Pulaski County, Georgia Marriages to the year 1930

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T Surnames

Talbird, Frank, to Patti McGriff, March 31, 1932. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Talley, Havas, to Erline Sheppard, Oct. 11, 1931. By Pope Hubert, M. G.
Talton, William C., to Martha Elizabeth Dupree, Oct. 11, 1934. By J. L. Baggott, M. G.
Tanner, Adams F., to Ruby Conner, March 26, 1931. By J. H. Barton, J. P.
Tarver, Andrew J., to Elizebeth Daniels, Oct. 28, 1851, By Berry Hobbs, M. G.
Tarver, Josephus, to Z. E. King, July 8, 1880. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Tarver, Malcolm C., to Ellie A. Watkins, May 2, 1906. By J. Herbert Woodward.
Tate, W. H., to Mrs. Emma McNeal, March 23, 1918. By Aqu. Chamblee, M. G.
Taulor, Charles E., to Charlotte Philips, Dec. 30, 1830. By John Bozeman, J. I. C.
Taylor, A. R., to Elmira Lampkin, Jan. 19, 1865. By James Williamson, M. G.
Taylor, Arthur W., to Delmeda Landfair, Jan. 21, 1867. By James Hartley, J. P.
Taylor, Charles E., to Mrs. Mary J. Philipps, March 24, 1878. By J. W. Domingoes, M. G.
Taylor, Charles E., to Ida G. Thompson, Nov. 27, 1884. By George C. Clarke, M. G.
Taylor, Charles E., Dr., to Mrs. Eloise Jones, Feb. 15, 1905. By J. W. Simmons, M. G.
Taylor, E. Z., to Missiahan Keen, Oct. 30, 1870. By R. O. Holton, M. G.
Taylor, Edman Z., to Mary E. Dupree, Nov. 30, 1876. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Taylor, E. Z., to Elizabeth Danforth, May 26, 1931. By J. W. Chalker, J. P.
Taylor, Earnest, to Ruth McKitchens, Sept. 25, 1927. By Elder H. B. Coleman.
Taylor, Edmond Z., to Ruth Ann Barber, April 26, 1887. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Taylor, Edmond Z., to S. E. Danford, June 29, 1920. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Taylor, Ezekiel H., to Sarah A. Stone, July 13, 1853. By Rev. James Williamson.
Taylor, Ezekiel S., to Mittie L. Ferguson, April 2, 1884. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Taylor, H. L., to S. K. Kinchen, Oct. 25, 1860. By S. D. Everett, M. G.
Taylor, Henry, to Julia Taylor, Dec. 10, 1876. By J. S. White, M. G.
Taylor, Hubert, to Mary Holland, Jan. 21, 1814. By Jas. Roach, J. P.
Taylor, Hugh, to Margaret Daniel, Jan. 4, 1816. By John A. Williams, J. P.
Taylor, Hugh N., to Pearl N. Peacock, Dec. 26, 1911. By Wade H. Parks, M. G.
Taylor, James E., to A. B. Jordan, March 24, 1872. By M. N. McCall, M. G.
Taylor, John, to Elizebeth Duhart, Dec. 6, 1827. By Jacob Watson, J. I. C.
Taylor, John, to A. Ridley, July 14, 1868. By J. M. Woods, J. P.
Taylor, John B., to Sallie E. Smith, Dec. 30, 1880. By J. O. Baskin, J. P.
Taylor, John F., to Lucy Vaughn, Dec. 15, 1886. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Taylor, John Joseph, to Polly Ann McGriff, Sept. 14, 1826. By Jacob Watson, J. I. C.
Taylor, John J., to Martha Dewitt, July 12, 1877. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Taylor, J. J., to Alice M. Grimsley, Jan. 12, 1887. By W. J. Robertson, M. G.
Taylor, J. R., to M. J. Pool, Nov. 19, 1867. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Taylor, John R., to Minnie Bell Cook, Oct. 3, 1888. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Taylor, J. W., to Maranda Jones, April 10, 1873. By P. T. McGriff, J. P.
Taylor, Matthew W., to Smitha P. Lucas, March 30, 1886. By James R. Winchester, Rector, Christ Ch., Macon, Ga.
Taylor, Morgan Wynne, to Eva Elders, May 8, 1915. By T. H. Thompson, M. G.
Taylor, Needham, to Elizebeth Ewing, Oct. 13, 1836. By John S. J. Miles, M.G.
Taylor, N. L., to Fannie S. Wynne, Nov. 13, 1884. By George C. Clarke, M. G.
Taylor, Reubin W., to Charity Burch, July 14, 1867. By John J. Rozier, J. P.
Taylor, Robert D., to Sadie E. Overby, May 22, 1889. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Taylor, Robert E., to Ida Thompson, Sept. 26, 1894. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Taylor, Robert J., to Mary F. Pate, July 14, 1886. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Taylor, Robert J., to Fannie Dillard, Jan. 5, 1876. By M. N. McCall, M. G.
Taylor, Robert P., to Lula Parker, Nov. 27, 1889. By John F. Eden, M. G.
Taylor, Samuel, to Alice V. Johnson, March 31, 1881. By E. A. Burch, M. G.
Taylor, S. W., Dr., to Sallie Whitfield, May 16, 1867. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Taylor, Samuel W., to Martha Ann Davis, July 25, 1865. By Alfred Maples, M. G.
Taylor, Seth K., to Permelian Coley, Dec. 2, 1830. By John W. Barkwell, J. I. C.
Taylor, Thomas J., to Josie B. Raiford, Feb. 24, 1887. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Taylor, Thomas J., to Tettie Coody, Jan. 24, 1900. By J. S. Evans, J. P.
Taylor, Thomas L., to Mary Jane Pickett, April 26, 1855. By M. B. Burch, J. P.
Taylor, William, to Milley Hendley, March 4, 1852. By John L. Evans, J. P.
Taylor, William, to Rosa Yawn, July 6, 1854. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Taylor, William, to Eliza Jones, March 18, 1856. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Taylor, William F., to Mary H. McCall, Jan. 6, 1876. By G. R. McCall, M. G.
Teargers, Risdon, to Lou Melton, Feb. 14, 1904. By J. R. Griner, M. G.
Teathen, George, to A. I. Nellms, Feb. 23, 1871. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Tedder, William B., to Elizebeth Cooper, Nov. 9, 1843. By M. G. O’neal, J. P.
Terrell, Henry, to Ella Riley, Sept. 9, 1877. By J B. Carroll, J. P.
Thigpen, John A., to Alice Armorstrout, June 15, 1924. By G. B. G. Johnson, M. G.
Thomas, Bennett, to Elizebeth Hall, Dec. 14, 1848. By Richard Smith, M. G.
Thomas, Daniel, to Jane Truluck, June 1, 1822. By Lewis Yarborough, J. I. C.
Thomas, David K., to Elizebeth Bryan, Jan. 1, 1829. By Green Brown, J. P.
Thomas, James D., to Elizebeth I. McGriff, Jan. 17, 1839. By Micajah Johnston, J. I. C.
Thomas, Jesse F., to Levada Bailey, July 5. 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Thomas. John, to Elizebeth Holland, April 21, 1825. By Wm. Hawthorne, D. D.
Thomas. John, to Patsy Lafever, Nov. 29, 1837. By David Harvard, J. P.
Thomas, Judson, to Lilian Cheek, March 17, 1932. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Thomas, Lewis, to Betsey Lashley, Jan. 8, 1824. By Baker Adams, J. P.
Thomas, Moses, to Rebecca Hughs, Nov. 28, 1856. By Benjamin Harrell, J. P.
Thomas, Patrick M., to Marthy Moie, Dec. 28, 1828. By Jos. Carruthers, J. P.
Thomas, Richard, to Barbara Johnson, Jan. 23, 1812. By Wm. S. Lancaster, J. P.
Thomas, Wm., to Hester Smith, June 6, 1831. By Jordan D. Bradshaw, J. I. C.
Thomas, William, to Nancy Coley, Dec. 28, 1858. By Mathew Grace, J. P.
Thompson, A. J., to Kemper Peacock, July 6, 1902. By Lamar Simms, M. G.
Thompson, Augustus L., to Amander E. Culpepper, Dec. 22, 1875, By R. C. Holton, M. G.
Thompson, B. R., to Frances Cheek, Nov. 4, 1933. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Thompson, Carlos, to Mary Busbee, Feb. 21, 1931. By Elder H. B. Coleman.
Thompson, Chas. D., to Sadie Mae Horne, May 11, 1921. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Thompson, Daniel, to Serena Campbell, Jan. 13, 1917. By Aquila Chamlee, M. G.
Thompson, Dewey C., to Mattie L. Brown, Oct. 31, 1926. By T. J. Taylor, J. P.
Thompson, Elijah L., to Tencie Spivey, Dec. 26, 1919. By H. B. Coleman, M. G.
Thompson, Gabriel T., to Pattie Ann Hitson, May 25, 1887. By H. H. Wynee, J. P.
Thompson, Haywood, to Annie Hart, Feb. 3, 1907. By H. M. Allen, J. P.
Thompson, James, to Elizabeth Busbee, June 29, 1919. By Jno. T. Harvard, J.P.
Thompson, J. A., to Euretha Cook, April 19, 1914. By H. M. Morrison, M. G.
Thompson, John A., to Versey McAlister, April 12, 1876. By R. E. Mills, M. G.
Thompson, J. Barkwell, to Willie Mullis, Jan. 16, 1900. By J. Howard Carlenter, M. G.
Thompson, John, to Senthia McLemore, Nov. 4, 1907. By C. McKinney, J. P.
Thompson, John C., to Racheal B. Hall, Aug. 19, 1860. By Robert E. Mills, M. G.
Thompson, John L., to Fannie L. Joiner, April 29, 1883. By John Ross, M. G.
Thompson, John V., to Susie Jenkins, July 9, 1911. By J. T. Graham, J. P.
Thompson, Kindred Allison, to Mary Mullis, March 4, 1880. By A. M. Williams, M. G.
Thompson, L. A., to Emma Ward, July 14, 1912. By T. J. Giddings, J. P.
Thompson, Lenzo, to Annie Delia Thompson, Dec. 17, 1914. By J. T. Harvard, J. P.
Thompson, L. T., to Phiriba Rawlins, Sept. 27, 1839. By John C. Rawlins, J. P.
Thompson, Marion, to Mattie Davis, June 7, 1896. By W. F. Davis, J. P.
Thompson, Marshall, to Sarah Love, Dec. 29, 1901. By R. D. Abney, J. P.
Thompson, McWilliams, to Helen Mae Wright, Sept. 12, 1908. By Geo. V. Tilley, M. G.
Thompson, Morgan, to Essie Woodard, July 21, 1889. By W. S. Ramsey, M. G.
Thompson, Morgan Ramsey, to Virginia Way, Nov. 28, 1916. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Thompson, Peter, to Frances Lurry, June 7, 1821. By W. Lancaster, J. P.
Thompson, Ray C., to Jewell Mystice Lee, April 29, 1934. By N. J. Ghant, J. P.
Thompson, Robert, to Mary Hays, Jany. 1, 1819. By M. McLeod, J. P.
Thompson, Robert M., to Mary Ann Mayo, April 11, 1837. By Thomas Barber, J. P.
Thompson, Robert R., to Annie Lou Smith, Dec. 11, 1904. By W. H. Barrs, J. P.
Thompson, Robert W., to Malindo Mayo, Dec. 18, 1831. By John Bozeman, J. I. C.
Thompson, S. A., to Mrs. Nettie Sparrow, July 21, 1897. By E. M. Clark, M. G.
Thompson, Seaborn, to Martha Thompson, Oct. 15, 1856. By David Sapp, J. P.
Thompson, Seaborn, to Mrs. Annie Daughtry, Sept. 7, 1933. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Thompson, Thomas, to Sarah A. Mullis, Sept. 9, 1880. By John M. Bridges, J. P.
Thompson, Tobias, to Harriet Smith, Feb. 17, 1842. By W. B. Brown, J. P.
Thompson, William, to Lucy Ford, Aug. 11, 1816. By James Roach, J. P.
Thompson, Wm., to Mary Deliles, July 22, 1833. By Thomas B. Stevens, J. P.
Thompson, W. A., to Nannie Boutwell, April 7, 1889. By M. A. Lancaster, J. P.
Thompson, W. G., to Hermin Morgan, May 6, 1907. By C. M. Ledbetter, M. G.
Thompson, Willie, to Leitha Simmons, Dec. 23, 1923. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Thompson, William, to Sarah Butler, June 12, 1868. By George Dupree, J. P.
Thompson, William T., to Sarah M. Darsey, Nov. 24, 1895. By R. D. Abney, J. P.
Thompson, Wilmer, to Alene Cook, Aug. 9, 1931. By R. M. Cobb, J. P.
Thornby, Cleveland, to Ola Reynolds, Sept. 8, 1907. By D. L. Ridley, J. P.
Thornton, E. A., to Mildred Minchew, April 8, 1930. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Thornton, Rodgers Brown, to Martha Helen Jennings, Nov. 10, 1920. By John M. Woodward, M. G.
Tidwell, John, to Susan Harrell, June 6, 1889. By A. M. Butler, M. G.
Tillary, Edmond, to Mrs. Carl Barlow, May 25, 1907. By W. B. Richardson, J. P.
Tillery, E. A., to Lula Hogg, Nov. 10, 1904. By J. O. A. Cook, M. G.
Tillery, Homer, to Noma Collins, Jan. 22, 1911. By J. M. Pritchett, M. G.
Timmons, John P., to Mary Redfield, Oct. 20, 1887. By R. E. Reynolds, J. P.
Tiner, William, to Lydia Bannister, Sept. 26, 1819. – By Washington Lancaster, J. P.
Tindall, Morgan, to Essie McCullers, April 4, 1920. By H. B. Coleman, M. G.
Tipit, Abner, to Syntha Whaley, May 2, 1847. By D. Dupree, J. P.
Tipper, Berry, to Mrs. Lucena Hays, Sept. 23, 1841. By John Bozeman, J. I. C.
Tipper, Berry, to Mrs. Ann E. Gilder, Dec. 14, 1854. By Wareham B. Daniels, M. G.
Tippett, James R., to Mamie Mashburn, Oct. 18, 1898. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Tippett, John, to Armetia Wood, March 1, 1858. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Todd, Pinkney D., to Ella McVay, Feb. 28, 1910. By H. P. Myres, M. G.
Tomberlin, Roy, to Sarah Frank Hart, Jan. 15, 1931. By M. Cohen, J. P., Willcox Co.
Tombley, A. C., to Mattie Taylor, May 1, 1927. By J. A. J. Dumas, M. G.
Tombley, Herbert M., to Vivian C. Howell, March 22, 1934. By H. A. Haskins, Ordy.
Tomlinson, C. L., to Henrietta Hart, Oct. 18, 1925. By L. C. Ryan, J. P.
Tomkins, John C., to Lilian Simpson, April 1897. By D. F. Ridley, M. G.
Tooke, Allen, to Eliza Taylor, Aug. 9, 1827. By Jacob Watson, J. L C.
Tooke, Allen, to Juliann Taylor, Nov. 19, 1829. By John Bozeman, J. I. C.
Tooke, Arthur, to Mary Jones, Oct. 4, 1810. By Needham Stephens, J. P.
Tooke, Jesse B., to Sarah Ann Kellam, July 2. 1829. By E. Ryan Bancker, J. I. C.
Tooke, Joseph, to Smithy Loper, Dec. 2, 1824. By Jacob Watson, J. I. C.
Tooke, Joseph, to Mary J. Johnson, Jan. 31, 1833. By Jno. J. Taylor, J. I. C.
Tooke, Joseph E., to Frances J. Tooke, May 12, 1836. By Jno. Jas. Taylor, J. I. C.
Toole, Jett J., to Florida Dykes, Dec. 3, 1905. By J. P. Hamilton, M. G.
Toole, J. L., to Carrie E. Fountain, Oct. 29, 1878. By R. F. Evans, M. G.
Toson, David, to Lanie Garrott, Feb. 21, 1884. By J. Z. Bush, M. G.
Touchton, I. O., to Lula Hart, May 31, 1925. By Rev. W. M. Conner.
Towler, Arthur G., to Mittie Dickinson, March 24, 1905. By Albert P. Seagers, M. G.
Towler, Arthur G., to Thelma Jessup, July 3, 1916. By J. T. Harvard, J. P.
Towler, Wm. B. C., to Julia Davis, Oct. 7, 1886. By Wm. J. Robertson, M. G.
Towles, Grady, to Eva Hall, Sept. 10, 1911. By T. F. Smith, M. G.
Towns, Johnston C., to Catherine Matthews, Jan. 13, 1850. By Larkin Joiner, M. G.
Trammell, Daniel A., to Catherine Harrell, March 1, 1849. By Berry Hobbs, M. G.
Trammell, Levi J., to Mrs. Ida J. Mitchell, Dec. 25, 1888. By T. J. Hobbs, M. G.
Trammell, Needham J., to Sallie F. Stephens, Feb. 12, 1883. By William L. Trammell, J. P.
Trammell, William L., to Leonora Marchman, July 6, 1880. By R. O. Holton, M. G.
Traser, James F., to Rozey Meadow, April 29, 1856. By S. F. Brown, J. P.
Travis, Asa, to Betsy Haddock, March 22, 1824. By B. A. Simmons, J. P.
Trawick, Charlie R., to Bessie Champion, Jan. 28, 1906. By Geo. F. Heundricks, J. P.
Trawick, John C., to Annie Belle Patterson, Dec. 24, 1905. By Geo. F. Hendricks, J. P.
Trenchen, William N., to Mary D. Harrell, Aug. 30, 1917. By A. Chamblee, M. G.
Trice, A. W., to Kattie W. Haskins, Nov. 27, 1904. By R. C. Sanders, M. G.
Trice, Charles, to Mattie Davis, Oct. 28, 1910. By Chas. H. Nash, M. G.
Trice, C. T., to Plumer Wade, June 21, 1925. By S. M. Anderson, M. G.
Trice, Frank, to Alma Stewart, April 17, 1910. By R. P. Powell, J. P.
Trice, S. F., to Eva Adams, Oct. 31, 1882. By E. J. Coates, M. G.
Trice, William O., to Mary A. Horne, Dec. 20, 1897. By W. L. Jones, M. G.
Triplett, Joseph I., Jr., to Julia Ryan, Oct. 30, 1916. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Tripp, Berry, to Eliza Dykes, Dec. 8, 1865. By James Hartley, J. P.
Tripp, Charlie M., to Mattie Wynne, March 17, 1895. By S. A. Sheffield, M. G.
Tripp, David A., to Ella Purser, Dec. 24, 1911. By B. F. Jones, J. P.
Tripp, Edward, to Tobitha Yearta, March 7, 1855. By Nicholas Rawlins, J. P.
Tripp, G. J., to Lizzie Wynne, Jan. 6, 1895. By R. O. Crump, J. P.
Tripp, George T., to Mary Philips, Dec. 18, 1910. By Homer Phillips, J. P.
Tripp, Henry, to Laura Perry, Jan. 21, 1875. By A. Harris, M. G.
Tripp, Henry, to Mrs. Carrie W. Attaway, Feb. 17, 1898. By F. B. Asbell, M. G.
Tripp, Henry, to Ella Powers, May 13, 1900. By J. T. Swearinger, J. P.
Tripp, James, to Sarah F. Stapleton, Jan. 5, 1873. By D. N. Fann, M. G.
Tripp, James J., to Julia Farmer, Feb. 15, 1899. By A. S. E. Jones, J. P.
Tripp, John, to Frances Hinson, Dec. 21, 1836. By Adon Scarborough, J. P.
Tripp, J., to Jane Fortune, Feb. 1, 1860. By William E. Helms, J. P.
Tripp, J. J., to Hattie Pettis, Feb. 3, 1901. By J. F. Swearinger, J. P.
Tripp, J. H., to Mattie McKinney, Sept. 3, 1911. By J. M. Tarbert, J. P.
Tripp, Quitman, to Mamie Purser, Feb. 18, 1912. By E. M. Horne, J. P.
Tripp, W. H., to Moris Pollock, Sept. 30, 1893. By A. A. Lowe, J. P.
Truit, John W., to Annie Parker, Oct. 6, 1910. By H. P. Myers, M. G.
Trull, Jamy, to Elizebeth Berryhill, Jan. 11, 1811. By Blakely Edin, J. P.
Truluck, John, to Elizebeth Winborn, Nov. 6, 1843. By H. L. Davis, J. P.
Truluck, Sutton, to Mary Hans, April 18, 1819. By James Powell, J. P.
Tsiapas, Pete, to Catina Stamatakon, Nov. 19, 1916. By Thos. H. Thompson, M. G.
Tucker, Jordan, to Elizebeth Lovelip, Oct. 2, 1828. By Jos. Carruthers, J. P.
Tucker, Joseph C., to Mattie L. O’Berry, Aug. 29, 1889. By James M. Kelly, M. G.
Tucker, Lamar, to Mattie Mae Simmons, Oct. 7, 1909. By W. J. Pearman, M. G.
Tucker, Orindatius, to Lucinda Floid, Feb. 17, 1820. By John Little, J. P.
Turk, Joseph L., to Celia L. Willcox, Jan 1, 1922. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Turner, Egbert L., to Clara M. Mann, June 2, 1885. By E. J. Burch, M. G.
Turner, Elias R., to Gladys Pierce, Jan. 16, 1927. By W. D. Ogletree, AI. G.
Turner, Elijah, to Mamie Lucas, Jan. 15, 1908. By J. B. Brown, M. G.
Turner, E. W., to Fannie Belvers, July 11, 1876. By S. M. Blount, J. P.
Turner, E. W., to Mrs. Mattie M. Newsome, Nov. 13, 1879. By S. M. Blount, J. P.
Turner, Frank M., to Frankie Haskins, Dec. 24, 1893. By Geo. W. Floyd, M. G.
Turner, George M., to Nancy Trull, Jan. 7, 1834. By Wiley Kent, J. P.
Turner, Henry S., to Mary Flowers, Oct. 15, 1829. By Daniel Masey, J. P.
Turner, James F., to Sarah C. Wood, Jan. 22, 1870. By Larkin Joiner, M. C.
Turner, John, to Susannah Ellis, Sept. 4, 1818. By M. McLeod, J. P.
Turner, John, to Elender Williams, March 17, 1839. By Wiley Holder, J. P.
Turner, John, to Synthia Reynolds, Oct. 2, 1849. By Benjamin L. Adams, M. G.
Turner, John W., to Janette Catherine Dupree, Dec. 29, 1920. By Aquilla Chamblee, M. G.
Turner, Joseph, to Racheal D. Pickering, Feb. 24, 1861. By Calvin Minchew, J. P.
Turner, Marion, to Eugenia M. Pate, Dec. 18, 1901. By James P. Ryder, M. G.
Turner, Marion A., to Lacy Brantley, Oct. 21, 1920. By A. J. Johnson, M. G.
Turner, Samuel L., to Sadie Wise, Oct. 14, 1894. By W. F. Davis, J. P.
Turner, Stewart, to Fannieline Anderson, Dec. 28, 1904. By H. C. Bucholz, M. G.
Turner, William, to Martha Regans, Feb. 21, 1822. By Irving Allen, J. P.
Turner, Wm. J., to Elizabeth Smith, Feb. 28, 1875. By Y. T. Brown, J. P.
Twitty, Russell, to Annie Louise Lovejoy, June 8, 1904. By H. C. Bucholz, M. G.

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