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1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California

1861 Directory of Michigan Bluff California Abrams L. miner Adams Samuel, saloon-keeper Addison William, miner Adriano F. miner Albeck Charles, miner Aldrich J. M. miner Alexander Andrew, lumberman Allen ” Old Grizzly,” packer Allen E. miner Amesberry James, miner Amstrong Robert, miner Anderson – miner Andrews B. H. miner Andrews Mathew, miner Appleton Ned, miner Armstrong A. S. miner Armstrong John, stage-driver Arnold A. J. miner Ash James, miner Ashley James, miner Ayres Lorenzo, miner Baathe Joseph, miner Bagley Fred. miner Baker H. R. miner Baker J. H. ranchman Baldwin Charles, miner Baldwin M. miner, Bardwell John, miner Barras Thomas, trader Bartlett E. H. trader Bartlett J. W. butcher Bateo Edward, miner Bathers Joseph, miner Beeman Martin, miner Bell William, miner Beneman James, miner Bennett Joseph, miner Benson Charles, miner Biggs Adam, miner Black C. T. trader Bleaks John, miner Bleaks Samuel, miner Bombay Jacob, miner Booth Ed. miner Booth Elijah, miner Bousley Henry, miner Bowering A. M. miner Bowers Henry, miner Braden John, miner Brady J. W. trader Brasher Stephen, miner Brodie Robert, miner Brooks J. W. miner Brown D. P. miner Brown George, miner Brown Henry, miner Brown Henry, trader Brown James, miner Brown L. G. miner Brown Robert, miner Brownell William, miner Browning John, miner Browning John, miner Bryant James, miner Buck Henry, trader Bullard A. D. trader Bullen C. J. miner Bullen James, miner Bullen William, miner Bullock W. H. lawyer Bum J. miner Bunker Obe, miner Burg L. A. miner Burke Martin, miner Burke Martin, miner Burnes Joseph, miner Burns James, miner Buzzard L. B. miner Byrd J. W. miner Caffyn Stephen, miner Cahill...

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