Biography of Nelson H. George

Nelson H. George is one of the veterans in the service of the Santa Fe Railroad in Kansas. He had been connected with the railroad in different capacities for twenty-five consecutive years, and when he first came to Kansas over thirty years ago he entered the employ of the railway company, though afterwards for some

Shawnee Indians

Shawnee Indian Tribe

Biography of Benjamin Harper

The subject of this sketch needs no introduction to the older generation of Rock Island County, the larger enterprises of which he was intimately associated with throughout the many years of his residence here. Benjamin Harper was born February 12, 1817, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died April 3, 1887, in the City

Roll Of Capt. William Luce’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from August 23, 1812, until February 22, 1813. Capt. William Luce Lieut. John McClary Ensign John Dodds Sergt. Edward Dyer Sergt. Benjamin John Sergt. John Brown Sergt. Robert McElhaney Corp. Robert Elliott Corp. Jeremiah Collins Corp. Abraham Corrall Corp. Peter Rodebaugh Drummer, Samuel Buck Fifer, Peter Musselman Privates Blair, William

Roll Of Capt. Timothy Titus’ Company

(Probably from Miami County) Served from September 4, 1813, until March 14, 1814. Capt. Timothy Titus Lieut. Daniel West Ensign. Adam Milmon Sergt. Severs Hudson Sergt. Daniel Mills Sergt. Philip Everman Sergt. George Whitmore Corp. John Fate Corp. Michael Tierman Corp. John Devors Corp. Job Severs Drummer, Ashbel Crane Fifer, William McKee Privates Baird, George

Roll Of Capt. Charles Wolverton’s Company

(Probably from Miami County) Served from August 24 until September 23, 1812. Capt. Charles Wolverton Lieut. James Blue Ensign, Reuben Westfall Sergt. Samuel Kyle Sergt. Ezekial Kirtley Sergt. James Morrow Sergt. James Brown Corp. John Pelford Corp. John McClary Corp. James Marshall Corp. Nathaniel Garard Privates Barnes, Robert Bedle, Abraham Bedle, Samuel Bedle, Solomon Bull,

Roll Of Capt. Reuben Westfall’s Company

(Probably from Miami County) Served from May 1, until May 15, 1812, and from October 24, until November 13, 1812. Capt. Reuben Westfall Lieut. Amos Petite Sergt. Jesse Miller Sergt. Moses Garard Corp. Elias Garard Privates Alexander, James Arnold, David Ballenger, Daniel Ballinger, Even Bennett, Benjamin Brown, John Coats, James Cothran, James Curtis, James Edwards,

Roll Of Lieut. Garner Bobo’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from September 26, 1812, until March 26, 1813. Lieut. Garner Bobo Sergt. Jonothan Couch Corp. David Knight Corp. Thomas Green Privates Adams, Joseph Baker, Peter Ballinger, James Bedle, Daniel Dickson, Nicholas Dye, Samuel French, Ezektal Harrison, Richard Mann, Barnabus Mann, John Mason, Peter McConnoughey, David Mellinger, John Redinger, Andrew Shaver,

Roll Of Capt. George Buchanan’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from May 5, until August 13, 1812. Capt. George Buchanan Lieut. James C. Caldwell Ensign, Gardner Bobo Sergt. Andrew Tilford Sergt. Joseph Hale Sergt. Benjamin Saunders Sergt. James Barnett Sergt. David McClung Privates Allen, Nathan Balbee, William Beedle, Abraham Beedle, Jacob Beedle, Joseph Bimgardner, Jacob Black, Jacob Blue, Michael Brown,

Roll Of Capt. Joseph Coleman’s Company

(Probably from Miami Co.) Served from May 4, until May 19, 1813. Capt. Joseph Coleman Lieut. Thomas McKee Sergt. Thomas Erwin Sergt. Jacob Martin Corp. Nathan Mages Corp. George Downs Privates Asheraft, Jonothan Lalin, John Marquis, William Smith, James Spry, Perry Thompson, Uriah Wilson, John

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