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1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California

1861 Directory of Dutch Flat California Abeel Henry, miner Abeel Jacob, miner Abeel Jno. miner Allen Crawford, clerk Amburgh R. miner Anderson Jno. miner Anderson Thos. miner Antwerp E. lawyer Armstrong Jno, livery stable Arnstein L. merchant Austin E. miner Austin Jno. miner Austin R. miner Austin Thos. miner Bader C. miner Bailey S. S. clerk Baker S. miner Barker F. miner Barker Jno. miner Barker O. C. miner Barkley J. H. merchant Barnum S. D. miner Barr S. R. miner Barrett E. A. miner Bartlett G. F. ditchman Bavin Wm. miner Beal G. P. miner Beard A. miner Belden W. W. miner Bennett C. blacksmith Bennett J. N. miner Bentley A. D. miner Bentley I. miner Berdiet J. miner Bixbury S. miner Blackburn B. carpenter Blaekmore A. miner Blake A. miner Blanchard N. W. miner Bloom J. S. farmer Boardman J. miner Bock H. miner Boke A. miner Boke Jno. miner Bookstand R. H. miner Borach Al. miner Boust E. B. editor of Enquirer Bowen H_ miner Bower A. J. miner Boyd C. M. miner Boyd Jno. miner Bradley E. L. ditch owner Bradley G. A. ditch-tender Bradley Wm.. ditchman Brandy J. miner Bresston James; miner Brickell I. W. teamster Briggs E. M. miner Broils J. miner Broils Thos. miner Brooks J. W. miner Brooks Thos. miner Brown A. milkman Brown Adam, miner Brown C. J. miner Brown H. G. miner Browning S. M. miner Budd James, miner Burckhalten F. merchant Burk F. P. miner Burns Thos. miner Caldawood J. F. miner Caldawood M. H. hose-maker Caldwell W. IL miner Casidy C. C. miner Cassiday Owen, miner Cassidy...

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