Byam, Mary Ellen Nettie Heald – Obituary

Mrs. Mary Ellen Byam, aged 72, died early Tuesday morning [November 8, 1932] after a few hours’ illness, at her home on Mont Vernon Street. She seemed in good health Monday and was about the house all day. In the night she was suddenly stricken with illness and passed away two hours afterwards. Mrs. Byam

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – P Surnames

PAGE, Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Betsey, Sept. 7, 1817. PALMER, Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, June 2, 1754. PARKER, Artimus, s. Maj. Jonas and Olive, Nov. 2, 1815. Asa, s. William and Lucy, May 4, 1792. Catharine, d. Nathaniel and Lydia, July 10, 1806. Charlotte, d. Nathaniel and Lydia, Aug. 16, 1810. Eli, s. William

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – R Surnames

RAYMOND, William Bradley, s. William and Betsey, Jan. 17, 1812. RICHARDSON, , ch. W[illia]m Q., June 19, 1849. ROBBENS (see also Robbins), Easther, d. Ephraim and Sybil, June 15, 1783. ROBBINS (see also Robbens, Robins), Aaron, s. John, jr. and Sarah, Apr. 23, 1781. Ann Maria, d. Benjamin and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1803. Azubah, d.

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – S Surnames

SANDERSON (see also Saunderson), Adaline Matilda, d. William and Hannah, at Townsend, Nov. 14, 1813. Cyntha Watson, d. William and Hannah, Aug. 30, 1807. Hannah Persons, d. William and Hannah, Feb. 3, 1821. Lydia Munroe, d. William and Hannah, July 31, 1811. Sarah Farrar-, d. William and Hannah, June 29, 1809. SAUNDERSON (see also Sanderson),

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – T Surnames

TAYLER (see also Taylor), Abel, s. Abel and Sarah, May 3, 1805. Sarah, d. Abel and Sarah, May. 7, 1809. TAYLOR (see also Tayler), Adelaide Augusta, d. Nathaniel and Fanny, Aug. 28, 1830. Artemas, s. Stephen and Emeline, Apr. 1, 1841. Cephas, s. Abraham and Frances, Apr. 25, 1798. Claramond, d. Nathaniel and Fanny, Jan.

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – A Surnames

ADAMS Abi Miriam, d. Benjamin and Abi, June 6, 1824. Albion Augustine, s. Samuel, Aug. 3, 1840. P. x. 13. Benjamin, s. Timothy and Joanna, May 12, 1795. Benj[amin] Franklin, s. Samuel, Nov. 15, 1833. P. x. 13. Benjamin Stephen, s. Benjamin and Abi, Dec. 14, 1836. Betsy, d. Timothy and Joanna, Aug. 23, 1793.

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – B Surnames

BALDING (see also Baldwin), Sarah, d. Benjamin and Mary, June 29, 1807. BALDWIN (see also Balding, Baulding), Benjamin, jr., s. Benjamin and Mary, July 31, 1816. Lucy, d. Benjamin and Mary, Apr. 6, 1814. Lydia, d. Benjamin and Mary, Nov. 1, 1819. Rhoda, d. Binjamin and Mary, Sept. 12, 1811. Susanna, d. Benjamin and Mary,

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – W Surnames

WEBSTER, John Blanchard Davis, s. Samuel and Lucy H., Dec. 7, 1825. Samuel Elbert, s. Samuel and Lucy H., Feb. 4, 1827. Sarah Jane, d. Samuel and Sally, Dec. 2, 1823. WHEAT, Ai, s. Lt. Daniel and Betty, Sept. 2, 1801. Betsy, d. Daniel and Betty, Apr. 26, 1798. Lucindia, d. Daniel and Betty, Nov.

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – D Surnames

DAVIS, Abel, s. Thomas and Sarah, Dec. 25, 1755. Dolly, d. Nehemiah and Dorothy, June 22, 1755. George, s. Thaddius and Sarah, Aug. 14, 1812. John Proctor, s. John and Rebeckah, Jan. 28, 1830. Luke, s. Nehemiah and Dorothy, June 16, 1754. Rebekah, d. John and Rebeckah, Oct. 2, 1824. DURANT (see also Duren), Isaac,

Carlisle Massachusetts Births – E Surnames

ESTABROOK Abraham, s. Robert and Olive, Mar. 12, 1744. (also recorded at Concord.) Hannah, d. Robert and Olive, Feb. 17, 1755. (also recorded at Concord.) John, s. Robert and Olive, Dec. 15, 1750. (also recorded at Concord.) Jonathan s. Robert and Olive, July 15, 1753. (also recorded at Concord.) Olive, d. Robert and Olive, Oct.

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