Dedham Massachusetts Historical Society Register 1890-1903

Dedham Historical Register vol 1

From 1890-1903, the Dedham Historical Society in Dedham Massachusetts printed a quarterly pamphlet for it’s historical society called the “Dedham Historical Register.” In this pamphlet a variety of genealogical data was published on families of Dedham and the villages emanating from the early residents of Dedham, such as Dorchester, Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Needham, and Sharon, etc.

News from New England – King Phillip’s War

Being a true and last account of the present Bloody Wars carried on betwixt the infidels, natives, and the English Christians, and converted Indians of New England, declaring the many dreadful battles fought betwixt them: As also the many towns and villages burnt by the merciless heathens. And also the true number of all the

Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson – Indian Captivities

Mrs. Mary Rowlandson, Wife of the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, Who Was Taken Prisoner when Lancaster was Destroyed, in the Year 1676; Written by Herself. On the 10th of February, 1676, came the Indians with great numbers ((Fifteen hundred was the number, according to the best authorities. They were the Wamponoags, led by King Philip, accompanied by

King Philip’s War – Indian Wars

King Philips War Map

A short history of the battles fought during King Philip’s War, including maps of the campaigns and New England Indian tribes.

Genealogy of James Allen Family of Medfield Massachusetts

H130 JAMES ALLEN: the progenitor of the Allen Family, of Medfield, came to America with his wife Anna, in 1639, and settled in Dedham, Mass. They had (1) John: b. in Dedham Dec. 4, 1639. (2) James: b. in Medfield; m. Lydia Adams. (3) Nathaniel: m. Mary Frizwell, 1673; nine ch., viz.: Samuel, Nathaniel, James,

Biography of Allen, Nathaniel Topliff

Allen, Nathaniel Topliff, son of Ellis and Lucy (Lane) Allen, was born in Medfield, Norfolk County, Sept. 29, 1823. His native homestead farm has been owned and tilled by seven generations of Allens, noted for longevity, sterling common-sense, and rugged worth; and there, during his boyhood, the subject of this sketch followed the pursuits of

Unidentified Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Marriage Records

* Intention not recorded. UNIDENTIFIED. Fillis and Newport [? Green], int. July 1, 1784. [? Negroes.] G[torn], Lydia and Timothy Sparowhauk, Feb. 20, 1745.* Richer d [torn], WaitstUl of Dedham, and Sam[ue]l Smith, int. Apr. 17, 1815. [? Green] Newport and Fillis, int. July i, 1784. [? Negroes.]

D Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

DANIEL (see Daniell, Daniels, Dannills) Elisabeth, w. Ebenezer, Apr. 25, 1706. Zech, s. Joseph, May 2, 1687. DANIELL (see Daniel, Daniels, Dannills) Jeremiah, s. Joseph and Marie, June 16, 1680. Mehittabell, d. Joseph and Mary, June 3, 1686. DANIELS (see Daniel, Daniell, Dannills) Rachel, w. Joseph, 3, 1687 [rec. after May 2]. , Mrs., Apr.

C Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

CARPENDER John, s. John and Margaret, ” drownded,” May CAUSON Sibel, wid., June — , 1812. CHALENER Edward, Jan. 15, 1785. CHANY (see Cheaney, Cheany, Chenery, Cheney, Cheny, Chinery) Hannah, w. Joseph, Dec. 29, 1690. Hannah, d. Joseph and Mehittabel, May 16, 1694. Joseph, h. Mehittabell, Sept. 16, 1704. Joseph, s. Joseph and Mehittabell, Jan.

B Surnames – Medfield, Massachusetts Death Records

BACAR (see Baker) Abigail, w. Micah, Sept. 18, 1761. Abijah, h. Hannah, Dec. 31, 1761. Esther, d. Abijah and Esther, Mar. 16, 1759. Hannah, d. Micah and Abigail, Sept. 9, 1754. Nathaniel, s. Abijah and Esther, Mar. 22, 1759. BAKER (see Bacar) Abigail, w. Amos, Feb. 5, 1806. Elisebeth, wid. Preservid, Dec. 31, 1794. Hannah,

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