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Slave Narrative of Hamp Kennedy

Person Interviewed: Hamp Kennedy Location: Mississippi Age: 78 Uncle Hamp Kennedy, a farmer, 78 years old, weighs about 135 pounds, and is about 5 feet 9 inches high. His head is bald with a little gray fuzz over his ears and growing low toward the nape of his neck. He does not wear spectacles nor smoke a pipe. His face is clean shaven. Physically active, he does not use a crutch or cane and his hearing, eyesight, and mind appear alert. The old Negro cannot read or write, but he has a remarkable memory. He seems very happy in his little cabin where he and his wife live alone, and his eyes beam with interest when he remembers and discusses slavery times. “I was jes a little nigger when de War broke out—’bout fo’ years ol’, my white folks say. I had a sister an’ three brudders. My mammy an’ pappy was Mary Kennedy an’ Lon Kennedy. My mammy was Mary Denham befo’ she mar’ied. I was born an’ raised at Mahned, Mississippi. Old Miss Bill Griffin was my missus. “De Yankees sho’ come to our house—yes sir, dey did. De fust time dey kotched our hogs an’ cut off de hind part an’ take hit wid’ em. De front part dey lef’ in de fiel’. Dey carries corn in de saddle bags an’ throwed hit out to de chickens. Den when de chickens come up to eat dey kotched ’em by de head an’ wring hit off an’ take all de chickens wid ’em. “Our white folks buried all dey silver in de groun’ an’ hid dey hosses...

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