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Slave Narrative of Nan Stewart

Interviewer: Sarah Probst Person Interviewed: Nan Stewart Location: Ohio Place of Birth: Charleston, West Virginia Date of Birth: February 1850 Age: 87 Sarah Probst, Reporter Audrey Meighen, Author-Editor Jun 9, 1937 Folklore Meigs County, District Three [HW: Middeport] “I’se bawned Charl’stun, West Virginia in February 1850.” “My mammy’s name? Hur name wuz Kath’run Paine an’ she wuz bawned down Jackson County, Virginia. My pappy wuz John James, a coopah an’ he wuz bawned at Rock Creek, West Virginia. He cum’d ovah heah with Lightburn’s Retreat. Dey all crossed de ribah at Buffington Island. Yes, I had two bruthahs and three sistahs. Deir wuz Jim, Thomas, he refugeed from Charl’stun to Pum’roy and it tuk him fo’ months, den de wuz sistah Adah, Carrie an’ Ella. When I rite young I wurked as hous’ maid fo’ numbah quality white folks an’ latah on I wuz nurs’ fo’ de chilluns in sum homes, heah abouts.” “Oh, de slaves quartahs, dey wuz undah de sam’ ruf with Marse Hunt’s big hous’ but in de back. When I’se littl’ I sleeped in a trun’l bed. My mammy wuz mighty ‘ticlar an’ clean, why she made us chilluns wash ouah feets ebry night fo’ we git into de bed.” “When Marse Hunt muved up to Charl’stun, my mammy and pappy liv’ in log cabin.” “My gran’ mammy, duz I ‘member hur? Honey chile, I shure duz. She wuz my pappy’s mammy. She wuz one hun’erd and fo’ yeahs ol’ when she die rite in hur cheer. Dat mawhin’ she eat a big hearty brekfast. One day I ‘member she sezs to Marse Hunt, ‘I...

Thompson, Julia Mrs. – Obituary

Mrs. Julia Thompson passes away Monday. Julia Scarbrough was born in Rock Creek, Raleigh County, West Virginia, May 6, 1858, and passed away at her home in Wallowa on March 2, 1931, at the age of 72 years, 9 months, and 26 days. She was the youngest child of a family of eleven children and the last remaining one. She was married to Perry H. Thompson on May 20, 1879. To this union were born eleven children; E.Z., Joe, Al, John and Willie of Wallowa; Mrs. Belle Trump of Milton, Oregon; Ed and Clownie of Enterprise, Ore.; E.S. of La Grande, and Ike of Imnaha, Ore. One boy, Bee Thompson, died at Denver on April 24, 1919. In April, 1900, Mrs. Thompson came to Oregon with her husband and children and they homesteaded in Promise. Later they moved to the Wallowa valley. While residing on Dry Creek, Mr. Thompson passed away on August 17, 1915. Since that time she lived with her son, John, most of the time in Wallowa. At the early age of 13 she gave her life to Jesus and lived a faithful follower until the time of her death. She was a beloved and faithful member of the Christian Church in Wallowa. While she was not in the best of health the past few years, she was up and around until two weeks before her death. At that time she was taken to the Wallowa hospital where she underwent an operation from which she recovered nicely. But the move home was too great a shock for her and she only lived about fourteen hours after...

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