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1861 Directory of Forest Hill California

1861 Directory of Forest Hill California Acker E. M. carpenter Adams S. S. miner Adams Samuel, butcher Aikins H. D. tinsmith Alers William, miner Alix Joseph, miner Allen John, miner Allen T. miner Allington. John, miner Andrews George W. saloon-keeper Angell A. J. saloon-keeper Armstrong Adam, ranchman Arras Conrad, boot-maker Arthur William, miner Ash H. teamster Atkinson J. W. miner Atwill J. M. miner Avens John, miner Awart Chas. miner Babbitt J. J. lumberman Baines J. M. miner Baire M. miner Beswick W. G. miner Bissell E. L. miner Blanchard Charles, steward in hotel Bower S. S. miner Bradley E. S. musician Brewer J. C. miner Brothers A. L. miner Buckman M. miner Burdong Henry, miner Burns Dennis, miner Burns Patrick, miner Burns Robert, miner Burrows G. W. miner Calton James, miner Campbell J. A. miner Campbell Thomas, ditch owner Camron John, miner Cantwell M. Jr. miner Cantwell M. miner Carr Joseph, miner Carroll G. W. clerk in store Cartwell James, miner Case Charles, miner Cassiday John, miner Caules Wm. miner Cawgill Elisha, ditch superintendent Chatterson T. D. music teacher Clark Anthony, miner Clark Henry J. miner Clark Henry, miner Clark J. H. stage proprietor Cogle John, miner Collins John, miner Conly James, miner Cook Wm. miner Copely A. W. carpenter Corcoran John, miner Covington J. miner Cox C. miner Cox Frank, miner Cox John, miner Craig J. W. miner Craig James, miner Craig M. W. miner Craig P. C. miner Craig P. R. miner Craig R. J. miner Craig W. H. miner Craig W. P. A. miner Crandall Frank, miner Crandall H. hotel keeper Craner A. P. miner...

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