Biographical Sketch of James McMillion

James McMillion is a native of Greenbrier county, West Virginia, born May 7, 1835. His parents, George L. and Elizabeth Hanna McMMillion, were born in Virginia, but came to Missouri in 1845, and located near where the subject of this sketch now lives,; the father died in 1848, and mother in 1878. From the time

Biographical Sketch of Henry Ward

Henry Ward was born in McLean county, Illinois, October 15, 1834. His parents, Stew-art and Annie Ward, came from Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1832, and during those early days had many narrow escapes from the Indians. His father came to Missouri, to look at the country, in 1841, and was taken sick and died, July

Biographical Sketch of H. B. Best

H. B. Best was born in Howard county, Missouri, July 7, 1818; son of Humphrey and Catherine Best, nee Enyart. His father was a native of Maryland, and his mother of North Carolina. In 1816 his parents located in Howard county, Missouri, and afterwards lived in Carroll, Clay and Daviess counties. His father died in

Biographical Sketch of George M. Utz

George M. Utz is a native of Boone county, Kentucky, born December 25, 1827; son of -Jonathan and Catherine Utz, nee Yager. They were natives of Virginia, but early settlers in Kentucky; his mother died in 1835, and his father, October 15, 18 6. George M. Utz was reared on a farm and received but

Biography of G. F. Woodward

G. F. Woodward is a native of Lee county, Virginia, born February 10, 1834. His parents, Henry and Elizabeth Woodward, were natives of Virginia. Many of his ancestors on his mother’s side were soldiers during the Revolutionary War.; one, a grand-uncle, William Ely was bayoneted through the body, but survived and lived to be over

Biographical Sketch of Dr. F. E. Venable

F. E. Venable is a native of Prince Edward county, Virginia, born May 12, 1829; son of Samuel and Elizabeth Venable, nee Wright, both; natives of Virginia. When our subject was three years of age his parents moved to Missouri and located in Chariton county, where they lived for three years, and from there went

Biographical Sketch of E. Ellis, Jr.

E. Ellis, Jr. was born in McLean county, Illinois, November 5, 1853. His father, Elijah Ellis, was a native of Virginia, and his mother, Gracie Canada Ellis, a native of Illinois. His parents came to Missouri in 1859 and located in Daviess county, where they still live. The subject of our sketch received only a

Biographical Sketch of E. B. Christie

E. B. Christie was born in Shelby county, Kentucky, March 10, 1851; son of J. B. and Letha Christie, nee Bohannon, both natives of Kentucky. His parents came to Missouri in 1853 and lived in Daviess county till 1862, then removed to Harrison county, where they still reside. Young Christie was a diligent student and

Biographical Sketch of E. A. Yost

E. A. Yost was born in Bethany, Franklin county, Illinois, on June 23d, 1852. His parents, W. J. and Maria L. Yost, nee Goodner. His father was of German descent, and died in January, 1879. His mother of Scotch descent, and died in September, 1866. At the age of twelve years young Yost commenced to

Biographical Sketch of David M. Smith

David M. Smith was born in Van Buren county, Iowa, October 10, 1840; son of John J. and Sarah Smith. His father is a native of Virginia, and his mother of Tennessee. His parents were married in Tennessee and moved to Kentucky, then to Illinois, and in the spring of 1840, to Jefferson county, Iowa.

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