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Biography of Hon. John C. Linehan

Hon. John C. Linehan . – “A hundred years after the Puritans and Pilgrims made a settlement on the coast of New England there came to this country a multitude of emigrants, mostly from the north of Ireland, who soon became absorbed into the ranks of the first settlers, and became the very best of citizens. In the contest for independence they rendered the most efficient services to the colonies, as they had previously done in protecting the frontiers from the inroads of the Indians. After another century, our doors having been opened wide for the reception of people from every country, there came to these shores a tide of emigration from Central and Southern Ireland, which seemed at one time as if it would depopulate the Emerald Isle. In numbers like the countless hosts of the Goths and Vandals who overran the Roman Empire, but pacific in their intentions, they sought in America homes for themselves and their children, where, under the flag and protection of the young republic, they could enjoy that liberty which had been denied them in their old home, and secure those advantages which thrift and industry offered in the New World. “When the country of their adoption was in danger from organized rebellion, none hastened to its defence with more zeal and courage than these newly made citizens. In the baptism of blood that followed, the heterogeneous mass was welded into one great people.” One of these later emigrants was John Cornelius Linehan, the well-known Insurance Commissioner of New Hampshire, who was born in Macroom, Cork County, Ireland, on February 9, 1840, son...

Biography of Hon. Edmund H. Brown

Hon. Edmund H. Brown, the subject of this sketch, was born in Fisherville, now Penacook, a part of Concord, N.H., October 29, 1857. He is the youngest son of Henry Hayes and Lucretia (Symonds) Brown, and traces his ancestry directly back to the early Pilgrim settlers. The late Henry H. Brown, father of Edmund H., conducted an extensive manufacturing business in Penacook for many years, and was one of the most enterprising citizens and prominent residents of that village in his day. Edmund H. Brown was educated at the Penacook Academy and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. After completing his studies he entered the works of the Concord Axle Company, and, having applied his efforts to a thorough mastery of every branch of these extensive works, fitted himself for the responsible position which he assumed in 1887, that of General Superintendent. He was one of the incorporators of this company, and is a member of the Board of Directors. Aside from his connection with the axle works, he was one of the organizers of and Director in the Penacook Electric Light Company, and was instrumental in giving to his Early in the spring of 1897 he became associated with Mr. Charles E. Foote in the well-known house of Foote, Brown & Co., having purchased a half – interest from Mr. Stewart I. Brown. This firm carries one of the largest and best selected stocks of general merchandise to be found in the county, enjoys an enviable reputation for honesty and fair dealing, and stands high in its connections in the business world. Mr. Brown inherited from his father...

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