Biography of Joel Tyler Headley

Historian and journalist, was born Dec. 30, 1813, at Walton, Delaware County, N. Y. He died at Newburgh, N. Y., in 1897. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister settled at Walton. Early in life he determined to follow the ministry as a life work, and after graduating at Union College in 1839, he

Stockbridge Massachusetts Marriages to 1850 – Unidentified

–, Abbie A. and George Arnold, Mar. 18, 1841.* P.R.3. –, Esther and Heman D. French, Dec. 25, 1844.* P.R.3. –, Marinda and William P. Comstock, Mar. 28, 1845.* P.R.3. –, Susan and Thomas French, Oct. 10, 1844.* P.R.3.

Stockbridge Massachusetts Births to 1850 – J Surnames

JAQUINS, Abigail, Dec. 15, 1761. P.R.5. Adeline (see Eddeline). Agnes Victoria, d. Albert G., cooper (b. Alford), and Agnes V. (b. Alford), Oct. 12, 1849. Alanson, Feb. 26, 1797. P.R.5. Albert G., Apr. 27, 1806. P.R.5. Albert Galleton, [twin] ch. —, Apr. 27, 180[4]. P.R.5. Amy, d. John and Tamson, Jan. 6, 1789. Calvin, s.

Biographical Sketch of Dennis J. Killeen

DENNIS J. KILLEEN – Dentistry has now for a long time been recognized as a scientific profession which requires for its skillful and legitimate practice, prolonged and thorough theoretical studies, which to a very large extent coincide with the medical curriculum, followed by a period of practical training in dental clinics under the eyes of

Mahican Tribe

Mahican Indians (‘wolf’). An Algonquian tribe that occupied both banks of upper Hudson River, in New York, extending north almost to Lake Champlain. To the Dutch they were known as River Indians, while the French grouped them and the closely connected Munsee and Delawares under the name of Loups (‘wolves’). The same tribes were called

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