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Miami Reservation

The Miami reservation lies northwest from the agency, and is embraced within the area of the Peoria reservation. It is mostly prairie, fine agricultural and grass land. The Miamis have good farms, some quite large. They have their lands by allotment. Some of the fencing was done by the whites for grazing purposes. These Indians receive an annuity, which they use for improving their farms and stock; in fact, they are prosperous people, contented and happy. Some indications of coal are found on the north half of this reservation. There are but 67 Indians in this tribe; 50 speak good English, and 43 read it. A few speak Indian in their families and seem loath to give up the language of their forefathers. They have a good appearance, light complexion, and show the mixture of the whites to a great extent. There are none but what have white blood in them. Many of the females are quite pretty, dress well, are neat, good housekeepers, and intelligent and industrious. Their houses are all quite good, a few being log; the most of them, however, are frame, and some few have large and elegant frame houses, with the floors carpeted and furniture in keeping. They have a healthy appearance, but there are few old people among them. It would seem they are now on the increase, as there have been 5 births and 1 death in the last year; but if we take the record for the last 10 years it shows a decrease. They are farmers and stock raisers. A few of the young men have learned trades at the...

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