’s Company

(Probably from Washington County). Served from January 31, until April 10, 1815. Lieut. John Devault or Devall Sergt. Isaac House Sergt. Thomas Devault Sergt. Levi Bevington Corp. Gilbert Harley Corp. Morris Baker Corp. James Plymell Privates Aye, Henry Callender, John Chad, George Chaver, Joseph Doty, Ephraim Doty, Witham Dunkle, Jacob Dyer, William George, Ephraim Harrison,

Roll Of Capt. John Sharp’s Company

(Probably from Washington County) Served from May 23, 1812, until—–. Capt. John Sharp Lieut. William Sawyer Ensign, Jacob Trobridge Sergt John H. Simons Sergt. Thomas Green Sergt. Chester Wilson Serg. Otis Reekard Corp. Joseph Knox Corp. William S. Crain Corp. David Miskgimens Corp. James Elwell Musician, Christian B. Smith Privates Anderson, William Badgly, Benjamin Bancroft.

Roll Of Capt John Thornley’s Company

(Probably from Washington County) Served from January 6, until March 6, 1814. Capt. John Thornisy Or Thorniley Lieut. David Merchant or Meredith Sergt. St. Clear Kelley Ensign, Ellsha Chapman Sergt. Daniel McClain Sergt. Lemanuel Cooper Sergt. Thomas Ady Corp. William Smith Corp. William Henkins Corp. Solomon Tise Drummer, William Magee Fifer, David Cox Corp. David

Biography of Francis H. Cook

FRANCIS H. COOK, – Mr. Cook was born in Marietta, Ohio, in 1851. He went with his parents to Iowa at the age of twelve. His father was a farmer, and have his attention to agriculture and to sawmilling; but it was decided to make a printer of the boy. He was accordingly apprenticed to

Biography of Justus Otho Hall

Justus Otho Hall is superintendent of schools at Hutchinson. By his work and influence there and elsewhere he is one of the leading educators of Kansas today. Mr. Hall had been active in school work almost twenty years. Born near Warner, Ohio, February 27, 1870, he came with his parents to Kansas at the age

Biography of Robert H. Childs

Robert H. Childs, now superintendent of the Petroleum Products Company plant in Independence, is one of the veteran oil men of America. His father was a pioneer in the oil fields of Western Pennsylvania, and Mr. Childs himself grew up in that environment, and took to the work as naturally as a New England youth

Biography of Hon. A. G. Hovey

HON. A.G. HOVEY. – The reputation of Mr. Hovey, the present mayor of Eugene, Oregon, is co-extensive with the limits of the state, in the affairs of which he has ever taken an active part. His aggressive pushing disposition indicate the stern qualities of courage and self-reliance which lie at the basis of his character,

Biographical Sketch of Osgood McFarland

Osgood McFarland, a son of Major Moses McFarland, of the revolutionary war, a Scotch-Irish immigrant, together with his wife, Mary Bartlett, came to town from Haverhill, Mass., in 1809. A few years afterwards he removed to Marietta, Ohio. He remained there seven years, when, on account of his health, he returned to Vermont, driving his

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