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Biography of John Rogers

Among the pioneer builders who aided in laying the broad foundation upon which has been erected the present greatness and prosperity of the state of Oklahoma, representatives of the Rogers family have figured conspicuously and of a goodly portion of this family John Rogers, the great-grandfather of Mrs. Ellen Howard Miller, nee Blythe, was the head. His father was a native of England and served as a colonel in the Revolutionary war. He married Sarah Cordery, whose mother was a Cherokee. Her father, Thomas Cordery, was a member of a family that belonged to the aristocracy of France, but for political reasons they made their home in England. When about sixteen years of age Thomas Cordery was sent by his father on a sea voyage to the colonies, for the benefit of his health. In company with two sisters and a brother, he sailed for America and finally landed at St. Augustine, Florida. This was undoubtedly during the seventeenth century, for on leaving the vessel at St. Augustine the first object which attracted their attention was the guillotine a ghastly reminder of Spanish rule in this part of the new world. The sisters and brother made their home in Florida and Thomas Cordery spent his time in hunting. Eventually he started out upon a trip of this kind, but never returned and many years later, during the Seminole war, his sisters entertained in their home one evening two young men whom they discovered were grandsons of their brother. In his youth he had fallen in love with and married a beautiful Cherokee girl, Rosanna Blue, the daughter of the...

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