Roll Of Capt. Absalom Martin’s Company

(From Guernsey or Belmont County) Served from August 26, until November 12, 1812. Capt. Absalom Martin Lieut. Wyatt Hutchison Ensign, James Shuman Sergt. John Broton Sergt. George Scadan Sergt. Thomas Mullen Sergt. William Israel Corp. Christopher Donouer Corp. James Edwards Corp. Edward Davis Corp. Henry Wolford Drummer, Thomas DeBatnon Fifer, Edward Milner Privates Atkinson, Michael

Roll Of Capt. Robert Irwin’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from June 1, until August 12, 1813. Capt. Robert Irwin Lieut. Thomas Pribble Ensign, Thomas McNight Sergt. David Kirkland Sergt. Absalom Dilly Sergt. Francis Smith Sergt. William Reneson Corp. Solomon James Corp. Samuel Coonts Corp. John Richardson Corp. William Crothers Drummer. Jacob Castle Privates Barker, Amos Bates, Jesse Billman, Henry

Roll Of Capt. John Howell’s Company

(From Belmont County) Served from September 3, 1813, until January 3 and March 16, 1814. Capt. John Howell Lieut. Jacob Moore Ensign Mathew Howell James Brown Sergt. Gilbert McCoy Sertg. James Westlake Sergt. Robert Millawy Sergt. Robert Hathaway Sergt. Isaiah Shepherd Corp. Richard McElhiney Corp. John Arick Corp. John Shepard Corp. Moses DeLong Drummer, Phines

Roll Of Captain William Stephenson’s Company

(Probably Belmont County) Served from September 3, 1813, until March 20, 1814. Capt. William Stephenson Lieut. Daniel Berry Ensign John Bell Sergt. James Quigley Sergt. Hugh Brady Sergt. John Hardesty Sergt. Robert Yost Corp. William McCormack Corp. James Logan Corp. Thomas Holmes Corp. William McCraghill Musician, James H. Ball Musician, James Tuttle Privates Barton, William

Roll Of Capt. Robert Morrison’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from July 29, until September 8, 1813. Capt. Robert Morrison Lieut. Thomas Wason Ensign David Young Sergt. Robert Findlay Sergt. Robert Young Sergt. Abraham Thomas Sergt. Alexander Baldridge Corp. James Winter Corp. John McClure Corp. William Smith Corp. Alexander Liget Drummer, William Hamilton Fifer, David Smith Privates Alexander, Benjamin Alexander,

Roll Of Capt Daniel Conner’s Company

(Probably from Belmont County) Served from January 13, until March 17, 1814. Capt. Daniel Conner Lieut. Thomas Dunn Ensign, Alfred Weeden 3ergt. Thomas Henry Sergt. Absalom Waddell Sergt. James EdwarcLs Sergt. Henry Van Fossen Sergt. Ell Nichols Corp. William Clifford Corp. William West Corp. David Milar Corp. Samuel Perkins Fifer, Isaac Midkiff Drummer, Peter Hanson

Biography of Hon. Matthew P. Deady

HON. MATTHEW P. DEADY. – The character of the man whose name heads this article is one to which justice cannot be done in a short sketch of the principal events of his life. However, it will serve to illustrate one pure, wise and energetic; one of those who, while he gained his education, toiled

Biography of Joseph Gaston

JOSEPH GASTON. – Joseph Gaston, the pioneer railroad man of Oregon, was born in Lloydsville, Belmont county, Ohio, in 1833. His ancestors on is father’s side were Huguenots, who were expelled from France by the Roman Catholic King in the sixteenth century, on account of their adhesion to the protestant reformation. They settled first in

Biography of Matthew P. Deady

Any work professing to describe the representative men of the Pacific Coast would be very incomplete which failed to present a sketch of the life and labors of the distinguished jurist whose name stands at the head of this article. Coming to Oregon in the flower of his early manhood, he has grown with the

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