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Biography of Alfred E. Baker

Alfred E. Baker, president and treasurer of the P. C. Murphy Trunk Company (established 1860, incorporated 1893), was born at Jefferson City, Missouri, December 10, 1865, a son of Dr. John and Amelia (Steels) Baker of Rugby, England. After attending public and private schools he started his career in the business world in the office of the LaGrange Iron Company of Stewart county, Tennessee, where his brother, Thomas C. Baker, was manager and E. C. Sterling, of St. Louis, president. The holdings of the company comprised forty thousand acres of ore and timber land, and was one of the large charcoal, pig-iron producing companies of this country at that time. There he continued until 1888 and in the latter year came to St. Louis to take a position in the office of the Hydraulic Press Brick Company, E. C. Sterling being also president of the latter company. About this time the mining fever was at its height, and he became connected with the Granite Mountain Mining Company of Granite, Montana, a well known mining company with general offices in St. Louis, L. M. Rumsey of St. Louis being president of the company. Mr. Baker resided at Granite, Montana, until 1893, when the mines were closed indefinitely, due to the low price of silver. During the same period he was associated with the L. J. Baker Company, which conducted a general merchandise business in Rumsey and Anaconda, Montana, and was associated with this company until 1900. Since 1893, however, he has resided in St. Louis and in November of that year he became one of the incorporators of the P....

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