Coweta Tribe

The Coweta were the second great Muskogee tribe among the Lower Creeks, and they headed the war side as Kasihta headed the peace side. Their honorary title in the confederacy was Kawita ma’ma’yi, “tall Coweta.” Although as a definitely identified tribe they appear later in history and in the migration legends which have been preserved

Muskogee Indians

Muskogee. Meaning unknown, but perhaps originally from Shawnee and having reference to swampy ground. To this tribe the name Creeks was ordinarily applied. Also called: Ani’-Gu’sa, by the Cherokee, meaning “Coosa people,” after an ancient and famous town on Coosa River. Ku-รป’sha, by the Wyandot. Ochesee, by the Hitchiti. Sko’-ki han-ya, by the Biloxi. Muskogee

Early Troup County, Georgia Land Records

The following records of early Troup County Georgia Land records was extracted from the History of Troup County, Atlanta, Ga.: Printed by Foote & Davies Co., 1935, pp 11-26. The lot numbers followed by an asterisk (*) are fractional lots of less acreage than those unmarked; those followed by a plus (+) are not wholly

Captain Robert H. Sledge’s Company

A Partial Roster Of Captain Robert H. Sledge’s Company Of J. C. Alford Battalion Of Cavalry In The Creek Indian War Of 1836 from Troup County, Georgia. JULIUS C. ALFORD, Colonel of the Battalion WILLIAM M. MARTUS, Lieutenant Colonel HUGH J. LESTER, Ensign of Battalion ROBERT H. SLEDGE, Captain WALKER DUNSON, First Lieutenant JOHN B.

Troup County Georgia Civil War Soldiers

A Surnames Adams, Augustus. B-60 Ga.; wounded Winchester. Adams, Dock. B-60 Ga. Adams, James. B-60 Ga. Adams, Joseph. B-60 Ga.; from Heard County. Ainsworth, David H. F-21 Ga.; March 1, 1863; wounded Second Manassas. Akers, Franklin C. B-4 Ga.; April 26, 1861; discharged July 21, 1864. Akers, Reuben A. F-21 Ga.; July 9, 1861; wounded

Troup County Georgia in the Spanish American War

Spanish American War. The last straw in the friction between Spain and the United States was the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. After the court of inquiry had determined that the explosion was due to a mine in the harbor, the United States Congress demanded the withdrawal of the

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