Alexander, Kenneth Roy – Obituary

Baker City, Baker County, Oregon Kenneth Roy Alexander, 84, of Union and Pine Creek, died June 3, 2005, at the Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande. His funeral will be Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Daniels Chapel of the Valle, 1502 Seven St. in La Grande. Interment will follow at the Cove Cemetery. Kenneth Roy

Biographical Sketch of Hector McDonald

The gentleman whose name appears above is one of the stock kings of Wallowa county, as well as holding great distinction in the county as a promoter of industrial interests, while his steadfastness and stanch and true character make him one of the most valued, and highly respected men in this section of our state,

Biography of Samuel Wade

Few men have achieved a better success in Wallowa County, than the industrious and enterprising agriculturist and stockman, whose name appears at the head of this article. Mr. Wade came to the territory now embraced in the county in an early day and with the energy, sagacity, and sound practical judgment of which he is

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Roberts

Among the leading agriculturists of Wallowa County is the subject of this biography, and we are pleased to accord him space in his county’s history, since his capabilities and thrift have given him the need of abundant success, while his moral qualities of worth are displayed constantly and commend him to all lovers of uprightness

Biography of Lewis C. Rinehart

It is a pleasant task to scan the career of a successful man and to note the places where he has overcome the obstacles of life’s pathway and where he has made worthy achievements: and for a short time it is our good pleasure to thus contemplate the salient points of the life of the

Biography of Levi J. Rouse

Among the worthy representatives of honest industry and good government, stands the capable and intelligent gentleman, whose name is at the head of this article, and who has achieved a success in different lines, each of which is sufficient to stamp him as a man of ability and enterprise, while in it all he has

Biographical Sketch of Lewis G. Page

Among those who have put their hands to the plow in Wallowa County and have not looked back from the noble work of development and material progress of the county, bearing the burdens and doing the Herculean labor of making the abodes of civilization while they foster the industries that are incident thereto, we should

Biography of William Makin

To the capable and enterprising citizen whose name initiates this paragraph we are pleased to accord a representation in the history of Wallowa County, since he has trod the path of the pioneer in a worthy manner, displaying constantly qualities of moral worth and value, and has achieved a success in temporal affairs that is

Biographical Sketch of Elzie O. Makin

Any volume that purports to give the salient points in the careers of the leading and prominent citizens of Wallowa County would be open to serious criticism were there failure to incorporate there-in an epitome of the life of the esteemed gentleman whose name is at the head of this article, and who has labored

Biography of Frank S. Johnson

We are pleased to accord to the representative citizen and genial gentleman, whose name heads this article, a space in the history of Wallowa County for the salient points of his career, both because of the activity that he has shown in the affairs of the county, for the advancement of its interests and the

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