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Bladen County, North Carolina – Wills 1767-1806

A. 1778 ADAIR, JAMES, Robert, (son); Susanna McTyer (daughter); Adair McTyer (grandson); Elizabeth H. Cade (daughter). 1796 ANDRES. JOHN JR. Children (not named). B. 1767 BAILEY, THOMAS, Hester (wife); Thomas. 1772 BEARD, WILLIAM, Catherine (wife); James and John; Catherine Moore (daughter). 1774 BEATTY, JOHN, Margaret (wife); Mary BinsMan and Flora Harris (daughters). 1774 BENBOW, CHARLES, Benjamin, Thomas, Ann. Mary, Sarah and Sapphira; Mary Clayton (daughter). 1774 BRYAN, JOHN, Jane (wife); John, Phillemore, Ann and James. 1777 BORDEN, PETER, Wife (not named). 1782 BROWN, GEORGE, Elizabeth (wife); Thomas, John, George, Richard, Euphemia, Mary and Margaret. 1783 BARNEY, WILLIAM H. James, William, Arthur and Samuel. 1785 BARFIELD, RICHARD, Ann (wife); Elisha, Willis, Shadrach and Roderick; Unity Edwards, Uridea Hannell and Mary Flowers (daughters). 1786 BRYAN, THOMAS, Sisters: not named except Kerenhappuch. 1787 BYRNE, ALEXANDER, Matthew (brother); Mary Wilkins (sister). 1791 BALDWIN, JOHN, John, Charles, William, Sarah, Betty, Anna and Nancy. 1797 BOWIN, GOODIN, Judith (wife); William F. 1797 BRIGHT, SIMON, Mary (wife); Simon, Robert, Elricha, James, Benjamin and Christian. 1801 BALDWIN, WILLIAM, Penelope (wife); Sharles, David and William. 1804 BRADLEY, JAMES, Anna (wife); John Bradley Cowan (grandson). C. 1768 CRAWFORD, MARGARET, Mary Shaw (daughter). 1776 COLVIN, MATURIN, Henry; Rev. Alexander Colvin (father). 1778 CARVER, JAMES, Mary Simonds (friend). 1780 CULLUM, WILLIAM, Richard and Margaret. 1781 COHOON, JOHN, Jean (wife); Micajah, Elijah, Darby and Elizabeth. 1782 CAIN, SAMUEL, William. 1783 CLARK, BENJAMIN, Mary (wife); Elizabeth, William, Thomas and Luke. 1784 COOPER, BENJAMIN, Elizabeth Lock (sister); Benjamin, Joseph and William Cooper, (grandsons). 1791 CULLUM, RICHARD, Elizabeth (wife). 1793 CLARDY, JAMES, Wife (not named); Sons (not named); Penelope Shaw (granddaughter). 1798 CAIN, JOSEPH, John...

Biography of Dr. William C. Singletary

DR. WILLIAM C. SINGLETARY. Among those who from early manhood have devoted their lives to the cause of suffering humanity, William C. Singletary may be regarded as among the foremost, and in pursuing the noble calling of medicine he has made fame and fortune for himself. He owes his nativity to Bladen County, N. C., born in 1829; a son of Rev. John and Mary Ann (Johnson) Singletary, both natives of the same county and State as their son. In that State they were liberally educated. afterward married, and in 1830 moved to Carter County, Tennessee, where they passed the closing scenes of their lives, the father dying in 1860 and the mother in 1893, the latter about eighty-one years of age. She was a devout member of the Methodist Church. Mr. Singletary was a Methodist minister of considerable prominence for a quarter of a century. He was also a Mason in good standing, and for eight or ten years was circuit clerk of Carter County. He was a man of more than ordinary ability and influence, and was of English origin, his father having been born in that country. The latter was probably a Revolutionary soldier. The mother of our subject was a first cousin of ex-President Andrew Johnson, but nothing is known of her parents. Five children were born to the parents of our subject as follows: William C., subject; Elizabeth, widow of George W. Ryan; Hester A., widow of Rev. Peter W. Emmett; Thomas V., died in Carter County, Tennessee, long before the war; and Ferdinand A., died in Kansas about 1884. He was all through...

Bladen County, North Carolina Cemetery Transcriptions

North Carolina Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the North Carolina county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Following Cemeteries (hosted at Bladen County, North Carolina Tombstone Transcription Project) Cromartie Cemetery Old Cain Cemetery Old Field Cemetery...

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