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Ames Township Town Officers 1804-1868

The first election for township officers in Ames was held June 1, 1802 (nearly three years before the organization of the county), at the house of Silvanus Ames, and resulted as follows: Nathan Woodbury, George Ewing and Samuel Brown, trustees; Daniel Weethee, clerk; Josiah True and Samuel Brown, overseers of the poor; Nathan Woodbury, Joseph Pugsley and John Swett, fence viewers; George Wolf and Christopher Herrold, house appraisers; Daniel Converse, lister; Samuel Brown and Benjamin Brown, supervisors; Daniel Converse and Silvanus Ames, constables. In 1803 the following were elected: Benjamin Brown, Silvanus Ames and Daniel Weethee, trustees; George Ewing, clerk; Nathan Woodbury and Joshua Wyatt, overseers of the poor; Benjamin Brown, John Brown and Samuel Brown, fence viewers; Jacob Boyles and Edmund Dorr, house appraisers; Josiah True, lister; William Brown, John Brown and Josiah True, supervisors; William Brown and Josiah True, constables. Township Trustees 1804-1868. 1804 David Boyles, Azel Johnson, Nathan Woodbury. 1805 Benjamin Brown, Josiah True, Daniel Weethee. 1806 Ephraim Cutler, John Brown, " 1807 Abel Glazier, Benjamin Davis, Zebulon Griffin. 1808 Robert Palmer, Reuben J. Davis, George Walker. 1809-10 Seth Fuller, Josiah True, George Wolf. 1811 Silvanus Ames, George Ewing, Daniel Weethee. 1812 Joshua Wyatt, Seth Fuller, John Brown, 2d. 1813-15 Ezra Green, " " 1816 Jason Rice, Russell S. Lovell Daniel Phillips. 1817 Silvanus Ames, " Jonas Rice. 1818 Jacob Boarman, " Ezra Green. 1819 " John Brown, " 1820 Seth Fuller, James Cable, James Mitchell. 1821 " " Ezra Walker. 1822-23 John Wyatt, Charles Cutler, Alanson Hibbard. 1824 " Jacob Boarman, David Trowbridge. 1825 John Columbia, John Boyles, John M. Hibbard. 1826 Charles Cutler, Elisha...

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