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Biography of Alanson Hinman

ALANSON HINMAN. – The career of this well-known pioneer, whose portrait appears herein, has been unique and interesting; and in one respect, at least, he occupies at the present time a peculiar place among the early settlers of our country. That is, he is almost the only man yet living, of the earliest pioneers, who still remains in the full vigor of mind and body. There are, indeed, a few yet living whose immigration dates further back than Mr. Hinman’s; but they are almost all now in extreme old age. He, on the other hand, though he has now been here forty-five years, came so young, and is possessed of so robust health, that he is still as active in body and as accurate in memory and judgement as ever. This gives a peculiar value to his historical reminiscences. And when every phase of our development, educational, commercial and political, we can readily see what important contributions it is in his power to give to history. Mr. Hinman was born in New York on the first day of May, 1822. In 1842 his active and enterprising mind caught the great westward movement of the times; and he went to seek his fortune in Iowa. His first work was one to which he subsequently devoted much attention, i.e., teaching. Two yeas having passed in this line of life, the farther and then unknown West, the ultima thule of the adventurous spirits of the border, far-off Oregon, excited his interest; and thither in the spring of 1844 he turned his face. This was the second large immigration, consisting of eight hundred...

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