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Biography of Clement Smith, Dr.

Dr. Clement Smith. The undaunted, inquiring attitude of the Twentieth Century is nowhere more definitely perceptible than among the exponents of medical science. The labor of the scientist and specialist of today is destroying ancicnt delusions and thereby placing the health of the nation in the hands of reasoners and independent thinkers. To this class of rational thinkers belones Dr. Clement Smith. of Topeka, whose opportunities along the lines of his specialty have been exceptional and whose use of the same had made him an important factor in connection with the treatment and cure of hernia for many years. Doctor Smith was born at Batavia, Iowa, January 19. 1866, and is a son of Lucius Van Rensellaer and Elizabeth (Lseson) Smith, and a grandson, on the paternal side, of a soldier of the patriot forces during the Revolutionary war. On his mother’s side, through the Powells, he is related to some of the best New England families. Lucius V. R. Smith was born September 24, 1814, at Saint Alban’s, Vermont, of good old New England stock, and after leaving school learned the trade of millwright. Subsequently, he traveled all over the southern United States on horseback, as a journeyman at his trade. On one occasion, he was to have gone to Russia, at the request of the Czar of Russia, to instruct his people in the art of which he was a master, but missed his boat by a day and accordingly remained in America. After many wanderings, he located at Cineinnati, Ohio, where he met and became attracted to Miss Elizabeth Leeson, whom he later followed to Wheeling,...

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