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Wells, John – Obituary

LaGrande has had a full share of accidents during the year past. The last is the accident by which one of our oldest and most prominent citizens, Mr. John Wells met his death. For twenty years Mr. Wells has been hauling wood from his mountain ranch into town and had never met with an accident. Last Friday morning he went to the mountains as usual for a load of wood taking with him a China man whom he had employed. The road was frozen so that although the wagon was rough locked, in coming down the mountain there was danger of its sliding off the grade. He had a new horse, for which he had recently traded and which, not being accustomed to mountain work, became excited and in some manner stepped into the stretchers of the leaders, thus becoming so entangled as to render it impossible for Mr. Wells to control the team. He jumped from the wagon to the upper side of the grade, but the ground being frozen and slippery and having nothing to hold to, he sliped back and fell between the wheels and the hind wheels of the wagon passed over his body about the waist, breaking his back and rendering him unconscious and insensible to pain almost immediately. He died about an hour after the accident. Mr. Wells was a native of Ohio, and was at the time of his death, about 68 years old. He came to this coast with his family in 1857, and settled at Portland. Subsequently he removed to Vancouver, and in 1861 came with his family to La...

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