Memoirs of the Durant and Crowder Families

Durant Louis Durant, a Canadian Frenchman, was the proprietor of the Durant family among the Choctaws, who came, as before stated, to the Choctaw Nation with the two brothers, Lewis and Michael LeFlore about the year 1770. He, as his friends and contemporaries, the two LeFore brothers, also selected a wife among the Choctaw forest flowers, but whose name has been lost

Teachers List, 1901-1902

Staff 1901 Charles P. Abbott Washinton Berry L.D. Bohanan Frankie Benson T. Cummings Frank Dietrich (relieved) Marie Edwards Hubert B. Marshall Luey Hatcher Mrs. Ron Hynson Gus Merriman Sallie Nash O.D. Owen Clara Redman Maye Sparks I.T. Underwood Bertha Whitehead Allen Carter R.S. Baker George L. Branson Mattie Collins Belle Carney J.H. Dickinson Louvena Fronterhouse

Schools by County

Gaine School Boiling Spring School Teacher: Robert E. Lee (fullblood Choctaw) Local Trustee: Jackson James (fullblood Choctaw) Dunlap School Teacher: E.P. Sullivan (white) Local Trustee: Lum Dunlap (intermarried white) Featherston School Teacher: May Featherston (white) Local Trustee: L.C. Featherston (intermarried white) Mountain Station School Teacher: H.J. Sexton (fullblood Choctaw) Local Trustee: Houston Nelson (fullblood Choctaw)

Jones Academy, Additions and Quarterly Reports, 1906

Districts 1-4, Additions, 1906 First District, Coal County Name Age Arthur Johnston 12 Eddie Sloan 13 Gaines County John Battles 14 George Battles 8 Rocoe York 12 Osborne Pusley 15 Joshua Pusley 15 Ellis Jefferson 7 Douglas Jones 15 Henry Wesley 11 Abel Brown 13 Richard Riddle 18 John Riddle 14 Eddie Riddle 12 Sam

The 1904 schools on Microfilm

The 1904 school lists may be found on DC 61 and DC 62. Listed below are the frame numbers on which they may be located. The microfilm rolls give more information than contained herein regarding what subjects were studied by the individual students and on 1904 Schools on Microfilm Alamo 61 1229 Albany 1280 Albion

Day Schools Choctaw Nation – T-Z

Talihina Day School, September 1904 Male Choctaw Students Name Age Simon Gibson 15 Andrew Johnson 12 Alon Johnson 10 Leo Thomas 14 Ira Wade 17 Ivan Wade 15 Dennis Wade 11 Delias Wade 8 Female Choctaw Students DeGrace Thomas 9 Helen Thomas 6 Della Wade 6 Male White Students Oscar Battles 12 Roy Battles 8

Day Schools Choctaw Nation – S

Salem Day School, September 1904 Male Choctaw Students Name Age Joseph Leflore 13 Mack Leflore 14 Frank Jones 11 Dannie Blue 7 Wilmon Leflore 9 Bowland Isaacs 7 James Goin 16 Charlie Darden 10 George Jackson 14 Simon Carshal 6 Willie Darden 14 Henry Merriman 16 Leo Merriman 14 Tecumseh Amos 12 Harris Batteest 16

Day Schools Choctaw Nation – O-R

Owl Day School, September 1904 Male Choctaw Students Name Age Ben Wolfe 17 Elmer McCarter 13 Emmet McCarter 9 Farris Monds 6 Augustus Znola 9 Wilson Williams 8 William Thomas 9 Female Choctaw Students Fannie Wolfe 11 Mattie Wallas 17 Myrtle Wallas 9 Mindie Monds 8 Annie Znola 8 Hester Znola 6 Betsey Zucker 11

Day Schools Choctaw Nation – K-N

Kennady Day School, September 1904 Male Choctaw Students Name Age Jay McAlvain 14 Davie McAlvain 10 Audie McAlvain 8 James Peters 8 Female Choctaw Students Florence McAlvain 12 Lela Peters 10 Male White Students Guy Shipley 12 Grady Ervin 12 Jessie Ervin 10 Claude Stidham 8 Everette Stidham 7 Andrew Bullard 19 Taylor Bullard 6

Day Schools Choctaw Nation – G-J

Gaither Day School, September 1904 Male Choctaw Students Name Age Addison Bohreer 19 Alfred Bohreer 14 Julius Barker 14 Jim Lewis 14 Umph Lewis 7 Jake Lewis 12 Jonnie Holt 7 Female Choctaw Students Sula Bohreer 10 Bessie Barker 12 Mary Holt 12 Lorine Lewis 13 Male White Students Joe Flyod Owen 9 Tom Owen

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