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Condition of the Nevada Indians in 1890

The Moapa River reservation has no subagent. It is a small reservation, 1,000 acres, in southeastern Nevada, and is a mere rallying point for wandering Shoshone Indians. It is nominally attached to the Nevada agency. The civilized (self-supporting) Indians of Nevada, counted in the general census, number 3,599 (1,913 males and 1,686 females), and are distributed as follows: Churchill County, 230; Douglas County, 117; Elko County, 301; Esmeralda, County, 406; Eureka County, 194; Humboldt County, 425; Lander County, 382; Lincoln County, 355; Nye County, 414; Ormsby County, 134; Storey County, 100; Washoe County, 303; White Pine County, 238. These Indians have no peculiarities not indicated in the general descriptions following: Agencies and Reservations Tribe Total Males Females Ration Indians Total 1,552 701 758 494    Nevada agency 966 484 482 110    Western Shoshone agency 586 310 276 294 Nevada agency 966 484 482 110    Pyramid Lake reservation Piute (Pah Ute) 485 250 235 75    Walker River reservation Piute (Pah Ute) 181 234 247 35 Western Shoshone agency 586 810 270 294    Duck Valley reservation (a) Piute (Pah Ute) 203 104 99 102 Western Shoshone 383 206 177 192 Tribe, Stock and Location of the Indians in Nevada Tribes Stock Reservation Agency Gosh Ute Shoshonean Duck Valley Western Shoshone Kaibabit Shoshonean Moapa River Komahwivi (Tantawait, Chimehneva) Shoshonean Moapa River Malheur Shoshonean Duck Valley Western Shoshone Pah Ute Shoshonean Duck Valley Western Shoshone Pah Ute (Paviotso) Shoshonean Pyramid Lake and Walker River Pawipit Shoshonean Monpa River Piute Shoshonean Monpa River Shiwit Shoshonean Monpa River Shoshone (Western band) Shoshonean Duck Valley Western Shoshone Nevada Agency The Indians of...

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