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(e) Elijah: 1730-1811; m. Rebecca Smith; moved to Amherst, Mass.; an active Whig during the Revolution; a member of the “Committee of Correspondence”; m. twice.

1. Elijah: served in the Army through the whole of Revolutoinary War; d. unm. 1800.
2. Enos: 1768-1845; m. (1), Dorothy Smith; m. (2), Lucretia Brewer.
A. Alfred: b. 1798; m. Catharine Wiley; representative in Mass. Legislature, 1847.
a. James A.: b. 1839; m. Anna Johnson. Ch.: William Alfred (b. 1865).
b. Frederick P.: b. 1841.
c. Edward N.: b. 1844; m. Abbie M. Puffer.
B. Osmyn: b. 1800; graduated from Yale, 1822; entered field of law, in Amherst, 1825, m. (1), Elizabeth Olmsted; m. (2), Cornelia Rockwell; representa tive in the Mass. Legislature for several years, Member of Congress, 1839-45.
a. William Lawrence: b. 1839; graduated from Dartmouth, 1858; First Lieut. of Art. in the Regular Army; was in the battles of Win chester, Port Republic, Manassas Heights, Chantilly, Soufh Mountain; killed at Antietam, 1862.
C. George: m. Nancy Pease. a. Henry.
D. Enos: m. Harriet Thompson.
3. Martin: 1770-1842; m. Mary Smith; representative in Mass. Legislature.
A. Joel: b. 1800; m. Harriet Kellog.
a. Charles: 1827-1862; d. of wounds received at the battle of Newbern, N. C.
(f) Stephen: 1731-1812; m. Lucy King; moved to Chesterfield from Northampton in 1783; a prominent man, took active part in all affairs.
1. Thaddeus: 1761-1845; m. (1), Phebe Sylvester; m. (2), Mrs. Mary Watt Prentice; generally known as “Major Baker”; a Selectman for many years.
A. Stephen: 1801-1861; m. Eunice Bryant.
a. Chauncey Howard: b. 1834; unm.; res. LaFayette, N. Y.
B. Benjamin K.: b. 1805; m. Priscilla Sears; res. Williamsburg, Mass., till 1853.
a. LeRoy S.: b. 1833; m. Mary S. Hoyt; farmer. Ch.: Wallace L. (b. 1865), Albert Carroll (b. 1867).
2. Thomas: 1769-1848; m. Polly Marsh; m. (2), Sybil Baker Clapp.
A. King: 1800-1841; m. Catherine Cramer; farmer. a. Norman: b. 1823; m. Mary Ann Davis; res. Erie Co., N. Y.; served in Civil War.
b. Chauncey: b. 1828; m. Delana Stickney; m. (2), Mary Ann Carpenter; m. (3), Lucy A. Olmsted; served as Orderly Sergeant, 1864; blacksmith. Ch.: Ira D. (b. 1857), Sherman (b. 1865).
c. Charles E.: b. 1835; m. Helen Tracy; farmer. Ch.: Lawrence T. (b. 1858), Edward H. (b. 1859).
B. Timothy: b. 1803; m. Lucy Bardwell; moved to LaFayette, N. Y., and then to Waupaca, Wis. a. Samuel: b. 1832; m. Lydia Stetson. Ch.: Frank (b. 1857).
b. Horatio: b. 1837; m. Anna Sheckels; res. Rippon, Wis.; enlisted, 1861, rose through various grades to Colonel.
c. John: b. 1841; m. Hannah South; enlisted, 1861, served for two years.
C. Lyman: b. 1810; m. Sarah Beach. Ch.: Nelson (in the army; went west), Henry.
D. Thomas E.: b. 1812; m. Samantha Baker. Ch.: Abner: b. 1843.
E. Ansel: b. 1818; m. Martha L. Foster; res. Norwalk, O. Ch.: Moses (b. 1849), Norman (b. 1855), Charles (b. 1860), Lewis (b. 1863).
3. Seth: 1771-1835; m. Anna Hayden.
A. Ouartus: 1796-1850; m. Elizabeth Share.
a. William: b. 1823; m. Annie Abbott; res. Otisco, N. Y.
b. Alvin: b. 1829; graduated from Hamilton College, 1859; from Union Theological Seminary, 1862; ordained by North River Presbytery, at Somers, Westchester Co., N. Y.; took charge of Congregal ional Church in Otisco; m. Harriet Churchill.
B. Lewis: b. 1800; m. Susan Bryant; m. (2), Mrs. Parthenia (Bostwick) Pomeroy; farmer.
a. Alexander S.: b. 1832; m. Mary J. Smith. C. Morris: b. 1801; m. Julia A. Bryant.
a. Nelson Morris: graduated from Hamilton College 1862; read law in Syracuse; admitted to Bar, 1864.
b. Byron Watts: b. 1842; graduated from Hamilton College, 1866; interested in preparation of Baker Genealogy; d. 1866.
D. Chester: b. 1812; m. Mary Ann Park; m. (2), Theresa Clapp. Ch.: Adelbert Clapp (1845), Seth Delevan (1851); DeForest Hinsdell (1852); Howard Spencer (1861).
E. Luther: b. 1814; m. Diana Bryant; farmer.
4. Erastus: b. 1773-1850; m. (1), Mary Pratt; m. (2), Persis Hoyt; m. (3), Clara Babcock; farmer.
A. Erastus: m. Rhoda Storing; d. 1864. Ch.: Theodore J. (Davenport, 111.).
B. John Flavel: m. Helen Rust. Ch.: John.
5. Joseph: b. 1778-1855; m. Betsey Danforth; m. (2). Mrs. Hannah Pomeroy.
A. Harvey: b. 1808; m. Sally Diantha Cowles; m. (2), Mrs. Alice Hubbard; farmer.
a. Henry E.: 1>. 1831; m. Emily Coleman. Ch.: Charles.
b. Joseph H.: b. 1842; m. Ruth A. Scofield.
B. Dennis: b. 1810; m. Miriam Munn; connected with Mission to Cattaraugus Indians; res. Warrenville, Ill.; was Engineer on the “Underground Railroad” for twelve years; had Charles (b. 1842).
C. Joseph: b. 1815; m. Lucy Dewey; graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary, 1841.
a. Willis D.: b. 1844; res. Pittsburg, N. Y.
D. Jason: b. 1817; m. Jane Smith; res. Syracuse. Ch.: Henry M. (b. 1849), Arthur B. (b. 1858).
E. Henry: b. 1819; m. Angeline Pomeroy; served in the Civil War; d. of congestion of the brain while on a forced march from Kansas to Corinth,
Miss., 1862. Ch.: Llewellyn Pomeroy (b. 1847). 6. Lemuel: b. about 1780; m. Esther Pomeroy; went to Terre Haute, Ind., remained until family were grown up and then all or part went to Texas to farm on extensive scale. Ch.: Horatio.
7. Oliver: 1782-1856; m. Lucinda Kingsley.
A. Foster: 1807-1848. Ch.: Lyman and Lewis. B. William: b. 1814; m. Rosella Hall.
C. Lemuel K.: b. 1819; m. Almy Wells.
8. Sydenham : 1785-1866; m. Sally Hayden; moved to Collamer, Onondaga Co., N. Y., 1856.
A. Benjamin Porter: b. 1813; m. Ann E. Kellog; elder in the Presbyterian Church. Ch.: George Dwight (b. 1842), James Sydenham (b. 1846), John Quincy (b. 1848).
B. Dwight Hayden: b. 1821; m. Louisa Kellogg; m. (2), Jane Wilman. Ch.: Wilson Hayden (b. 1845), Henry Dwight (b. 1856).
(B) Thomas: 1682-1752 (?); life of bold adventure, lively romance, closing under shadow of misfortune; m. Christine Otis.
(a) Charles: 1721-1784; m. Love …… ; m. (2), Mary Carr. 1. Charles: m. Eunice Allen. Ch.: Daniel.
2. Thomas: m. Mary Allard; lived and died in Wolfborough, N. H. Ch.: Thomas, Charles, Jonathan, John, Benjamin.
3. Douglass: 1762-1844; m. Mary. Bagley. 4. Moses: 1766-1847; m. Sarah Thorns.
5. Daniel: twin of Moses; m. Betsey Clement. A. Ira: b. 1798; m. Betsey Hanscom.
B. John: b. 1804; m. Eliza Roberts.
(b) Otis: 1727-1801; m. Lydia Wentworth; m. (2), Tamsen Twombly (Mrs.); member of the Provincial House of Representatives at Portsmouth, N. H.; Representative to the Revolutionary Legislature, at Exeter; one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas; elected State Senator in 1785.
1. Ebenezer: 1760-1834; m. Mary Conner.
A. Sharrington: b. 1795; m. Mary Ann Varney. Ch.: Samuel (1823), John C. (1828), Asa (1831), George E. (1837), Ebenezer (1841).
B. Samuel Wallingford: b. 1800; m. Desdemona Cushman; merchant.
a. William Spoffard: b. 1823; m. Mary Thompson. Ch.: Sharrington (b. 1831).
2. Otis: b. 1776; m. Lois Twombly. Ch.: John (m. cousin, …… Twombly).
3. James Chelsey: 1768-1810; m. Sally Horne.

MLA Source Citation: Web. 30 January 2015. - Last updated on Apr 5th, 2013

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