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Biography of Jason Clarke Swayze

Jason Clarke Swayze. Judged by the standard which must be applied to the men of his time and circumstances, Jason Clarke Swayze had many of the elements of greatness. He guided his life through a period of tense factional struggle, and always kept his rudder true and in the direction which his conscience told him was right and just. Kansas, and the City of Topeka particularly, has a just pride in recalling the record of this man. His home was in Kansas at Topeka from 1873 until his tragic death on the streets of Topeka. He was born in 1830 at Hope, New Jersey. He learned the printer’s trade under Horace Greeley on the old New York Tribune. For a time he conducted a weekly periodical in New York City. About that time he married Kate Edwards, who was then a well known actress upon the American stage, and after his marriage he engaged in writing plays and was also manager for his wife. During their residence in the East two children were born: Julia Harriet and Oscar Kepler. Late in 1860 Mr. Swayze went south with his family to tour the Southern States. Their plays were somewhat tinged with Northern sentiment, and consequently did not prove popular in the South. The outbreak of the war in 1861 found Mr. Swayze at New Orleans, where he was conscripted for service in the Confederate army. Watching for his opportunity, after about three weeks he escaped to the Union lines. In the meantime he had been allowed to bring his family as far as Griffin, Georgia, where he was compelled to...

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