Indiana WW2 NMCG Casualty List – P Surnames

PADEN, David J., Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Paden, 431 La Monte Terrace, South Bend.
PAGE, Robert H., Pfc., USMCR. Sister, Miss Agnes L. Page, 803 N. 9th St., Vincennes.
PARENT, James A., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Parent, 234 W. Division St., Union City.
PARK, Carl Franklin, Signalman 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Park, 1100 W. Lexington, Elkhart.
PARKER, Howard, Jr., Ensign, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Betty Jeanne Parker, 448 Garfield St., Gary.
PARKISON, Thomas Kenton, Ensign, USNR. Father, Mr. Kenton Parkison, RR 2, Francesville.
PARKS, William T., Cpl., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Merle Parks, Cayuga.
PARSON, Harold Morton, Pvt., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Gladys E. Parson, 1613 Carrollton St., Indianapolis.
PASSWATER, Charles Glenn, Pharmacist’s Mate 1c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Passwater, 43rd and Carey Sts., Marion.
PATTISON, William Joseph, Signalman 3c, USN. Father, Mr. William Monroe Pattison, RFD 3, Marion.
PATTON, Rolla Lee, Technical Sgt., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Alta F. Patton, RR 1, Bloomington.
PAUER, Joseph Anthony, Watertender 2c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Pauer, 545 Harrison St., Gary.
PAWLIK, Matthew Stanley, Electrician’s Mate 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pawlik, 701 W. 4th St., Michigan City.
PAYNE, Charles Elwood, Cpl., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Libby A. Payne, 1726 Blaine Ave., Terre Haute.
PAYNE, George H., Pfc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Ida S. Payne, 43 N. 11th St., Terre Haute.
PAYNE, John David, Electrician’s Mate 3c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. June Payne, 504 School St., East Chicago.
PEARISON, Duane L., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Pearison, Rt. 5, Sullivan.
PEKINPAUGH, Paul Edward, Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pekinpaugh, Rt. 1, Tell City.
PELSOR, Francis E., Cpl., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Pelsor, E. Seventh St., Brookville.
PENNY, Harold Winston, Yeoman 3c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Regina Catherine Penny, 2606 N. Twelfth St., Terre Haute.
PENROD, Kenneth Paul, Boatswain’s Mate 2c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith, 1503 E. Washington St., Fort Wayne.
PENWELL, George F., Cpl., USMCR. Son, Franklin L. Penwell, 611 N. Tenth St., Niblesville.
PERRY, Frederick Elby, Fireman 1c, USCGR. Mother, Mrs. Ella May Perry, RR 6, Shelbyville.
PESARESI, Joseph J., Pfc., USMC. Father, Mr. Joseph Pesaresi, 1241 Woodlawn Ave., Logansport.
PETERS, Estel Lee, Machinist’s Mate 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Peters, East Enterprise.
PETERS, Hugh Atkinson, Coxswain, USN. Mother, Mrs. Wilba La Bar, 125 Riverside Dr., Peru.
PETTIT, George Edward, Seaman 1c, USCGR. Father, Mr. Provie Pettit, 670 Graham St., Franklin.
PETTIT, Wade F., Pvt., USMC. Guardian, Mr. Frank Johnson, 210 Burlington Ave., Logansport.
PHILABAUM, Robert Wayne, Fireman 1c, USN. Wife, Mrs. Thelma Willodene Philabaum, 826 Princeton Blvd., Elkhart.
PHILLIPS, George Walter, Coxswain, USN. Father, Mr. Walter George Phillips, 221 Columbia St., Mishawaka.
PIECHOROWSKI, Peter J., Jr., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Piechorowski, Sr., 616 N. Johnson St., South Bend.
PIERCE, Clifford Ben, Seaman 2c, USN. Father, Mr. Everett Franklin Pierce, RFD 2, Osolo Rd., Elkhart.
PIERCE, Warren H., Sgt., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Warren H. Pierce, 1001 E. Adams St., Muncie.
PIPPENGER, Rolland Jay, Aviation Radioman 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Odis Joseph Pippenger, 407 Middlebury St., Elkhart.
PITMAN, Robert Fred, Seaman 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. Pitman, 432 Bartlett St., Logansport.
PLAKE, William E., Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Frances Plake, 303 S. Main St., Tipton.
PLANT, Maurice Lee, Radioman 1c, USN. Wife, Mrs. Joyce Mabelle Plant, Box 74, Leesburg.
PLUM, Bernard E., Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Mary E. Plum, 18 Culbertson St., Wabash.
POLK, Harold E., Pvt., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Pearl Polk, 624 E. Division St., Boonville.
POLLITT, James Durham, Seaman 2c, USN. Father, Mr. George W. Pollitt, RR 3, Terre Haute.
POOL, Elmer Leo, Seaman 1c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Matilda Pool, 731 Colescotte St., Shelbyville.
POOLITSAN, Peter Chris, Pvt., USMCR. Father, Mr. Chris G. Poolitsan, 114 S. Indiana Ave., Bloomington.
POWELL, Homer Allen, Seaman 1c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ancil Powell, Nashville.
POWERS, James B., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Powers, RR 1, Muncie.
PRATHER, Charles B., 2d Lieutenant, USMC. Mother, Mrs. Denzel E. Prather, N. Elm St., Bunker Hill.
PRATHER, James William, Jr., Lieutenant (jg), USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. James William Prather, Sr., Wheatland.
PRATHER, Melvin George, Seaman 1c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Frank Prather, 2403 N. 18th St., Lafayette.
PRESSNALL, William Bright, Ensign, Supply Corps, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Pressnall, 6003 E. Washington St., Indianapolis.
PRICE, Albert Fay, Electrician’s Mate 2c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Mary Edith Price, 205 W. White, Frankfort.
PRICE, Charles H., Pfc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Anna L. Morgan, Rt. 2, Salem.
PRIDDIS, John Frederick, Chief Electrician’s Mate, USN. Sister, Mable C. Sullivan, 127 S. Chapin St., South Bend.
PRINDLE, Franklin Theodore, Seaman 1c, USN. Sister, Mrs. Walter Teter, RR 2, Sheridan.
PROFFITT, Charles McKindred, Chief Gunner’s Mate, USN. Wife, Mrs. Marian Adelaide Proffitt, RFD 1, Valparaiso.
PROSCH, Louis G., Jr., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Prosch, Sr., 105 N. Fifth St., Beech Grove.
PUMROY, Howard D., Platoon Sgt., USMC. Father, Mr. George L. Pumroy, Kouts.
PURL, Andrew Archibald, Chief Boatswain’s Mate, USN. Wife, Mrs. Dorothy Cecelia Purl, 2010 Beverly Pl., South Bend.
PURVIS, John Mitchell, Gunner’s Mate 3c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Purvis, RR 5, Greensburg.
PYTYNIA, Ted Stanley, Gunner’s Mate 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. John A. Pytynia, 931 W. Sixth St., Michigan City.

MLA Source Citation:

War Department. The Adjutant Generals Office. Administrative Services Division. Strength Accounting Branch. World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel. Item from Record Group 407: Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917- [AGO], 1905 - 1981. Web. 1 February 2015. - Last updated on Aug 23rd, 2012

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