1906 Galva Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Andersen, Adolph Andersen, Carl Andersen, John Andresen, Wm. Baker, H. W. Barn, Louis Berger, Rudolph Beyer, Chris F. Bruggemann, Louis Butler, F. C. Carlberg, Charles Carlberg, John Carlson, Albert Cathcart, F. S. Christensen, Joseph Christiansen, Nels Coder, Geo. Cosgriff, Martin Crowley, N. C. Dau, Hans Davis, Chas. Dibbern, Peter Ebert, Fred Elk, M. M. Ellis,

1884 Galva Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Arnold, George H. Arnold, Grant Arnold, Hugh Arnold, Mary Arnold, Rule Becker, Charlie Becker, Elizabeth Becker, Ernest Becker, Hugo Becker, Nora Becker, Oscar Bishop, T. A. Bossard, Arthur Bossard, Catherine Bossard, Ella Bossard, Fannie Bossard, Giford Bossard, Liander Breitspracher, Albert Breitspracher, Augusta Breitspracher, Carl Breitspracher, Martha Breitspracher, Theresa Bullock, Alice Bullock, Edwin Bullock, Leslie Bullock,

1920 Galva Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Section of Land Albers, Chris 19 Anderson, Carl 35 Anderson, John M. 5 Andresen, Mrs. William 20 Arp,William 13 Barr, May F. 24 Belson, James 21 Beyer, Chris 33 Bochwold, M. F. 22 Bond, Milton 32 Brown, Roy B. 22 Carlberg, Charles 36 Carlberg, John 36 Cathcart, F. S. 23 Cathcart, T. S. 23

1923 Galva Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Last First & Middle Section Township County State Albers Wm R 19 Galva Ida Iowa Allen Charles 1 Galva Ida Iowa Anderson John M 5 Galva Ida Iowa Anderson Carl A 35 Galva Ida Iowa Andresen Gus 20 Galva Ida Iowa Belson James 21 Galva Ida Iowa Beyer Fred 32 Galva Ida Iowa Beyer Wm

Nippert, Charles Elsworth – Obituary

Charles Elsworth Nippert, son of George and Sarah Nippert, was born at Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, November 18, 1863, and died at his home in Galva, Iowa, January 5, 1942, having attained the age of 78 years, one month, and 18 days. He came to northwest Iowa in early manhood when it was still raw

Biographical Sketch of Frank Correll

Frank Ferris Correll was born at Chenoa, Illinois on February 27, 1859. They lived in North Dakota and taught school in Mandan, North Dakota. When they came to Iowa, they came by train to Alta, Iowa. They were met by a bobsled with a pig in the back to keep their feet warm. They were

Biographical Sketch of Sydney Cork

Sydney Stephan Cork was born in Hartlip County of Kent in England on July 13, 1890. He had 8 brothers and sisters but only one sister came to America. His parents were John Isaac Cork and Mary Anne Rose Cork. After he completed his 8th grade, he went to work on a farm. At the

Biographical Sketch of R. C. Newland

Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Newland were married March 20, 1856, in Bedford, Indiana, which was also their birth place. Mrs. Newland’s maiden name was Catherine J. Swan and she was born August 17, 1834. Mr. Newland was born Dec. 24, 1836. In 1864, they moved to Galva, Illinois, where they resided until 1881 when

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