1757, July 11, Fort Loudoun Letter 2

Sir On the 9th Instant the Little Carpenter came with Several of the head men into the fort, and brought two _________of Stillards with him, from the Traders to Compare them to the pair our Excellency has Sent, which they Like much one of the pair proved good, and the other very bad, which did

1759, October 1, Fort Loudoun

Sir I hope your Excellency has Received the Letter that I sent by Samll. Been, when he was going down to Keowee with the Great Warrior, which Letter I was obliged to put in the lining of his saddle for fear of any accident. The Great Warrior the Day before he went to Keowee, as

1759, November 3, Fort Loudoun

Sir Sixteen Days ago I Reed, a letter from Capt. Stuart, and inclosed a Copy of a letter from your Excellency to him. The 24th of last month arrived Little Carpenter, and Willeleway with their Gang, having two French Prisoners, with them; as he knew very well, that there was at Fort La Afsumption, great

1759, January 26, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 18th Instant arrived here the Exprefs with the Agreeable News of the Reduction of Fort DuQuenoi Immdiately I order’d From Tender Armis field, if Great Guns & the Shen Three Collies the Same Day Sent word to Old Hopp. I shod. Be with Him the Hea’t Day. Accordingly whent to Chotia & found

1759, 15 May, Fort Loudoun

Sir The Bearer of this is one Maximilliam More whom I acquainted you Excellency I had sent to Highwafsie for on purpose to send him out Accompany’d by one of my Soldiers to recon___trie the place where is was Reported the French were fortifying themselves, before he sett of I was informed that it was

1759, 12 May, Fort Loudoun

Sir As Charles McGunigham was going to town I have detained him two days to Acquaint you Excellency with what has happened here Lately when the Mortar was here, the Little Carpenter sent Fiftoe one of the head men of Theowee over with a Mefsage to be Easy & Quiet until he Came home, &

1757, August 31, Fort Loudoun

Sir The 21st of the Instant arrived here and Exprefs from M. Atkins the Agent at Winchester in Virginia, with a Letter for me and another for old Hop and the warrious, I shall not Mention any thing of that Letter, as I doubt not but Your Excellency has Received a Coppy of the Same

2 May 1759, Fort Loudoun

Sir j have recived your Dispatch five Days ago James Holmes and yesterday j recived another from Lieut Coytmore. j am to acquaint you Excellency that the Mortar with his Gang is gone, not to the Place where he intended, (because j did anything in my Power to prevent it) but to Catowa in one

1759, January 27, Fort Loudoun

Sir Few Days ago the Hunters brought me a very Large Tyger’s Skin with the Clawths on’t, and only a fine Beaver Skin, cased as j gave them Directions, with the Clawths, Head, and Tail, j have Sent them to be dressed, and as Soon they are ready j shall Send them to your Excellency.

1757, July 9, Fort Loudon Letter 2

Sir This Acknowledges the receit of your Excellency’s Letter, which I should have Answered Sooner, but nothing Matterial happening I Omitted it, as I did not care to be troublesome to your Excelency. The Fort is Pallisaded all round Agreable to M. Debrahm’s plan, and a Row of Barrack’s built for the Soldiers, There is

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