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1861 Directory of Todd’s Valley California

1861 Directory of Todd’s Valley California Allison J. G. tinsmith Anderson L. miner Arthur James, Jr. miner Arthur James, miner Bachelder Charles, miner Baker Arnold, miner Baker C. O. miner Baker P. Z. miner Ball W. H. miner Barnes A. miner Barnes W. miner Benedict N. merchant Bennett Joshua, lumberman Bennett William, lumberman Benninger Lewis, miner Bigelow V. G. miner Bishop A. J. miner Blackburn Joseph, miner Blanchard T. miner Blank William H. carpenter Bouty William Bowers Z. miner Bowley William, lumberman Boyles John M. miner Bradley G. N. miner Bradley John, butcher Bradley T. J. butcher Bradley William J. lumberman Brady M. miner Brown A. D. carpenter Brown Dr. William, miner Brown J. B. (colored) barber Brown L. W. miner Brown Pat, miner Bryan H. S. miner Buckner John, miner Bullock J. W. miner Bunn H. W. Ditch Superintendent Burnell E. S. lumberman Burnham L. blacksmith Burrell T. J. miner Burtley John, trader Cadman Thos. miner Carlson John, miner Carmicle A. miner Carmicle J. S. miner Casey Edward, miner Casey Thomas, miner Cawsa John, miner Colquett Henry, miner Conner John, miner Constable Chas. miner Crane C. A. miner Crary Joseph, miner Crassman J. S. sawmill proprietor Crawell Thomas, miner Dickerson ______, ranchman Dodds Thomas, saloon-keeper Donley M. livery stable proprietor Donley Patrick, miner Dorr C. miner Dorr Henry, miner Downs George, hotel keeper Decker George W. shoemaker Eddy John, miner Elser John, stableman Fitz Gerald E. dairyman Fitz Simmons H. lawyer Flinn Patrick, miner Fox James, miner Frasier S. miler French John, miner Hackett C. miner Hall H. R. miner Hall R. B. miner Halleek W. G. ranchman...

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