1906 Griggs Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Albers, Charlie W. Albers, Christ Andresen, Henry Arp, Fred Bagenstos, Arthur Bauer, Charley Bauer, Christian Bauer, John F. Bauer, Lena Bergmann, Henry Blenner, V. P. Bremer, Henry Buckley, Charley S. Clancy, Martin Corregoux, Herman Dittmer, Hans Dochla, Henry Ehrp, Nicholaus Ehrp, Peter Ehrp, William Ewoldt, Herman Ewoldt, Julius Farley, A. W. Ferguson, R. B. Foresman,

1884 Griggs Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Occupation Name Occupation August, Paul Adams, T. H. Albers, C. Allen, Wood Anderson, A. B. Anderson, John Bahnsen, Peter Beck, Wm Berendes, August Berger, Adolf Blake, Thos. M. Bleisman, Peter Bliss, William Bornholdt, Christ Boser, John Boszhardt, Geo. H. Bower, Charles Bratherson, Henry Brechwaldt, Jacob Brosius, A. P. Brosius, D. A. Buck, Charles Campbell,

1920 Griggs Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Section of Land Albers, Christ 19 Asmussen, John 7 Bagenstos, Arthur 3, 4 Bergman, Henry 20 Bergmann, Wilhelmina 31 Boock, Wm. 32 Bremer, Henry 32 Bumann, August 23 Campbell, James 5 Clancy, Martin 11, 16 Corregoux, Herman 1 Crane, Dr. G. H. 6 Dittmer, Hans 8 Edgar, Ellen 28 Ehrp, Claus 21 Ehrp, Peter

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