Ministers of Middle River, Westville and Gairloch

John D. Murray, Middle River; Died 1906. He was settled at Port Hill, P. E. I., in 1865. He held pastorates at Moncton, Buctouche and Red Bank, N. B. He died, aged 72 years, of which he had been 41 years in the ministry. Alexander McBean, Middle River; Deceased. Secretary for the British American and

Clergymen born in Pictou Town

Below are the names of the clergymen born in Pictou Town with place of birth and brief reference to those who are dead, and the present addresses of those who are still living. A few of the ministers mentioned in this chapter were not born in the county, but came into it when quite young,

Ministers Born and Bred in Merigomish, Sutherland’s River District

John Campbell, Merigomish; Deceased. For some years he was pastor of St. Andrew’s Church, Halifax, and for 18 years minister of Buccleuch parish Church, Edinburgh, Scotland, where he died. Isaac S. Simpson, Merigomish; Chicago, Ill. Wm. H. Smith, B.D., Ph.D., Merigomish; Fredericton, N. B. Pastor, St. Paul’s Church. Edwin Smith, M.A., Merigomish; McLeod, Alta. A.

Ministers Born in the McLennan’s Mountain Section

Wm. Fraser, D.D., McLennan’s Brook; Died 1892. Dr. Fraser was born at McLennan’s Brook, May 19, 1808. He received his academic and theological education at Pictou Academy of which Dr. McCulloch was then the head. At the age of twenty-six he was sent as a missionary to Upper Canada, and a year later, was settled

Ministers Born In Stellarton And Riverton

George M. Grant, D.D., LL.D., Stellarton; Died 1902. Chas. M. Grant, D.D., Stellarton; Dundee, Scotland. Retired from the Ministry. John Morton, D.D., Stellarton; Died 1913. Thos. Cumming, D.D. Stellarton; Stellarton, N. S. Retired from the Ministry. Robert Cumming, D.D., Stellarton; Trinidad, B. W. I. James Falconer, Stellarton; Santa Clara, Calif. Peter A. Dunn, B.D., Stellarton;

Ministers Born and brought up in Hopewell District

Rev. A. Maclean, D.D., Hopewell; Eureka, N. S. Retired from the Ministry. Donald Macrae, D.D., Hopewell; Died 1909. Hugh Dunbar, Hopewell; Died 1857. HUGH Ross, Hopewell; Died 1858. Clarence Mackinnon, D.D., Hopewell; Halifax, N. S. Principal, Presbyterian College. Albert G. Mackinnon, M.A., Hopewell; Greenock, Scotland. Author of a series of books for young men: “Spiritually

Ministers Born On East River

Wm. Mcmillan, Churchville; Died 1889. He was educated for the ministry in Scotland, and was for a number of years pastor at Earltown, whence he removed to Saltsprings. He was pastor for 13 years at St. Paul’s Church, East River. He was a diligent minister, and a warm hearted friend. Simon Mcgregor, Churchville; Deceased. He

Ministers Born and Bred in New Glasgow

Peter G. McGregor, D.D., New Glasgow; Died in 1886. Dr. McGregor was the son of Rev. James McGregor, D.D. He studied Theology under Dr. McCulloch. In 1843 he was called to Poplar Grove Church, Halifax, where he was minister for twenty-five years. He was an excellent pastor and preacher. In 1868 he was appointed General

Ministers In The Scotch Hill, Hardwood Hill And Cariboo District

Some of the families belonging to Scotch Hill and Hardwood Hill, attended the Scotsburn Church. Others worshipped in Pictou. Cape John was formerly connected with St. George’s Church, River John. In 1908, Cape John and Cariboo was organized into a separate charge. Rev. G. R. McKean was the only settled minister. Ministers Born In This

Ministers Born And Brought Up In Saltsprings District

Hugh J. Fraser, B.D., Saltsprings; Summerside, P. E. I. Norman T. McKay, Saltsprings; Ready, Ont. J. Frank Mcleod, Saltsprings; Harbor Creek, Pa. Alex. Rettie, M.A., Saltsprings; Millerton, N. B. Daniel McGillivray, Brookland; Deceased. He received his early education in Pictou Academy, and took his theological course in Queen’s University, Kingston. His first charge was Brockville,

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