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Anderson Grove Cemetery, Belle Vue Precinct, Nebraska

Copied by Gilbert Harry Doane, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska (Original text is all single spaced & in small type.) These inscriptions were copied in October, 1930, and checked in March, 1931. Those marked with an asterisk (*) represent “undertakers’ markers”, i. e. a card inscribed with the name, date of death, and age of the deceased, covered with glass, and framed in lead. In many of these the glass is broken, and the card sadly weathered and rapidly disintegrating. The copyist’s notes are enclosed in parentheses. All other notes (enclosed in square brackets) were supplied by Jedediah M. Gates, Esq., whose farm, formerly the property of the Bailey family, adjoins the Cemetery. Mr. Gates was the son of Amos and Samantha (Arnett) Gates; he was born in West Jefferson, Ohio, before the family moved to Nebraska. Adams, Roy, 1888-1889 [son of Wm. J. & Dora (Bailey) Adams. Dora Bailey was a daughter of Jefferson Bailey.] Anderson, Infant son of Wm. A. & C. C., died 2 Nov. 1883. *Ashburn, Clarence, aged 2 yrs. 2 mos. 23 days (no dates). *Ashburn, Doris, 3 Nov. 1908 – 1 Dec. 1908. *Ashburn, Laura, aged 7 yrs. (no dates). *Ashburn, Opal, died 23 June, aged 3 months (no dates). *Ashburn, Robert, 9 Aug. 1859-16 Mar. 1916. *Backus, John, 1880 – 1913, “Father”. *Backus, “Baby” John, 1900. *Backus, Rhoda, 1885 – 1913, “Mother”. Bailey, Elby A., died 9 Apr. 1876, aged 1 yr. 7 mos. 2 days, (child of Jefferson and Mary Jane Bailey). Bailey, Elmor A., died 6 June 1873, aged 6 mos. 18 days. (child of Jefferson and Mary Jane Bailey). (Bailey?), I....

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