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Biography of William D. Butner

William D. Butner. It had been well said that “our civilization rests at bottom on the wholesomeness, the attractiveness and the completeness, as well as the prosperity of life in the country. The men and women on the farms stand for what is fundamentally best and most needed in our American life.” One of the progressive Kansans who have exemplified and put into practice this statement of theory is William D. Butner, of Dover Township, Shawnee County. Mr. Butner had never been content to make his farm pay profits as a business enterprise without regard to the environment of the farm itself or the home in which he and his family live. Business men are coming to realize that a factory not only represents an investment in machinery, but also a place where the human welfare of the employes be safeguarded and the working hours spent there must be made as attractive and wholesome as possible. The same thing is true as applied to a farm. The farm is more than a workshop, it is a home, and the money spent on its improvement does not always yield returns in so much per cent but also in what is more valuable, the comfort, the well being, the contentment of those who occupy it as a home. With these things in view Mr. Butner had contrived to make one of the finest country homes and best kept farms in Shawnee County. It is true that such a farm costs more in taxes, but that is more than made up in the returns of such a place as a home for...

Biography of James Bassett

James Bassett was a pioneer figure in Kansas. He arrived in the territory in 1857 and from that time forward until his death which occurred at Dover in Shawnee County, December 26, 1915, he was an upright, conscientious, hard working and successful citizen. He came to Kansas from Onondaga County, New York. A native of England, he was born in Glastonbury, January 25, 1856, and was one of the nine children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Hale) Bassett. Some years later, in 1849, Joseph Bassett set out for America, determined to establish a home for himself and family in the New World. He found a favorable location in Skaneateles, New York. A year later he went back to England and returned with his family to America. The rigors of a long voyage on board a sailing vessel, which was meagerly provisioned and watered, proved too much for Mrs. Bassett, who died a few days after landing in this country. Joseph Bassett married again, and he and his wife spent the remainder of their days in Skaneateles. The late James Bassett was thirteen years of age when brought to this country, and altogether he received only eleven months of schooling, but by his wide reading he came eventually to be highly educated, and he kept this up to the end of his long and useful life. He grew up on a farm in and about Skaneateles until about twenty years of age. In 1857 he started west on a prospecting expedition. By February he had arrived at Leavenworth. From there he walked across the country to Dover, and that community remained...

Biography of James J. Corkill

James J. Corkill, general superintendent of the Beatrice Creamery Company of Topeka, has spent most of his life in Kansas, and besides his present business connections he has a record of honorable service as a soldier, having been a member of the famous Twentieth Kansas Regiment in the Philippines, and afterwards serving two years with the Thirty-sixth Infantry in those islands. He was born on the Isle of Man, England, in 1877, but came to America in 1889. His parents were William and Matilda (Kneale) Corkill. His maternal grandfather was J. H. Kneale, whose family were English and came out of Lancashire. William and Matilda Corkill spent their last years in Kansas and the former died in 1914 and the latter in 1912 at Topeka. William Corkill was a man of high moral character, and an exemplary citizen. He and his wife were the parents of five daughters and three sons: William H., Catherine Matilda, Charles Frederick, Eleanor E., Alice Rebecca, Edith Arabelle, Emily Anna and James J. William H. is a contractor and builder at Cleveland, Ohio. Catherine is the wife of Howard Griggs, a prosperous farmer at Maple Hill, Kansas. Federick for the past nine years has been connected with the Beatrice Creamery Company and resides at 119 Tyler Street. Alice is Mrs. W. E. Johnston, whose husband for a number of years was a stone contractor at Dover in Shawnee County, but is now a contractor at Stewart, Florida. Eleanor E. is the wife of John T. Barnes, a farmer in Arkansas. Emily is the widow of Mr. James A May and resides with her brother...

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